Are you a proud owner of a GoPro Hero 9 or Hero 10, eager to capture your thrilling adventures in the most immersive way possible? If so, we have a game-changing tip for you that may just revolutionize your GoPro experience. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a vlogger, or simply love capturing candid moments, this blog post will introduce you to the best GoPro tip that you probably don’t know about. Get ready to take your footage to new heights with this innovative solution, and prepare to be amazed by the possibilities it unlocks. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of GoPro and discover how to elevate your content creation to the next level!

The Best GoPro Tip You Probably Don’t Know About – Hero 9 & Hero 10

All right, a quick video today that a quick to Tuesday actually about GoPros and using them in the water or using them with gloves on. That’s a thing I get asked about a lot with GoPros and I have a really good tip for it today.

Quick Tip

Today’s quick tip is sponsored by Epidemic Sound. Thank you, Epidemic Sound. But today’s video also only applies to the Hero 9 and Hero 10. This doesn’t apply to anything before the Hero 9. But if you have the Hero 9 or Hero 10, it’s one of the most useful tips there is, especially again if you’re in water and water is splashing on that touch screen. Maybe you’re in the snow, maybe you have gloves on, maybe it’s just cold outside. Mainly though, for me, this applies when I’m surfing or snorkeling. How do I move through my GoPro? How do I change settings, things like that without being able to use the touchscreen very well? Today’s tip is going to fix that for you.

But before we get into that, I want to tell you guys really quickly about Epidemic Sound. Because if you are shooting with a GoPro, if you’re out filming with a GoPro, you’re shooting this epic footage, you want to create a video, you kind of need good music to create an epic video. Like, you could take lots of epic seeming videos, remove the music from them, and they’d not be so epic. It’s usually the song that makes a GoPro video so epic. But the thing is, if you’re going to make that kind of content and you want to put it online on YouTube, you have to license that music. You can’t just use any track, throw it on YouTube, you’ll get a copyright strike, do it to the channel banned. But licensing music is a huge pain in the butt. But Epidemic Sound makes it super simple. With a shockingly cheap $15 a month, you get a subscription-based license where you can use any track from their entire library. They have over 35,000 music tracks, over 90,000 sound effects, unlimited access to any of that you can use to make your GoPro videos. First in the description, go check them out. Free trial, go in there, download a bunch of music, make super dope videos, put them on your YouTube channel. See how much cooler your videos are with good music. It’s how I make my videos seem cooler than they are. It makes it seem like I’m not just a guy in my garage talking to a camera all by myself, that’s what I am.

The GoPro Tip

Alright, back into the GoPro. And you’ll remember the Hero 10 review. I gave the Hero a little bit of crap for not adding another button. There’s only two buttons on here, the power mode button and the shutter button. While on this little guy, the Osmo Action One, there was the power button, the shutter button, and then this little guy, that little guy right there, the QS button. QS stands for Quick Switch. So on the DJI, I can press that button and I can cycle through my custom settings. So the custom presets that I set up on this camera, I can cycle through whether I have gloves on, whether I’m in the water, it doesn’t matter where I am. I can just push that little button and cycle through my settings. Now, I still wish that GoPro would have added a third button to be able to do that. I thought from the Hero 9 to the Hero 10, they would add that. I would have been very happy. But there is a way to cycle through your custom settings without using the touchscreen on the GoPro, just using these two buttons. It’s a little tricky and rarely talked about.

Now, the first thing that I would recommend for anyone that’s going in the water, if you’re going to go surf with your GoPro, if you’re going to go snorkel with your GoPro, is to disable the touchscreen. To do that, you just swipe down from the top and you press that lock icon. Now, when you press that lock icon, the screen is locked, the touchscreen is locked, and you’re not going to get weird inadvertent inputs into the touchscreen. Sometimes I’ll be out surfing, I’ll be out doing something in the water, and just water splashing on it can change modes, it can change settings, all sorts of weird things can happen by water touching your touchscreen.

A Tricky Move

But then you ask, what if I’m underwater? Maybe I’m scuba diving, maybe I’m just snorkeling. Whatever it is, I’m underwater and I’m in 24 frames per second, and I want to switch to 60 frames per second or I want to switch to 120 frames per second. Well, the idea would be that you would set up those custom presets, different presets that you like, all the settings that you normally use.

Then, there’s this tricky little move with the mode and the shutter button, and it looks like this. I’m going to press the power button, and then right after I press it, I’m going to quickly tap the shutter button. So, I’m going to go press (click), and now I’m in this mode. Here, I can actually press the mode and power button and cycle through all of my custom presets. And then, once I find one that I want to use, I press the shutter button and I’ve switched to that custom preset. So, it’s a way of getting to my custom presets within whichever mode I’m in. And that’s how you do it.

That’s how, if you are in the water, you’re surfing, it’s raining, anything. Anytime you suddenly kind of realize, like, “Oh, my fingers are too cold or too dry to really get good inputs,” just lock the touchscreen completely so that you don’t have weird inputs. And then, hold power, press the shutter, and now you can cycle through your different custom presets and select it with the shutter button.

I’m sure a ton of you already knew that little trick, that little custom trick with GoPros. But if you didn’t, I hope this video was helpful for you. If it was, hit the like button below. Make sure to subscribe. Tons more content coming on this channel, including what is in this box, what I’m very, very excited about, and what is in this box, which I’m potentially even more excited about. Yeah, hit the subscribe button and follow along. See you soon!

FAQ – The Best GoPro Tip

Frequently Asked Questions – The Best GoPro Tip

Q: What is the best GoPro tip for HERO 9 and HERO 10 cameras?

A: The best GoPro tip for HERO 9 and HERO 10 cameras is to enable the “HyperSmooth Boost” feature while shooting videos. This advanced stabilization option provides even more impressive video footage by reducing jerky movements and shakes. It is perfect for capturing action-packed adventures and ensuring smoother video playback.

Q: How can I enable “HyperSmooth Boost” on my GoPro HERO 9 or HERO 10 camera?

A: To enable “HyperSmooth Boost,” follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your GoPro camera and access the settings menu.
  2. Scroll through the menu options until you find the “Video” settings.
  3. Select “Video Stabilization” and make sure it is set to “On.”
  4. Now, scroll down to “Stabilization” and choose the “HyperSmooth Boost” option.
  5. Once selected, you’re all set to capture incredibly smooth and stable videos with your GoPro HERO 9 or HERO 10 camera.

Q: Can I use “HyperSmooth Boost” while recording in all video modes?

A: No, “HyperSmooth Boost” is only available in select video modes on GoPro HERO 9 and HERO 10 cameras. Ensure that you are using a mode that supports this feature for the best stabilization results. Typically, modes like 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p at higher frame rates allow you to utilize “HyperSmooth Boost.”

Q: Does enabling “HyperSmooth Boost” consume more battery power?

A: Yes, using “HyperSmooth Boost” may result in slightly higher power consumption compared to standard stabilization settings. It is recommended to have spare batteries on hand for extended shooting sessions or when capturing footage in remote locations.

Q: Are there any limitations or considerations when using “HyperSmooth Boost”?

A: While “HyperSmooth Boost” provides excellent stabilization, it is essential to be aware of potential limitations:

  • Using “HyperSmooth Boost” may result in a narrower field of view as the camera applies additional cropping to improve stabilization.
  • In low-light conditions or when shooting in dark environments, “HyperSmooth Boost” may not deliver the same level of stabilization as in well-lit scenarios.
  • Ensure the camera is securely mounted or attached to minimize vibrations and maximize stabilization performance.

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