The BEST AUTOFOCUS settings for Portraiture using Sony A7III/A7RIII

Are you struggling to get the perfect autofocus settings for portraiture on your Sony A7III/A7RIII? Look no further! In this blog, we will explore the best autofocus settings for capturing stunning portraits with your Sony mirrorless camera. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, getting the right autofocus settings is crucial for nailing those portrait shots. We’ll discuss different autofocus modes, custom settings, and tips for achieving sharp, focused portraits every time. Say goodbye to blurry images and hello to crisp, professional-looking portraits with the help of our autofocus guide for the Sony A7III/A7RIII.

AutoFocus Settings for Portraiture using Sony A7III/A7RIII

The BEST AUTOFOCUS settings for Portraiture using Sony A7III/A7RIII

In this article, we will discuss the best autofocus settings for portraiture using Sony A7III/A7RIII cameras. These settings can greatly improve the focus accuracy and speed when capturing portrait shots.

Setting Up the Camera

The first step is to ensure that your camera is updated with the latest firmware (Version 3). This update provides real-time Eye AutoFocus (IAF) and improved face detection autofocus, which significantly enhances the camera’s focusing capabilities.

Configuring Autofocus Settings

Once the firmware is updated, navigate to the menu and go to AF2 settings. Make sure that Face IAF priority and AF are both enabled. Additionally, enabling face detection in the frame can further optimize the autofocus performance.

Focus Area Selection

When shooting portrait subjects, it’s recommended to use a focus area of either large flexible spot or medium flexible spot. These options allow for precise control over the focus area and can be adjusted using the camera’s joystick.

Using Wide Area AF

While shooting in wide area AF can be beneficial for capturing single subjects, it may not always provide accurate focus when the subject turns away from the camera. In such cases, switching to flexible spot focus areas can ensure that the focus remains on the subject’s eyes or face.

Real-time Tracking Advantage

Users of A9 and A6400 Sony cameras have the advantage of real-time tracking, which provides continuous autofocus even when the subject moves or turns around. This feature can greatly improve focus accuracy and reliability in dynamic portrait sessions.

Future Firmware Updates

It is worth noting that the A7III and A7RIII cameras do not currently support real-time tracking. However, it is hoped that future firmware updates will introduce this feature to enhance the autofocus capabilities of these models.


By utilizing the recommended autofocus settings and focus area selection, photographers can achieve superior focus accuracy and speed when shooting portraits with Sony A7III/A7RIII cameras. These settings can be further optimized based on lighting conditions and specific shooting environments to ensure consistent and reliable autofocus performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best autofocus settings for portraiture using Sony A7III/A7RIII?

For best results in portraiture, we recommend using the Eye AF feature on your Sony A7III/A7RIII camera. This feature allows the camera to quickly and accurately focus on the subject’s eyes, ensuring sharp and clear portraits.

How do I enable Eye AF on my Sony A7III/A7RIII?

To enable Eye AF, go to the menu and navigate to the “AF2” tab. From there, select “Face/Eye AF Set.” You can then choose to prioritize the left eye, right eye, or let the camera automatically detect and focus on the closest eye. Make sure to assign Eye AF to a custom button for quick and easy access.

Are there any other autofocus settings I should consider for portraiture?

In addition to using Eye AF, you may also want to consider using a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field, which can help to further emphasize the subject’s eyes and facial features. You can also experiment with different focus modes, such as continuous autofocus, to ensure that your subjects remain in focus as they move.

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