The BEST way to make a TIME-LAPSE!

Time-lapse photography is a captivating way to capture the passage of time in just a few seconds. Whether you’re capturing a busy city street or the slow blooming of a flower, creating a stunning time-lapse requires careful planning and execution. In this blog, we’ll explore the best way to make a time-lapse, from choosing the right equipment and settings to setting up your shot and editing the final product. With the right techniques and a bit of creativity, you can create mesmerizing time-lapses that will wow your audience and provide a unique perspective on the world around us. So, let’s dive in and learn how to create the perfect time-lapse!

The BEST way to make a TIME-LAPSE

What’s up guys back at the desk it is an II Sunday afternoon and I really wanted to go downtown and shoot and I’m still going to don’t get me wrong but today I just didn’t want to die in pursuit of the next YouTube video so I Thought yeah might be a good idea if I just stay here and teach you guys something fun you can mess around it over the next couple days whatever those are my thoughts so this is kind of like a vlog kind of like a vlog tutorial like I’m just hanging out we’re just hanging Out and having a good Sunday afternoon might be Monday by the time you guys seen this but yeah who’s counting who I am obviously ok so I think what I want to do for this video today is teach you guys how I view time lapses and wow it Is really smelling is there literally every single person is on the street shoveling their driveway except for me like upset are things to do we got videos to make people come on priorities why at all you the time-lapse I just like them because they look dope they’re Great little pieces to put into a travel video if you’re making it you went on vacation it was an incredible sunset you want to show that in you know the end of your video or whatever I’m going to show you how I do it now it’s not the best Way it’s not the only way so for everyone that’s going to comment go you know you could just use I know there’s a thousand ways to do this same thing okay this is just how I do it and this is the reason I use images I used still images For my time-lapse instead of actually just recording video at the time left here’s two examples take a look at this footage right here this footage is shot downtown at my friend’s apartment and I shot it at night mind you okay but it was on a tripod everything was set Perfectly was weighted down I took every precaution to make it look as cool as I could now all I did for this one was just roll video I just rolled the video for like 20 to 30 minutes and then when I got it back into post I bet enough to Like two thousand percent and now you have a time-lapse but it just doesn’t look this just there isn’t that like 3d depth to it that I want opposed to a time lapse like this look at this one this was done earlier in the day you guys saw This in the last vlog called private flight in the city this time up looks way better now why does it look way better because I use skill images to thread this one together versus just letting the camera roll for 30 minutes now letting the camera roll for 30 Minutes is the easy and fast and quick and dirty way to do it and have I done that absolutely sometimes that’s all you have time for and just want to get it done you don’t have the harddrive space or you don’t get [ __ ] oh so you just roll camera smartphones now have time Lapse mode built into them like the iPhone just shows a time-lapse and then it gives you the finished sped up file and you’re kind of stuck with that but still images is the way to go you’re going to set up your camera on a tripod make sure it’s on a tripod because you Don’t want you don’t want to move you want to blow in the wind or move when someone walks by it okay weigh it down if you have to and then you need to use an intervalometer this is the Canon version which is highly overpriced I bought it way back when I worked the Camera shop so I got it on like staff discount for weight less you probably don’t need to buy the Canon model just because it’s like it’s silly how much money they charge for it I’ll drop a link to the time-lapse remote that does the exact same thing for way less fight On Amazon I’ll link it below you plug it in and what it does is overrides the camera so that you can take a picture every three seconds without anything happening every five seconds every six seven eight you decide the interval of how many photos you want taken per Second now the reason you want to do that is because do you want it every 30 seconds so that you don’t have as many files or do you want it every two seconds if you capture the most amount of detail so for that time lapse that You see right here during the day I did a photo every three seconds now I had this out on their balcony it was the evening was getting really cold outside I only had one battery my camera by the time I got back from flying and dinner My camera was dead so keep that in mind if you’re going to let it go from day to night or you want that and day to night transition or stay the night back today we’re going to need lots of batteries you need lots of memory card space you’re going to be You know you got to stick around because you don’t want to come back and just see that it died like I did have a super bummed out and I don’t even want to talk about it we could just stop once you have all those files you’re going to Bring them into the computer okay – check this ever settle time lapse folder here boom these are all the images from that time lapse now that time lapse was only like seven seconds and I have like 1300 images here from that time lapse and they’re big Images like a weak command I this it’s five megabytes the picture 57 60 by 38 40 right so that’s like a 5.7 K file if we were to leave this full size we’re not going to do that because I don’t need it to be that high res okay this is The internet and I mean it’s dope it’s badass don’t get me wrong but it just sounds a little overkill – check this out so these are the photos and you can see you can go through them you can arrow through them and you can see that Not much is moving the next step is editing this now when you color graze your footage I use Premiere Pro as other apps I use as well but I’m I’m going to do a second video on color grading what I like about using images for time lapse Is that you can edit that photo in Lightroom get it how you want think that edit across all your photos and now you’ve got a beautifully edited image synced across your entire time lapse that you’re going to bring into premiere and then some it’s done we’ve got this insane looking super high detail Ridiculous time lapse that’s just money is what it is open up Lightroom dude One week later import desktop time lab images a lot of images once you have them all selected click import and you wait go crack a beer or ginger beer it will crack anything we crack your knuckles while we wait for this to import I’ll solve the Rubik’s Cube And done so is this once it has imported all of your photos go up here to the develop module and boom here we have our entire set of photos the first things first just go through and start tweaking it however you want your end time lapse to look There you go that looks so much better quick little tip on fact if you will right below your delete…

Importing and Editing

So once it has imported all of your photos go up here to the develop module and start tweaking it however you want your end time lapse to look. Quick little tip on fact if you will, right below your delete button you see a small “previous” and “next” button. It is the next step which is repetitive. We’ve got to edit each photo the same way.

FAQ – The BEST way to make a TIME-LAPSE!

What equipment do I need to make a time-lapse?

To make a time-lapse, you will need a camera or smartphone with time-lapse capabilities, a sturdy tripod, and an intervalometer to control the timing of your shots.

What settings should I use on my camera for a time-lapse?

For a time-lapse, it is best to use manual mode on your camera to have full control over the exposure settings. Set your shutter speed, aperture, and ISO according to the lighting conditions and the effect you want to achieve.

What is the best interval for a time-lapse?

The interval between each photo will depend on the subject and the desired speed of the final time-lapse. Generally, an interval of 1-5 seconds works well for capturing cloud movement or traffic, while longer intervals of 5-30 seconds are suitable for capturing slower movements like the blooming of flowers or the changing of light throughout the day.

How do I process and edit my time-lapse footage?

After shooting your time-lapse sequence, import the photos into video editing software and create a sequence with the desired frame rate. You can then apply color correction, add music, and adjust the speed of the footage to create a visually stunning time-lapse video.

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