The Canon R5 WON’T Be Enough – Canon’s Missing Cameras

Are you tired of feeling limited by the capabilities of your current camera? Do you find yourself searching for a solution that will finally allow you to unleash your full creative potential? Look no further, because Canon’s latest release, the Canon R5, may not be the complete solution you’ve been searching for. While the R5 offers impressive features and performance, there are still some missing pieces to the Canon camera lineup that leave photographers and videographers wanting more. In this blog, we will explore the missing cameras in Canon’s lineup and discuss potential solutions for those looking to elevate their photography and videography game.

The Canon R5 WON’T Be Enough – Canon’s Missing Cameras

The Gap in Canon’s Lineup

Hey guys caleb here with dslr video shooter and for the first time in a long time we’re talking about canon here on the channel which i’m very excited about i love canon uh they haven’t been the awesomest the best option in recent years in my opinion but there’s been Some obvious news that has kind of changed that that being the r5 and a few other cameras coming up this and next year now i actually don’t like doing these type of videos where i don’t have the camera we’re just talking about things but i did have something that’s Been on my mind for a while when it comes to canon in particular and their entire lineup and i’ve noticed there’s kind of a big gap there’s a huge hole in their lineup and i want to talk about that today and talk about why the r5 Really isn’t going to be a good option for many people so to set the stage let’s look at canon’s current lineup when it comes to their mirrorless cameras their cinema cameras and this list i’m about to show you uh is more kind of the intermediate to pro level so I’m not going to be showing you every single camera that shoots video that canon sells the idea here is more kind of video centric mirrorless cameras and cinema cameras that have high resolution larger sensors things like canon c-log and stuff like that so keep that in mind We’re starting at around 1 500 2 grand and going all the way up so i’m gonna pull the…

Current Canon Lineup

Here’s the landscape right now from canon on the very high End we have the c700 which starts at 3 300 bucks and then a bunch of cinema cameras the 1dx mark iii and it works its way down to the xc10 which is still for sale just above the xc10 we’ve got the eos r of course as well as the xc15 The 5d mark iv c100 mark ii c200 1dx3 c300 mark ii c300 mark 3 c500 mark ii and back to the c700 so this is the current landscape from canon now you might be looking at this list and just like me see a couple cameras that really aren’t good options Right now even though they might be the current model and they’re still for sale so let’s go ahead and cut some of these cameras out and see what’s actually a good buy in today’s world if you’re buying canon so first and foremost we’re going to cut out both the xc10 and xc15 While these cameras have 4k options and some really cool features actually for video they have a really small sensor i believe it’s around 1 inch which is kind of a no-go so we’re going to cut those out i’m also going to cut out the 5d Mark iv while it is a great camera the eos r really is in my opinion a better buy if your focus is going to be…

What is Canon Missing?

So what’s the solution to this problem with canon’s line well we have a couple camera rumors and camera announcements that are going to fill that out so let’s talk about those now starting with the most concrete which is the canon r5 now you guys probably Already know by now that that camera looks like it’s going to be ridiculous i’ll have some information on a car to a much better video that’ll talk about the specifics of that camera but in short it shoots internal raw at ak with in body stabilization and records on cfas cards so It’s loaded and it has a lot of features which is very exciting and everyone got super stoked for this camera but there’s one thing that is going to make it super not cool and that is going to be the price now trust me i would love it if This camera was under 4 grand or 3 500 bucks but when you look at those specs for the r5 and you compare them to cameras like vc 500 mark ii which is 16 000 i have a really hard time believing that that’s the price this camera is going to Have i think this camera is going to be probably five six or more thousand dollars if you’re going to want to pick this thing up so going back to that lineup where does the r5 fit in well i think it’s going to land somewhere around the 1dx price maybe best case Scenario 3 500 or 4 grand but it’s probably going to be more like five six or more thousand dollars again i would love to be wrong here but i really have a hard time seeing canon do that so even considering the rfi we’re still looking at most of these cameras landing over Four grand probably over five thousand dollars so what else could potentially be a solution well we also know that canon’s going to have something like the r6 come out and that should be more affordable so what i’m really hoping with that camera is that we’re going to See something at least at the 3500 mark so something around the price of the 5d maybe something around that 2400 but probably something more expensive than that in my opinion and hopefully this camera will compete with other manufacturers so right now canon has nothing that stands up to the s1 which Is what i’m filming this on which shoots amazing 4k full frame footage same goes with the…

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon’s Missing Cameras:

What cameras are missing from Canon’s lineup?

As of now, the Canon R5 is not enough for some photographers who require specific features that are missing from this camera. Canon enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of cameras that fill the gap left by the absence of models like the Canon 5D Mark IV successor and a professional-level mirrorless camera to compete with other brands.

What features are photographers looking for in Canon’s missing cameras?

Photographers are looking for cameras with improved autofocus capabilities, better dynamic range, higher resolution sensors, dual card slots, faster burst rates, and improved video recording capabilities. These features are essential for professionals and enthusiasts who rely on Canon cameras for their work.

When can we expect Canon to release new cameras to fill this gap?

While Canon has not officially announced any plans for new camera releases, many rumors and speculations suggest that they are working on models that will address the missing features in their lineup. It is expected that Canon will release new cameras in the near future to cater to the demands of photographers who require more advanced features.

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