The BEST Lenses for Canon’s RF Mount!

Are you a Canon photographer looking for the best lenses for the new RF mount? Look no further! The RF mount, introduced by Canon in 2018, has opened up a world of possibilities for professional and amateur photographers alike. With a wider diameter and shorter flange focal distance, the RF mount allows for faster, more efficient communication between the lens and the camera, resulting in improved image quality and performance. In this blog, we will explore some of the best lenses currently available for Canon’s RF mount, whether you are a landscape photographer, portrait artist, or sports enthusiast. Get ready to take your photography to the next level with these outstanding lenses!

The BEST Lenses for Canon’s RF Mount

Welcome back you pet a Maniacs it is Chris Nichols here with petapixel today we’ll be talking about our favorite lenses of Canon RF Mount and yes they’re all going to be cannons because well that’s just how they roll Hey Jordan before we start our Canon RF lens rundown uh you’re trying to buy some vintage lenses privately no don’t remind me it’s been an absolute nightmare okay with all the haggling and the no-shows and the people inviting you into their basement I’m never doing it Again okay just calm down you mad man why aren’t you using they’ve been around since 1979 they got 60 000 items plus for sale and the Beautiful Thing is their experts are going to take a look at everything restore it with care uh you know they Give you a generous 21 day return policy you won’t find that privately you know you get 180 days warranty so you know it’s gonna work you should really be going there no haggling No Nonsense Safety and Security oh finally peace of mind yes go now and just stop Yelling at me now Jordan

Focusing on Full Frame Lenses

I started a series where we looked at our favorite lenses amongst many different camera brands and we’ve gotten through most of them but today we’re doing Canon RF today’s the day and it might actually be then the happiest day of your life Watching this video I certainly hope so now we are going to be focusing on full frame lenses with the intention of using them on full frame Canon RF bodies absolutely though you could use a lot of these on aps-c bodies as well and I’ve actually used a lot of the Canon line of Lenses I’ve used almost the entire lens lineup so I’ve tried all these I like all these so here let’s get to our opinions so let’s start things at the ultra wide range my first choice is going to be the 16 millimeter F 2.8 it’s a prime but it’s Compact and it’s Affordable and if you just need the occasional Ultra wide look for your shots I think it’s a great way to go

Prime Lenses and Normal Range

most photographers the 1435 will suffice and they’ll love it ah I’m charging Jordan’s camera battery oh okay well I have spares okay oh well why didn’t you tell me before I go okay So next let’s talk about prime lenses that cover the normal range and this is a weird talk because frankly there’s just not a lot of choice and that’s actually kind of a problem so certainly the 50 millimeter 1.8 STM nifty 50 always good choice I mean I’d always say That’s a great way for a lot of people to go it’s affordable it’s sharp and it’s small there is a 35 honestly I mean it’s not just me being biased against 35 millimeter lenses Jordan even doesn’t really find it to be a very standout Lens so my choice is going to be a bit of an extravagant one but I do stand by it I’m gonna go side saddle here because kids seats are just not made for adult butts all right so my choice my extravagant choice is actually the 50 millimeter F 1.2 and I understand that Not a lot of people are gonna be able to afford a lens like this for something that just covers a normal range but it’s an incredibly sharp lens normally F 1.2 lenses have a lot of optical deficiencies but in the case of the 15mm 1.2 RF it’s usable wide open you could Do a lot of interesting portraits like full body stuff group stuff but we still want to blow the background out of the way it is a bit bulky but I do really like it

Standard Zooms

Because my favorite lens is one that I just always end up thinking about I don’t know why it’s the Canon 28 to 70 F2 it’s a weird Choice it goes against everything that I normally say but every time I use it I just love it I mean it’s Got beautiful soft bouquet it’s a sharp lens it’s great for impromptu portraits it’s huge and it’s expensive and you know you should probably get the 24 to 72 8 instead but this is my favorite list and it is by far one of my favorite lenses of all time so next let’s talk About telephoto and super telephoto zooms I mean you know there’s just not that many here to choose from so first off I want to say the 100 400 looks really cool and it’s very affordable I’ve just never personally tried it so I can’t speak to it but having an f56 to F8 aperture I know that’s why it’s affordable but that’s pretty slow I have used the 100 to 500 and I love it I get that it’s very expensive for that 4.5 to 7.1 aperture is faster enough to make it worthwhile especially concerning it goes to 500. I know a lot of photographers Have poo-pooed that lens but I think it’s fantastic for wildlife but you know where we are so lucky is when it comes to Canon 70 to 200s I love both the F4 and the F 2.8 versions and they do something truly unique they give you a lens that is very compact way smaller Than they should be and it’s actually really convenient when you’re carrying them around the only downside is they don’t take teleconverters which means you might still have to look at a 100 or 400 or 100 or 500 or a fixed Prime when you want to shoot wildlife and that is a Big downside me personally I think the 2.8 is the better way to go but the F4 is baby small and still very professional in sharpness uh both fantastic choices oh and I almost forgot to mention what about the just recently announced Canon rf1 to 300 2.8 lots of Potential we actually have we’re testing it right now but have enough time yet to really make a decision about it so it’s not going to be in this video but you should definitely check out the full review coming soon now what about portrait telephotos well actually Canon do have some very interesting choices Here the 85 mil 1.2 carries on the tradition of their classic ef-85 mil 1.2 it gives you very soft depth of field…

Frequently Asked Questions about the BEST Lenses for Canon’s RF Mount

Q: What is the RF Mount?
A: The RF Mount is a lens mount designed by Canon for its full-frame mirrorless cameras, offering a wider mount diameter and shorter flange distance compared to the EF Mount.
Q: What makes a lens the best for Canon’s RF Mount?
A: The best lenses for Canon’s RF Mount are those that take advantage of the mount’s capabilities, providing excellent image quality, fast and accurate autofocus performance, and a wide range of focal lengths.
Q: Are there specific lenses designed for the RF Mount?
A: Yes, Canon has developed a range of RF lenses specifically for the RF Mount, including prime, zoom, and macro lenses, offering superior performance and image quality.
Q: Can I use EF lenses with the RF Mount?
A: Yes, with the use of a lens adapter, EF lenses can be used with Canon’s RF Mount cameras, although some functionality may be limited.
Q: What are some of the best lenses for Canon’s RF Mount?
A: Some of the best lenses for Canon’s RF Mount include the RF 50mm f/1.2L USM, RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM, and RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM, offering versatile focal lengths and exceptional image quality.

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