The BEST Light For YouTube? \ Falcon Eyes SO-28td Review

Welcome to our blog, where we explore the world of YouTube lighting and aim to find the best solution for content creators. In today’s article, we will be conducting a comprehensive review of the Falcon Eyes SO-28td, a popular choice among YouTubers looking to enhance their videos with professional lighting. As lighting plays a crucial role in capturing and delivering high-quality content, finding the perfect light source is essential. We will dive into the features, performance, and overall user experience of the Falcon Eyes SO-28td to determine if it truly deserves its reputation as the best light for YouTube. So, if you’re looking to step up your lighting game and take your YouTube videos to the next level, keep reading to find out if this is the perfect fit for you.

The BEST Light For YouTube? – Falcon Eyes SO-28td Review

All right which do you think is softer this light or this squishy pillow what is up people done it here and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Falcon eyes Esso 28 TD edge lit LED panel but I also want to invite you to

Leave a comment below and let me know what are you lighting your videos with let’s start a conversation okay let’s break down the name of this and it’ll give us a little bit more information Falcon Eyes is just the brand name s o stands for Sophie’s which is the line of

Lights 28 stands for 28 watts and TD is for tungsten daylight because this is a variable color temperature light now I also called it an edge lit LED panel and that’s because of its special and unique design first of all notice that it’s round we don’t normally see that in

These kind of LED panels instead of having a flat panel with a pile of LED diodes facing forward this light actually has 120 LEDs around the edge facing inwards and reflected forward through this plastic diffusion material and I absolutely love this design for a couple of reasons one of the problems

With the LED lights that were used to seeing with anything from 9 diodes all the way up to 600 or more is that each diode actually casts its own shadow because it’s its own source of light so for example if I place an object in front of this light you’ll notice it

Casts multiple shadows that’s one coming from each diode on the actual LED panel you’ll also notice this as a problem when you try and use the barn doors on an LED panel to contain the light because each one of the rows will actually cast its own shadow against the

Barn door so instead of a nice even cut you get all these different lines now typically to battle this we’ll put a layer of diffusion in front of the light now it becomes one light source instead of multiple but the problem with this is you need the space for the diffusion and

It takes time and effort to set up the beauty of this design where all the LEDs are pointing in and reflecting forward through a diffusion material is that it’s already one big light source by the time it’s coming out of the panel so basically it acts like an LED panel

That’s been shot through diffusion material or a softbox and it gives you that nice soft diffused light the makes it so much easier to set up and use and you don’t have to carry around that much stuff with you another thing that makes this easy is just the size of

It it’s super small and super light and although it may not seem like it’s much smaller than my other panels remember that with these ones I have to add a bunch of diffusion so all of a sudden my 1 by 1 foot LED panel becomes a bit of

An endeavor at first I was actually a little bit worried about how small this panel was because I wasn’t sure that it was going to be big enough to give me a nice soft light but if you’ve seen my video on basic lighting you’ll know that

To get a soft light we can either have a large light source or we can have it very close to the subject with the small footprint of this light it’s really easy to get it in nice and close achieving that same soft look if you haven’t seen

That video yet I’ll link it in the description all that being said about the size of this there are two larger versions the Esso 48 and Esso 68 that I’m excited to try out at some point but I’ve been really happy with the performance of this and having the small

Footprint actually has its advantages the build quality on this is great for what you pay for it it’s made of mostly metal there’s plastic on the back and just on the front diffusion panel it’s got a quarter twenty tripod mount if you want it and it also comes in this u

Bracket that rotates 360 degrees which makes it really easy to get it wherever you need it to be on the back there’s a 3-way power switch so you can choose between off in the middle the supplied AC cable on the left hand side or the not supplied Sony NPF style battery on

The right side having the Sony NPF batteries is great and it actually only takes one whereas a lot of LED panels need to and the battery life on this thing is fantastic I’ve run it at a hundred percent for two hours with an MPF 970 battery and it still had juice to spare

Beside the battery we have the LCD touch display for info and for controls here you can choose your brightness between zero and a hundred percent in one percent increments which is really nice since a lot of other LEDs move in bigger steps this allows you to really dial in

