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The Importance of Self-Reflection in Photography

Hello everybody last week I made a video all about how improving your photos is actually quite a difficult thing to do because nobody can agree on what makes a good photo for example someone could look at one of my photos and say James I reckon that would have been a bit Better if you used a long exposure and I could say no please please don’t make me use a long exposure I I hate long exposures and then I’ll start crying and it’ll just it’ll just get awkward and therein lies the problem other people cannot improve your photos Because in your eyes they may well not be improvement so I think one of the best ways to improve your photos is to look at your own photos your best photos to try and figure out what it is within those images that you want to carry forward into future work and that’s what This video is about basically I’m going to look at some of my 2019 images and try and work out why it is that I like them and what I want to take forward into future work because when you do this you might spot techniques that you Were using for a time that you just forgotten about you might spot techniques that you’ve employed subconsciously and you didn’t even realise you might spot things within images that are just lucky and coincidental and to find all sorts of good things in good images and the truth Is that anybody can look at that bad photos and work out why as they didn’t work and what would have improved them and all that kind of stuff but I actually don’t think that that is going to improve you that much looking critically at your best photos and Trying to work out if there’s any way you could have improved them and as I say what you want to take forward into future work that I think is a very good use of time hence why I’m going to do it now I try and do it quite often but oh This is the first time this year I’ve I’ve got around to doing it it’s December the 7th not great also this video is sponsored by lumix and every one of the images apart from warm which I took my drone that was shot on this my favorite camera Ever the the Lumix G 9 which is currently sporting my oldest lens the 20 mil 1.7 which I’ve had since 2012 or something not that old really also I don’t know why I said sporting that makes me sound like a car salesman or something nothing wrong with car salesman Right for a car salesman thing to say anyway images not the first image that I want to talk about these are not in any sort of order certainly not chronological order this was taken in April in Greenland but the reason I want to talk about this photo is it reminded me that You don’t need to include the whole subject in each of you photos all the time so I would argue in this image there are two subjects the first very obviously is what’s in focus this foreground dog and second is the cliffs and the mountains and the clouds in the Background which are very much out of focus but I think are crucial to the shot in terms of giving a sense of place and a feeling of grandeur and drama I think including the mountains is really really crucial to what makes this work at least in my eyes and I was fluffing For a long time while I was riding along on the ice on this sled because I was trying to get the whole dog in the frame but I couldn’t do that whilst also pointing the camera at the mountains I didn’t have a wide enough focal length On me so in the end I decided to basically cut the dog off at the torso which I think actually works pretty well because I really like that you get the hind legs of the dogs in front as well I think it um it doesn’t matter in the end That I’ve not got the legs of of this dog which is the InFocus dog thank you matters at all I mean I’m saying all this artistic stuff about the photo clearly what you’re looking at is the young the size of their tongues it’s ridiculous isn’t it nearly as long as The legs yeah I didn’t need to include the whole subject here and I’m really pleased that I kept the mountains in the shop because I think they make it to be honest the next one also from Greenland is about subtlety to me now there are so many photos now on Instagram and just All over social media where you kind of get everything you’re gonna get from the photo within a second or two and I’m very keen on going forward trying to make photos that are a bit more subtle and offer more the more you look at them Which sounds a bit odd let me explain so in this image if you look closely and you won’t get it if you just look at it just for a second or two I don’t think but if you look closely in the mirror you can see the drivers eyes which I Love I worked very hard to frame the drivers in in this shop I literally took hundreds of shots to to try and get this one you won’t believe how bumpy see Isis to drive on you think it was completely flat but no that was a super bumpy ride I was literally like this in the car and luckily I got the eyes in one now on a personal level the reason I like those eyes so much in the shot is that they give away exactly what I was feeling so basically this guy was the only guy in The village who was willing to drivers on the sea ice in April when people start to get a bit nervous about how deep the ice is and yeah so we were the only car on the ice that night and I felt quite nervous my eyes looked like His eyes and I also liked the light behind the mountain I mean I had absolutely nothing to do with that clearly but yeah I think that adds to the shot as well as the headlight light in the ice and the the cliffs on the right I think it just makes for a lovely Composition and yeah as I say reminded me that subtlety in images is important to me and something I want to work on a bit more in future this next one was not in Greenland this was about five miles from my house right at the start of the Year now we didn’t get much snow last winter as much as it was promised we got one time three days worth or something which actually is probably about average so I’m talking nonsence but anyway I woke up on this morning I think it was a Saturday morning and I’d basically Convinced myself that there was going to be a temperature inversion it’s a super stormy snowy day the day before and that was a really still cloudless morning I mean there are clouds there but the forecast was for a really nice cloudless morning and yeah it was convinced that It’s gonna be a temperature inversion woke up I couldn’t see any mist anywhere and I almost stayed in bed because I thought I was the point but luckily I didn’t and I’m a big fan of the sense of scale that you get from the shop so yeah I’m pleased oh got up back to Greenland again productive trip in terms of images that one there’s a shot of these birds flying over the mountain the reason I like this one so much is that I use a shutter speed that Was slower than the speed of the birds so you get movement in the wings and it looks like it’s especially birdy which puts the name super bird that’s all got today I mean she so I’ll come and study them if you’re not she’s gone shy again gets me in her channel damn it’s a nice image I like the mountain and the light on the mountain Alz and the snow in the middle and the the birds in the the bottom of the image I think it’s a very well balanced composition and something I want to try and work on a bit more in future making sure all the elements in my shots work together in a way that’s pleasing to the eye I could talk about more images I took last year especially the ones in Scotland and the ones in the Lake District but I think that’s enough to be getting on with in terms of what I want to take forward into future work that’s what I wanted to get across a big thanks to lumix for sending me out to Greenland twice this year and for being a generally very lovely company to work with very nice people and the cameras are really good also if you do like these photos as much as I do all of them are gonna be available as prints very soon so if you’d like to find out more about that you can just click the link in the description or you can go to click and you can sign up to the newsletter that goes out at the end of each month very informal newsletter and’ll let you know when the prince will be available or you can just follow me on Twitter or Instagram or subscribe to this channel because I will obviously let you know in all of those places as well thank you very much for watching I really hope you’ve enjoyed this video but yeah have a good day goodbye


1. What is the cheapest way to improve your photos?

The cheapest way to improve your photos is to focus on improving your composition and lighting. Take the time to study basic photography principles and practice taking photos with different lighting conditions to see what works best.

2. Is it necessary to invest in expensive camera equipment to improve my photos?

No, expensive camera equipment is not necessary to improve your photos. You can achieve great results with basic equipment such as a smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera. The key is to understand how to use your equipment effectively and to focus on composition and lighting.

3. Are there any free resources available to help me improve my photography skills?

Yes, there are many free resources available online to help you improve your photography skills. You can find tutorials, tips, and advice on websites, blogs, and social media platforms. You can also join online photography communities to network with other photographers and receive feedback on your work.

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