The BEST PROGRAM you’re NOT using

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The BEST PROGRAM you’re NOT using

All right another quick tip Tuesday and this is a quick tip Tuesday number 10 actually which I’m pretty stoked on him sucked at a I’m gonna do this ten times already but I’ve kind of kind of sucked at getting a second video up during the week which I need to do to Hit my plan this year of making a hundred videos for the year so oh but this week there will for sure be a second one because this came this is something that you guys have asked me about for almost a year now at least a thousand of you have commented saying Please please review this and this week I am that that video is coming later this week but comment below let me know let me know what your guesses are of what you think is in it like a thousand of you are gonna get it right today Though.

Choosing the Right Images

We are going over the one program that you’re probably not using that you should be using another question that I get asked a lot and I just got asked again last week was how do you go through a ton of images and choose just a few images for instance on An engagement session or maybe a portrait session or a branding session I might go out and shoot 800 to 1200 maybe maybe 1300 or more images for a client and four sessions like that I’m trying to usually get it down somewhere between fifty and a hundred images to actually Deliver the client I’m actually even edit those fifty to a hundred images and deliver those or for a wedding day between myself and a second shooter between the two of us depending on how long the wedding day is we we might come home with four to six Thousand images and again I need to quickly ideally look through those four to six thousand images and find those seven eight nine hundred images that I’m going to actually edit and deliver to my couples so needless to say the process of a Colleen that’s that’s what we call This process of choosing the good ones and getting rid of the bad ones Colleen takes a long time but today I’m gonna show you how I do in the program that I use that that makes it way faster before we get into it make sure to subscribe below hit the Bell so that you get notifications when I post because because also what’s in this box is going to be a giveaway so in the next video will be a giveaway this again comment below what you think it is and lastly hit the like button on this Video it helps me helps me a ton the videos for you guys like them first the videos where you don’t significant difference you’ll have all of the power ok jumping in today’s video the the main problem that we’re dealing with is when you have a ton of images like that I Just imported six thousand images into Lightroom and had to flip through them in Lightroom in their original raw versions it would be super huge files it would take a ton of time and would totally bog down my computer now last week though we learned about smart previews where Lightroom can create a Very small file of each of those images then we can offline our roz work on that small file move very quickly through Lightroom reconnect it to the originals export it if you didn’t see that video click here to watch it and you’ll get caught up but even with that process That would mean I would have to take 6000 images I don’t have to import them into Lightroom how to select all 6000 images say create smart previews and then wait a day I don’t know I don’t know how long lightroom would take to make 6000 smart previews but it would be A while and then after that whole process I could offline the Raw’s just work with the smart previews and then I would be able to call relatively quickly within Lightroom but that is not the way to do it do not do not do it that if you’re doing it that way you’re gonna Love this video because today I’m gonna introduce you to photo mechanic in particular photo mechanic 6 so if you’re watching this well into the future this is photo mechanics 6 photo mechanics 6 is a crazy powerful crazy useful feature packed Media Browser yeah I think that’s the best way to put it There a media browser they are a a program to work with your meat to move it around to look through it do things like that for me and my workflow I really only use it for two things I use it for ingesting my images or importing them to my computer from an SD Card or CF card or wherever you have shot your images this is how I actually bring them into my computer onto my hard drives and I’ll show you why and then were to I use photo mechanic for calling my images this is how I look through huge batches of images very very quickly I select which ones I want and then I get rid of the rest let’s jump into photo mechanic I’m gonna show you exactly what I’m talking about why why it’s so dang fast Oh and real quick what mechanic is not sponsoring this video at all I just just use them all the time So photo mechanic free advertising they do offer a 30-day free trial for anyone so it’s it’s not special because of me but the link is below where you can go over to photo mechanic you can download it and you get a 30 day free trial of the entire version they give you the Full version no holds bar for 30 days give a shot okay first I’m gonna plug an SD card into my computer and I’m gonna show you the ingest feature and we’re or why I like the ingest feature so dang much okay on here to the computer and Here is our ingest window this ingest window just pops up as soon as you plug the SD card in ingest window but if it is not popped up you can go up here to file file ingest and you get the same window and this window looks super crazy ridiculously complicated but it’s pretty Easy right here is the SD card that I just plugged in I’ve used 55.3 gigabytes I go down here I keep this on ignore I keep this on directly into the folder there’s there’s all sorts of options you can do I can put it into a dated folder Into a folder with a different name and do a dated folder and then a folder with a name I I just put it straight into the file structure that I create in finder this is why I mainly use photo mechanic for all of my ingesting is that up here I can actually ingest to two disks at the same time so I can say primary destination and I can choose one hard drive and then I can say secondary destination and I can choose a different hard drive put those into two different spots get all this stuff dialed in I also don’t use The renaming stuff that you could you take rename ingested photos as you can add a number to them so there’s a sequence I keep both of those off then under here there’s the last couple options open contact sheets and the background erase source disc after ingest don’t do this never do that that’s crazy Keep your SD cards don’t erase the SD card after you’ve imported it what if something happened rom with the import that’s crazy I can’t believe that’s even an option don’t do that or unmount source disk after in Jess so that will just eject the…

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What is the best program that I’m not using?

The best program that you’re not using is WordPress. It is a powerful content management system that allows you to easily create and manage your website or blog.

Why should I use WordPress?

WordPress is user-friendly, flexible, and customizable. It offers a wide range of themes and plugins to make your website or blog unique and functional.

Is WordPress only for blogging?

No, WordPress can be used for all types of websites, including e-commerce sites, business websites, and portfolios.

How do I get started with WordPress?

You can get started with WordPress by signing up for a hosting plan and installing the WordPress software. There are many tutorials and resources available to help you learn how to use WordPress effectively.

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