The BEST tool in LIGHTROOM – Draw attention to your photos!

Welcome to our blog where we dive into the world of photography and explore the best tool in Lightroom for enhancing your images – the drawing attention feature. This powerful tool allows you to manipulate the lighting, colors, and overall aesthetic of your photos to make them truly stand out. From highlighting key elements to creating a mood or atmosphere, the drawing attention tool in Lightroom gives you the creative control to make your images pop. Join us as we explore how to effectively use this tool to take your photography to the next level and captivate your audience with stunning visuals. Let’s draw attention to your photos together!

The BEST tool in LIGHTROOM – Draw attention to your photos!

The BEST tool in LIGHTROOM – Draw attention to your photos!

All right let’s start by making some coffee go ahead and boil the water pick your favorite selection of beans James con fuoco is my preference way I’m out 21 grams toss those in a burr grinder grab your favorite brew method Kalita wave but I’ll be using throw a

How to Enhance Your Photos in Lightroom

Filter in there pre wet it you know the drill dump of water out get those grinds in even them out throw them on a scale let’s go like 60 grams of water when you get there stop for like 25 seconds let that boil happen go ahead and keep

Using the Radial Mask Tool

Pouring they’re like 200 grams stir it up pour on like 3/10 let it ride grab your favorite mug get your frame get your composition you want to make sure you get this done fast cuz steam is coming out it’s better to get it in real life and have to photoshop that line up

Your frame snap the photo now you bring those photos into the computer you’re looking at them in lightroom you’re picking which frame you want which ones a little off-center which one might be a little more focused you finally land on the one that you like but then you

Realize into yourself seems a bit bright how do I make this a little more dramatic how do I make this stand out a little more how do I make this photo a little more special how do I take it from this raw to this finished photo how

Do I do that you do that with the radial mask tool and this is how it works So we’re radio masks really let’s use own in it really lets you focus in drive focus towards a sweet spot of a photo maybe it’s the product maybe it’s a certain part of a portraits face or a certain area of a landscape but a radial mask really dials in on a specific area

But on top of that it’s twofold here’s what it also lets you do is just illuminate a certain area without affecting the entire background so like this instance of coffee if I only want at the kettle and the pots would be a little bit brighter but I don’t want to

Adjust the exposure of the whole photo and have everything get brighter then I can just apply a radial mask to those two items and increase their brightness without affecting anything around it by clicking that invert button you’re able to invert it and effect everything but the coffee pot and the mug that’s why

This tool is so so useful and it’s super easy to do you’re just clicking this button here you draw your mask you can change the shape of the mask and then you’re just affecting the exposure or the contrast or all of these settings down the right side here just for what’s

Inside that masked area when you’re happy with that you’re just left to feathering it and hitting okay the best way to explain feathering is to imagine a spotlight now it’s design is to specifically light up a target area it’s a directional super bright beam of light its edges are harsh so feathering is

Gonna take that harsh spotlight and make the edges softer so that the whole scene just appears to be less of a directional beam of light brushes those edges that blends them in lights the whole scene makes it subtle it’s a nuance it’s delicate it makes that image where he

Better when you feather it out without that obvious shape of brightness now you can also use a linear mask which is the exact same thing it’s just linear so I’m gonna click that button right here I’m gonna drag it in from the left side we’re just gonna

Working that entire left side of the photo where the window light is coming and the laptop that’s gonna help me radio mask expose that Center even better you can also apply as many masks as you want you can apply it one two just affect the background then you can

Apply a second just to affect the subject so when you start getting creative with these masks is when you really start to see unique results within your photography and it is so easy to do how sick was that how good is the radial mask tool my absolute

Favorite and now you have one more tool under your belt when it comes to editing photos so I hope you enjoyed that hope you use it for landscapes portraits still-life product photography especially it works so well that’s it for me .


What is the best tool in Lightroom for drawing attention to photos?

The best tool in Lightroom for drawing attention to photos is the Radial Filter tool. This tool allows you to add a circular or oval shape to your photo and make adjustments to the exposure, contrast, saturation, and other settings within that shape. By using the Radial Filter tool, you can easily highlight a specific area of your photo and draw the viewer’s eye towards it.

How can I use the Radial Filter tool effectively?

To use the Radial Filter tool effectively, start by selecting the area of your photo you want to draw attention to with the tool. Once you have placed the shape on your photo, adjust the settings to enhance the area within the shape. You can also adjust the feathering of the shape to create a more subtle effect. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired look for your photo.

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