The Best Wireless Audio For Creators in 2023? RØDE Wireless Pro Review.

As technology continues to advance, wireless audio for creators has become an essential tool for content creators of all kinds. Whether you’re a filmmaker, podcaster, or vlogger, having high-quality wireless audio can make a world of difference in the professionalism and overall production value of your content. In 2023, one of the top contenders in the wireless audio game is the RØDE Wireless Pro. With its sleek design, seamless connectivity, and crystal-clear sound quality, the RØDE Wireless Pro is a game-changer for creators looking to up their audio game. In this blog, we’ll delve into the features, performance, and overall value of the RØDE Wireless Pro, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your creative endeavors.

The Best Wireless Audio For Creators in 2023? RØDE Wireless Pro Review


This video is sponsored by mpb. Today we’re going to be testing out some new mics from RØDE. This is called the wireless Pro and it might look similar to the wireless Go, Wireless go 2, and the wireless me that they put out previously but it’s got some new tricks up its Sleeve like 32-bit float recording which everybody’s excited about time code it’s got a locking input on the lav input so that you won’t accidentally unplug your microphone and a bunch of other stuff that I think people are stoked on as well.

The Wireless Pro Package

One of the really nice updates on The wireless Pro is that it comes with a much more extensive package than any of the other ones did before. It comes with a charging case which holds two transmitters and one receiver, and it connects via USBC in there. Another thing that I really love about this case is that you can fit the transmitters in there with the fuzzy wind screens on them which is something that I don’t think any of their competitors actually can do. It also comes with a separate case that fits all of the accessories that come with the wireless Pro which is quite a bit.

Receiver and Transmitter Features

As far as like controls and inputs and outputs and that kind of stuff, the receiver has a 3.5mm output so you can connect it directly to a camera or it’s also got USBC that you can connect to any kind of compatible devices. There are two buttons on the bottom of the receiver that allow you to kind of go through the menus and set everything up. On top of those two buttons on the bottom of the receiver, there’s also one on the top that’s customizable. The big new exciting addition is the fact that the input for Lavalier mics is locking now which means that you won’t be able to accidentally pull it out if you’re moving around a whole bunch when you’ve got that lav mic on.


In conclusion, the RØDE Wireless Pro is a comprehensive and well-thought-out wireless audio solution for creators. With its 32-bit float recording, locking lav input, and extensive accessory package, it offers everything a creator could need for high-quality and reliable audio recordings. Whether you’re a vlogger, filmmaker, or content creator, the RØDE Wireless Pro is definitely worth considering for your audio setup in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RØDE Wireless Pro?

The RØDE Wireless Pro is a high-quality wireless audio system designed for creators. It provides reliable and crystal-clear audio for recording videos, podcasts, and other content.

What are the key features of the RØDE Wireless Pro?

The RØDE Wireless Pro features high-quality transmission, compact design, and easy compatibility with cameras, smartphones, and other recording devices. It also has a rechargeable battery and a range of up to 100 meters.

How does the RØDE Wireless Pro compare to other wireless audio systems?

The RØDE Wireless Pro stands out for its exceptional sound quality, reliable performance, and user-friendly operation. It is a top choice for creators who demand the best wireless audio for their content.

Where can I purchase the RØDE Wireless Pro?

The RØDE Wireless Pro is available for purchase from authorized retailers and online stores. It is important to buy from a reputable source to ensure the product’s authenticity and warranty coverage.

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