The Best Gimbal For Mirrorless? | Zhiyun Weebill S Review

Are you tired of shaky footage ruining your otherwise perfect shots? If you’re a mirrorless camera user looking for smooth and stable video footage, then you’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive review, we will be taking a closer look at the Zhiyun Weebill S, one of the best gimbals available for mirrorless cameras. Packed with impressive features and a compact design, the Weebill S is a game-changer for both amateur and professional videographers alike. Whether you’re shooting a documentary, vlogging, or capturing majestic landscapes, this gimbal promises to elevate your video quality to new heights. Get ready to revolutionize your filmmaking experience with the Zhiyun Weebill S!

The Best Gimbal For Mirrorless: Zhiyun Weebill S Review



If you’ve been around watching my videos for a little while, you’ll know I’m generally a fan of these motorized camera stabilizers. I’ve taken a look at a couple on this channel before, as well as shared some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of them.

Exciting News

When Zhiyun reached out to me and offered to send me their Weebill S gimbal for a test, I was pretty stoked. Having tried their previous gimbals and being familiar with their quality, I was excited to see what the Weebill S had to offer.

About the Weebill S

The Successor

The Weebill S is a successor to the Weebill Lab, with added functionality and more robust motors. This makes it capable of handling a slightly heavier payload.

Experience with Stabilizers

I have tried various stabilizers and gimbals over the years, starting with the non-motorized Glidecam HD 2000 back in 2012. Since then, I have tried the Ronin M, Zhiyun Crane, Crane 2, and Crane 3. As an owner of the Crane Plus, I didn’t see a need to upgrade until I heard about the Weebill S.

Perfect for Mirrorless Cameras

The Weebill S is more catered towards standard mirrorless cameras or smaller DSLRs, making it a perfect fit for my Canon EOS R. It is designed to handle a lighter weight and is not ideal for heavier cinema cameras or DSLRs like the Canon 1D series, which have their own Crane series.

Proper Use of Stabilizers

Overusing Camera Movement

In my opinion, overusing camera movement in videos can cause viewer fatigue. It’s important to use a stabilizer sparingly and with intent. A stabilizer should be used to enhance specific shots and create a cinematic look, rather than being used excessively in every shot.

Review of the Weebill S

Not a Sponsored Video

This is not a sponsored video, but Zhiyun asked me to provide my honest opinions on the Weebill S. As someone who only endorses products I genuinely like and use, I will be sharing both the things I like about this gimbal and some suggestions for improvement.

Compact Design

One of the standout features of the Weebill S is its compact design. As someone who travels frequently, I appreciate the effort Zhiyun put into making this gimbal easy to carry around. It has a small footprint and is perfect for on-the-go shooting.

Screen and Menu

Compared to the Crane Plus, the Weebill S offers significant improvements. It has a screen that shows the current mode, eliminating the need to remember which mode you’re in. The menu is easily accessible through the pad, allowing you to change settings without the need for an app.

User-Friendly Controls

The Weebill S features a joystick for easy control of the gimbal. If the camera is off-center, you can quickly double-click the trigger to reset it. Additionally, the locks on the side allow you to lock each axis of the gimbal when not in use, making it convenient for travel.

Flexible Plate

The quick-release plate on the Weebill S is a combination of a Manfrotto plate and an Arca Swiss plate, making it compatible with both tripod systems. This versatility is convenient for various setups and saves time when switching between different equipment.

Impressive Payload

The Weebill S has impressive motor strength, allowing it to handle heavier camera setups. It easily handles my Canon EOS R with a heavy Tamron 35mm f/1.4 lens. I even tested it with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k, and although it required a counterweight, the gimbal handled the weight well.


One of the standout features of the Weebill S is its modularity. You can add an image transmission module to the bottom of the gimbal, allowing you to monitor the camera through your phone, even if it doesn’t have a flip screen. Additionally, you can attach a receiver for wireless control.


In conclusion, the Zhiyun Weebill S is a fantastic gimbal for mirrorless cameras. It offers a compact design, user-friendly controls, and impressive payload capacity. The added modularity further enhances its versatility. While there is always room for improvement, such as better battery life, I highly recommend the Weebill S for anyone looking to take their camera stabilization to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras

Q: What is a gimbal and why do I need one for my mirrorless camera?

A: A gimbal is a stabilizing device that helps you capture smooth and professional-looking footage by reducing camera shake and vibrations. Using a gimbal with your mirrorless camera helps you achieve cinematic results while shooting videos or even taking still photos.

Q: Why should I choose the Zhiyun Weebill S for my mirrorless camera?

A: The Zhiyun Weebill S is an excellent choice for mirrorless cameras due to its compact size, impressive stabilization capabilities, and advanced features. It offers three-axis stabilization, high payload capacity, and multiple shooting modes, making it user-friendly and suitable for both amateur and professional filmmakers.

Q: What are the key features of the Zhiyun Weebill S?

A: The Zhiyun Weebill S boasts a range of features, including:

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • Upgraded image transmission module for real-time monitoring
  • Impressive battery life for extended shooting sessions
  • Multiple shooting modes, including time-lapse, motion-lapse, and follow-focus
  • Quick-release plate for easy camera mounting

Q: Does the Zhiyun Weebill S support all mirrorless cameras?

A: While the Zhiyun Weebill S is compatible with a wide range of mirrorless cameras, it’s essential to check the specific camera model compatibility list provided by Zhiyun or the retailer before purchasing. This ensures that your camera is fully supported and can be properly balanced on the gimbal.

Q: Is the Zhiyun Weebill S suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the Zhiyun Weebill S is beginner-friendly while still offering advanced features for more experienced users. It comes with an intuitive control panel, easy setup process, and user-friendly smartphone app for remote control and customization. Whether you’re new to gimbals or a seasoned filmmaker, the Weebill S is a great option.

Q: Can I control my camera settings through the Zhiyun Weebill S?

A: The Zhiyun Weebill S supports limited camera control for select camera models. By connecting your camera to the gimbal via the included cables, you can control functions like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture directly from the gimbal’s control panel or smartphone app.

Q: What’s included in the Zhiyun Weebill S package?

A: The Zhiyun Weebill S package typically includes the following:

  • Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal unit
  • Charging cable and power adapter
  • Quick-release plate
  • Camera control cables
  • Carrying case
  • User manual and warranty card

Q: Where can I buy the Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal for mirrorless cameras?

A: The Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal can be purchased from various reputable online retailers, photography equipment stores, or directly from the official Zhiyun website. It’s always recommended to buy from authorized sellers to ensure a genuine product and reliable after-sales support.

Note: Make sure to refer to the specific product documentation or consult with the manufacturer for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal for mirrorless cameras.

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