The BEST Magnetic Lens Filter System You Can Buy! PolarPro HELIX MagLock

Welcome to our blog, where we are thrilled to introduce you to the best magnetic lens filter system on the market – the PolarPro HELIX MagLock. Are you tired of constantly fiddling with cumbersome lens filters that require complicated attachment mechanisms and slow down your photography workflow? Look no further, as the HELIX MagLock is here to revolutionize the way you shoot. With its innovative magnetic design, this filter system allows for quick and effortless filter attachment and removal, making it a game-changer for both amateur and professional photographers alike. Say goodbye to frustrating filter changes and hello to the seamless shooting experience you’ve always dreamed of. Join us as we delve into the incredibly convenient and reliable features of the PolarPro HELIX MagLock!

The BEST Magnetic Lens Filter System You Can Buy! PolarPro HELIX MagLock


Inside this box is everything that I need to switch my entire camera kit over to a lens filter system that makes changing filters so easy that it feels like cheating. It’s called The Polar Pro Helix MagLock system and it uses magnets, and everybody loves magnets, right? Seriously though, I’ve been a big fan of magnetic filters for a while now because of how easy they are to use compared to typical threaded filters. But they generally come with their own set of problems like falling off too easily or the limitations with VNDs. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed, with The Helix MagLock system, PolarPro has solved those problems. So in this article, we’re going to talk about what this system is, how it works, how it solves the typical problems of threaded filters, and the other magnetic filters. We’ll also go over the 15 filter options that you can currently choose from and answer some common questions that I got when I reached out to you on social media.

The Helix Mag Lock System

There are three parts to the Helix MagLock system. We’ve got the base plates, the filters themselves, and the defender.

The base plate is the part that you screw onto your lens that makes this all possible. If you’ve ever used a Step Up Ring, it’s kind of like that, except instead of having a bigger thread on the front, you’ve got everything that you need to attach the Helix filters, which are all the same size. The base plates are made of rugged brass and they thread onto your lenses nicely. The base plates currently come in 67, 72, 77, and 82 millimeter filter thread sizes, so you can outfit your whole lens lineup. For lenses that might be smaller than 67 millimeters, you can still use a Step Up Ring before the Base plate if you’d like. The base plate does end up a little bit wider in diameter than the 82 millimeter thread, which, in combination with just how thin they are, is really great for controlling vignetting.

The second part of the system is the filter itself. Like I mentioned, there are 15 different options, and we’ll go through all of them in a little bit. But you are well covered here. PolarPro is known for their high-quality glass, and these are just an evolution of that. So you can expect impressive performance no matter what filter in the series you’re using. They’re all anti-oil and hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and they’ve got tactile brass construction with nice details and rubber grips. As always with PolarPro, these are definitely a premium product.

The third component to the system is the defender case. It’s a single front piece which you can get separately if you need extras. The defender can be a lens cap, but each filter also comes with a front and rear defender, and that acts as a case for the filter itself. The defenders are incredibly sturdy and will definitely take a beating, and on top of the protective nature of the defender, they just look great too.

How it Works

So how does the Helix MagLock system work? First of all, you would outfit any of the lenses that you want to with the base plate. Then, you would grab a filter, press the buttons on the side closest to the back, and twist that back plate about a centimeter until the indicator line lines up with the buttons. You can then remove the rear defender with a little tug to get past the magnets. Next, align that button on the filter with the markers on the base plate, and the magnets will snap it together. After the magnets are aligned, turn it about a centimeter again to lock it into place with a nice click. Now it’s locked and it can’t accidentally come off without pressing those buttons and turning it again. Then, you repeat the process of pressing the buttons on the front defender, turn it, and pull it off. And now you’re ready to shoot. Once you’ve dealt with the defenders, taking it on and off is as easy as this.

At full speed, that whole process looks like this. And if you choose to go without the defenders, it can be even quicker. I like to take the front and rear defenders from the filter, attach them together, and put them in my pocket or in a bag.

Solving the Problems

Why is the Helix MagLock system special, and how does it solve all those other problems? The obvious thing here is that typical threaded filters are annoying to put on and take off. With the Helix system, you can screw that base plate on once, and then it’s just much easier to use the filters themselves. This not only makes switching filters quicker, but it also makes switching to other lenses faster too.

When comparing to other magnetic systems, this is also an improvement because not only do we have the ease of magnets, we’ve also got the locking mechanism that keeps them secure. If I had a nickel for every time that I was using magnetic filters and they fell off because they got bumped, or the magnetic lens cap fell off in my bag, I would be a rich man.

