The Best Video Editor for Filmmakers on a Budget (my DaVinci Resolve workflow)

Are you a filmmaker on a budget looking for the best video editor for your projects? Look no further than DaVinci Resolve. This powerful editing software offers an array of professional features without the hefty price tag of other popular editing programs. In this blog, I will walk you through my personal workflow using DaVinci Resolve and how it has revolutionized my filmmaking process. From color grading to audio editing, DaVinci Resolve has everything you need to create stunning videos without breaking the bank. Join me as I explore the ins and outs of this incredible editing software and discover why it’s the perfect choice for filmmakers on a budget.

The Best Video Editor for Filmmakers on a Budget (my DaVinci Resolve workflow)

The Best Video Editor for Filmmakers on a Budget (my DaVinci Resolve workflow)


This episode is sponsored by squarespace whether you need a domain website or online store make your next move with squarespace i said a little while ago that i’d make more videos giving you tips about some of the filmmaking side of things and so today i thought i’d make a really practical Little video just giving you a tip about the video editor i’ve been using for the last two years and why i made the switch when it comes to editing over my career i’ve been comfortable with both adobe premiere pro and final cut pro it just depended on The circumstance so every time i was working in-house for a company it seemed companies just buy everyone the adobe suite so i had to get used to premiere pro there and that’s where i built up that skill set but at home i had an imac and so i bought final cut Pro for my own stuff years ago in fact if you’ve been following this channel for a while the first three or four years of this channel was all put together on final cut pro however about two years ago that imac was really slowing down and it was time to upgrade and i just Couldn’t justify the expense for buying another apple machine when i knew that i could take the same amount of money that i could afford and build myself a monster pc with amazing specs but that obviously left me with a problem i could no longer use final cut Pro because it only works on apple machines

Why I Switched to DaVinci Resolve

and so i had to take a look and was it time to fork out a lot of extra money every month with adobe to get premiere pro now i’m on the photographer’s plan with adobe which means for about 10 Pounds a month i have access to adobe bridge adobe camera raw lightroom both cc and classic and most importantly for me photoshop which means all those programs i get those five programs for 10 pounds a month but at the time i was looking at switching to adobe premiere pro If i wanted to add that one extra app to edit videos on my subscription would have gone from 10 pounds a month to 45 pounds a month which is 35 pounds extra just for premiere pro and i couldn’t justify that cost but i knew that davinci resolve was a Fully featured video editor with some of the best color grading tools in the industry and i really remember struggling with color grading on final cut pro 10 and best of all davinci resolve was a hundred percent free

My History with Blackmagic and DaVinci Resolve

Now it’s important to say at this point that if you google it you’ll Probably see that about six or seven years ago before i had a youtube channel i actually did a little work with blackmagic they took 10 of us who were hybrid shooters which meant we shot both stills and video equally and they took us away for a weekend they Gave us blackmagic pocket cinema cameras the first one the original one taught us how to use it and sort of encouraged us to maybe try and make the switch over to blackmagic however this was a long time ago i’ve never taken any money from them and even Back then i had to turn around and say them listen as good as your pocket cinema cameras are and they are great cameras it just wasn’t right for me and at the time i decided to stick with the canon cameras i was using and i told them that And i also said to them i’m afraid i’m not going to switch to davinci resolve which was in version 12 back then i think because it just wasn’t quite there for me so even though they took us away and we did some work with them at the end of the Day it just wasn’t the right time to make that switch for me you have to say stuff like this in videos like this because the conspiracy theorist will be down in the comments below we did a bit of googling he did some work with them before and he’s being paid to say this Blackmagic don’t know i’m making this video and they would honestly probably be very surprised to hear me saying this because the last time they heard from me i turned all their stuff down davinci resolve in particular i’m only sharing this stuff because it’s genuinely the solution i found that works for my Needs at the time when i built that pc we gone from davinci resolve 12 which i didn’t feel was quite ready for me to davinci resolve 16 which was a far more slick operation and looking at the reviews i could see they’d done so much work to streamline The whole experience and strip it right down and so i thought with the fact that it was free i wasn’t going to have to put any money down it was at least worth giving it a go

My Experience with DaVinci Resolve 17

at the time i remember i just filmed a Video and i needed to have it edited by the weekend so there was a little bit of time pressure as well but i thought let me download this let me try it give myself the next couple of days to slowly edit through this video i have to do Give myself that little extra buffer of a day maybe to hope that i can get to use this thing and get to know how it works and hopefully if i can get that video out by the weekend this might be a good solution for me and if not I’m going to have to fork out money and go with adobe but the experience of switching over was actually much easier than i thought it would be when you load up davinci resolve it even says to you are you more used to using adobe premiere pro or final cut pro 10 I selected final cut because it was what i was used to editing for these youtube videos and it automatically sets all your shortcuts up the same as you’re used to on those other programs and so i found that i got through that edit for that video and it maybe only Took me an hour extra not a day like i thought it might just an hour extra to get used to some of the extra things in that program and i put the video out on time and honestly i’ve never looked back so i thought in this video i give you an Overview of what’s now davinci resolve version 17 so you can see how easy it actually is to use because i think it will be incredibly helpful to those of you who are filmmakers on a budget or with limited means who need access to a full featured video editor So let’s just open up davinci resolve 17 and i’ll give you this basic overview of how i use it and it’s important to say upfront that i’m a very simple user it’s a very powerful program but i just use the tools that i need to Get the videos done the way that i need them done which is you know i’m a very kind of lightweight user but hopefully it’ll give you an idea this is your project pane here which shows you the different projects that you’re working on uh this is the intro that i’ve just Recorded for this video i’m working on now this is a video that’s coming out in a couple of weeks and this is the last one that i did with josh edu so let’s open this one up because you might have seen this video so you’ll be able to sort of work out What i’ve done here and the important thing in davinci resolve is this bar along here this kind of walks you through

FAQ: The Best Video Editor for Filmmakers on a Budget (my DaVinci Resolve workflow)

What is DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing software that is well-known for its advanced color correction tools. It is used by many filmmakers and video editors for its robust features and capabilities.

Is DaVinci Resolve free to use?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve offers a free version that includes most of its features. However, there is also a paid version called DaVinci Resolve Studio that provides additional functionalities and support.

Why is DaVinci Resolve a good choice for filmmakers on a budget?

DaVinci Resolve’s free version offers a wide range of professional tools and features that are typically only found in paid software. This makes it an excellent choice for filmmakers looking to create high-quality videos without breaking the bank.

What is your DaVinci Resolve workflow like?

My DaVinci Resolve workflow typically starts with importing and organizing my footage, followed by editing, color grading, and adding effects. I find DaVinci Resolve’s user-friendly interface and powerful tools make it easy to bring my creative vision to life.

Can I export my videos in different formats using DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve supports a wide range of video formats for exporting, making it easy to share your videos on various platforms. You can customize your export settings to suit your needs and ensure the best possible quality for your final video.

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