The Best Lenses For Video (my favourite focal lengths)

Are you a videographer looking to capture stunning footage with the perfect lens? Look no further! In today’s blog, we will be discussing the best lenses for video and my personal favorite focal lengths. As a seasoned videographer, I have tested numerous lenses and have narrowed down my top recommendations based on their performance and versatility. Whether you’re shooting documentaries, films, or wedding videos, having the right lens can make all the difference in achieving the desired look and capturing every detail. Join me as I dive into the world of lenses and share my top picks for capturing breathtaking video footage.

The Best Lenses For Video (My Favorite Focal Lengths)


Hey, what’s up guys! Today, I’ll be sharing my three favorite focal lengths for shooting videos. While I use a variety of lenses, these three focal lengths cover everything I need on any given shoot. I’ll also be showing you some example footage of each lens to give you a feel for the look they produce. Additionally, I’ll share the specific lenses I use, so you can get a sense of my preferred choices. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

35mm Lens: The Ultimate All-Rounder

The 35mm lens is my absolute favorite go-to lens due to its versatility. It provides a wide-angle perspective without excessive distortion. This focal length allows me to capture a large scene while maintaining the image’s natural look. One 35mm lens that I highly recommend is the 35mm 1.8 from Sony. It offers vibration control, which is rare for wide-angle lenses. This feature is particularly useful for filmmakers, as it enhances creativity and efficiency on the shoot.

85mm Lens: Beautiful Aesthetics and Depth of Field

The 85mm lens produces a stunning aesthetic and allows for beautiful background blur. It excels in close-up shots and provides excellent subject separation. While it may be less versatile than the 35mm lens, its ability to create a shallow depth of field is truly remarkable. For portraits and interviews, the Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG HSM Art lens is my top recommendation. It delivers sharp images, even at wider apertures, and offers great value for the price.

135mm Lens: Capturing Candid Moments

The 135mm lens is my personal favorite when it comes to producing a specific look. It allows you to blur the background and creates a sense of distance between the subject and the photographer. This focal length is perfect for capturing candid moments while remaining inconspicuous. The Samyang 135mm f/2.0 is my lens of choice. It may be fully manual, but its smooth focus ring and sharpness make it an absolute pleasure to shoot with. Despite its exceptional performance, it comes at an affordable price under $500.

Sample Footage Comparison

To provide a visual comparison of each lens, I have set up a shot where you can see the difference in look and compression. Each lens was shot wide open at its largest aperture.

  1. 35mm lens at f/1.8
  2. 85mm lens at f/1.4
  3. 135mm lens at f/2.0

In this demonstration, you can gauge the variation in background blur, angle of view, and overall image composition produced by each lens. It gives you a better understanding of their unique characteristics.


I hope you enjoyed learning about my three favorite focal length lenses for filmmaking! Now, I’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite focal length lens and why? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Thank you for watching, and catch you in the next video!

See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Best Lenses For Video (my favourite focal lengths)

Q: What are the best focal lengths for video shooting?

A: The best focal lengths for video shooting may vary depending on your subject and desired shot. However, some popular choices among videographers include:

  • Wide-angle lenses (e.g., 24mm) for capturing expansive scenes or establishing shots.
  • Standard lenses (e.g., 35mm or 50mm) for shooting everyday scenes or interviews.
  • Telephoto lenses (e.g., 85mm or 135mm) for capturing close-ups or achieving a shallow depth of field.

Q: Which lenses are suitable for shooting documentaries or travel videos?

A: When shooting documentaries or travel videos, it is often useful to have versatile lenses that can handle different shooting situations. Consider lenses with a zoom range, such as a 24-70mm or 18-135mm, as they allow you to adapt to various distances and perspectives without changing lenses frequently.

Q: Are prime lenses better than zoom lenses for video shooting?

A: Both prime and zoom lenses have their advantages. Prime lenses generally offer wider apertures, resulting in better low-light performance and more shallow depth of field. They also tend to be smaller, lighter, and offer higher image quality. On the other hand, zoom lenses provide flexibility by allowing you to quickly change focal lengths without switching lenses, making them suitable for situations where versatility is key.

Q: Should I invest in image stabilization (IS) for video lenses?

A: Image stabilization is highly beneficial for video shooting, as it helps minimize camera shake and produces smoother footage. If you shoot handheld frequently or plan to capture a lot of dynamic shots, investing in lenses with built-in image stabilization, also known as optical stabilization (OS) or vibration reduction (VR), is advisable.

Q: Are expensive lenses always better for video production?

A: Expensive lenses often offer exceptional image quality, advanced features, and superior build quality. However, the best lens for video production depends on your budget, shooting style, and specific requirements. There are excellent lenses available at various price points, so it’s crucial to research and read reviews before making a purchase.

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