The other tricky thing with magnetic filters is variable NDs. The MagLock part of the system means that the filter actually gets held in place, so you can have an ND with a spinning section and you can have hard stops on the end so you don’t get cross-polarization. So the Helix system checks not only the speed and convenience boxes, but it also checks the flexibility and security boxes too. In a fast-paced environment, that can mean the difference between getting the shot or not. And that goes both ways too because of how easy this is. If you’re a hybrid shooter and you’re shooting video with a filter on, then you want to grab a couple of photos without the filter, you can just pop it off, grab your photos, pop it back on, and you’re good to shoot some video. Switching between video and photo is super easy now.

Filter Options

Earlier, I mentioned that there are 15 different filter options in the system. Those are split up into two main categories. On the videography side, we’ve got the Helix Peter McKinnon series, and on the photography side, we’ve got the Helix Chris Burkhard filters. Just to be clear, you can use any of these filters to shoot photo or video. They’re just categorized by which ones are more commonly used for that style of shooting.

On the McKinnon side, we’ve got a 2 to 5-stop VND, a 6 to 9-stop VND, as well as a mist version of both of those that adds a nice subtle 1/8 diffusion to bloom the highlights and soften things out a bit without losing detail. The VND filters all have haptic feedback in the form of a little click at each stop, so you can feel where it is, but it’s nice and subtle so you can still move past the stop with ease. Then, we’ve also got a mist filter, which is a 1/4 diffusion, and a mist heavy, which is 1/2 diffusion for if you want more mist or if you want more of a vintage look.

Overall, the Helix MagLock system from PolarPro is hands down the best magnetic lens filter system you can buy. It solves the common problems of threaded filters and other magnetic systems, while also providing high-quality glass and a wide range of filter options for both photography and videography. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, this system will make capturing stunning images and videos easier and more convenient than ever before. So, secure the cup and give the PolarPro Helix MagLock system a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PolarPro HELIX MagLock – The BEST Magnetic Lens Filter System

Q: How does the PolarPro HELIX MagLock work?

A: The PolarPro HELIX MagLock is a magnetic lens filter system that securely attaches filters to your camera lens. It features a magnetically attached filter holder that can hold up to three filters at once, providing quick and convenient filter swapping.

Q: Are the filters included with the HELIX MagLock system?

A: No, the HELIX MagLock system does not include any filters. It is designed to work with standard 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm threaded filters, allowing you to use your existing filters or purchase new ones separately.

Q: How strong is the magnetic attachment on the HELIX MagLock?

A: The magnetic attachment on the HELIX MagLock is very strong and secure. It ensures that the filters stay in place even during challenging shooting conditions, providing a reliable and stable attachment without any worries of accidental detachment.

Q: Can I stack multiple filters using the HELIX MagLock?

A: Yes, the HELIX MagLock allows you to stack up to three filters at once. This feature is useful when you need to combine different filter effects, such as a polarizer, ND filter, and graduated filter, to achieve the desired photographic result.

Q: Is the HELIX MagLock compatible with different lens sizes?

A: Yes, the HELIX MagLock is available in multiple sizes to fit various lens diameters. It comes in 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm versions, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of lenses commonly used by photographers and filmmakers.

Q: Can I use the HELIX MagLock with different camera brands?

A: Absolutely! The HELIX MagLock is designed to work with cameras from different brands. As long as you have the correct filter size for your lens, you can enjoy the benefits of the HELIX MagLock system regardless of the camera brand you use.

Q: Is the HELIX MagLock easy to install and use?

A: Yes, the HELIX MagLock is a user-friendly system that is easy to install and use. It simply screws onto your lens like a regular filter and then allows you to attach and detach filters magnetically. This makes it ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts looking to enhance their photography or videography work.

Q: Can the HELIX MagLock cause any image quality degradation?

A: No, the HELIX MagLock is designed to maintain the highest image quality possible. It does not introduce any additional distortion or degrade the image in any way. You can confidently use the HELIX MagLock with your favorite filters without worrying about compromising the quality of your photographs or videos.

Q: Can I purchase additional or replacement parts for the HELIX MagLock system?

A: Yes, PolarPro provides additional or replacement parts for the HELIX MagLock system. You can visit their official website or contact their customer support for specific inquiries or to purchase any required accessories or components separately.

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