The amount of light that you need also some other lights don’t go right down to one percent they’ll stop at five percent or even 10 percent beside that you can choose the color temperature from 3000 Kelvin to 5600 Kelvin with too much fluctuation in the output of

Light I do wish that that range was a little bit wider maybe even 2700 up to 6000 but this is still pretty good and for most purposes it’s more than enough according to the manufacturer it has a CRI and TL CI rating of 95 + which means you’re gonna have really nice color

Reproduction and in the testing that I’ve done I’ve been really happy with the quality so who’s this for and what can you use it for well personally I’ve actually been using it a lot lately as my key light it’s so easy to set up and

As long as I get it in close enough I can actually get a nice soft light maybe one of the larger versions would do a better job but I’ve still been really happy but where I think this light really shines pun intended is for product photography and videography one

Of my favorite things to do with this light is put it on a c-stand and throw it straight over top of a product facing straight down the soft light that comes out of this thing is so nice and it just really highlights everything about the product however because of its shape and

Design you’re limited in how you can control the light basically it’s a big wide spread coming out of the front of this thing whereas on other panels you’ll have barn doors to shape the light with this one you’re gonna either have to do some DIY stuff or you’re gonna have to have other

Stands with light modifiers when I’m using this as a key light I only ever turn it up to 50% the length that I’m using right now which is one of these is actually at a hundred percent but by the time you put it through the diffusion it

Loses so much of that power all in all coming in at a hundred and eighty nine us or 249 Canadian I would highly recommend this as an easy-to-use affordable and high quality LED panel for youtubers filmmakers or photographers or it could be like an unnecessary but cool reading lamp if you

Want more info or you’re interested in purchasing this light I’ll leave a link in the description as well as links to all my other gear if you had fun you learn something make sure to give this video a like it really does help and I’ll see you next time you


FAQ: The BEST Light for YouTube? – Falcon Eyes SO-28td Review

1. What is the Falcon Eyes SO-28td?

The Falcon Eyes SO-28td is a professional LED light designed specifically for content creators on YouTube. It offers high-quality lighting solutions for videos, ensuring excellent lighting conditions for optimal video capture.

2. What are the key features of the Falcon Eyes SO-28td?

The Falcon Eyes SO-28td has several noteworthy features, including:

  • 28W LED panel with adjustable color temperature ranging from 3000K to 5600K
  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95+, producing accurate and vibrant colors
  • Dimmable light output with adjustable brightness levels to suit different shooting conditions
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy setup and portability
  • Energy-efficient and flicker-free performance for consistent lighting during recording

3. How does the Falcon Eyes SO-28td benefit YouTube creators?

The Falcon Eyes SO-28td provides YouTube creators with exceptional lighting capabilities by offering precise control over color temperature and brightness. This helps to ensure high-quality video production with accurate colors, eliminating any unwanted tints or shadows.

4. Can the Falcon Eyes SO-28td be used with other equipment?

Yes, the Falcon Eyes SO-28td is compatible with various accessories and equipment. It comes with a standard 1/4-inch mount and a built-in receiver for wireless control. This allows users to easily mount the light onto tripods, light stands, or even attach it to cameras or smartphones.

5. How effective is the Falcon Eyes SO-28td in reducing glare?

The Falcon Eyes SO-28td offers a built-in diffuser panel, which helps to soften the light output and reduce glare effectively. This feature enables a more even and flattering lighting setup for YouTube videos, eliminating harsh shadows on the subject’s face.

6. Is the Falcon Eyes SO-28td suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting?

While the Falcon Eyes SO-28td is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be utilized outdoors too. However, as it is an LED light, its effectiveness may vary depending on the available natural light and ambient conditions. It is recommended to use the light in a controlled environment or complement it with other lighting sources when shooting outdoors.

7. What is the lifespan of the Falcon Eyes SO-28td?

The Falcon Eyes SO-28td boasts a long lifespan, offering up to 50,000 hours of continuous usage. This ensures reliable and durable performance for prolonged use over an extended duration.

These were some of the frequently asked questions about the Falcon Eyes SO-28td, the best light for YouTube content creators. With its exceptional features and outstanding lighting capabilities, it proves to be an excellent investment for enhancing the quality of your YouTube videos.

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