Testing out Nikon’s NEW EYE Autofocus feature!

Are you tired of constantly having to adjust focus on your camera to get the perfect shot? Well, Nikon has just released a game-changing new feature that may solve all your focus-related woes – the EYE Autofocus! This innovative new technology uses advanced facial recognition to track and focus on your subject’s eyes, ensuring sharp and clear images every time. To put this new feature to the test, we took the latest Nikon model out for a spin and were blown away by the results. In this blog, we’ll share our experience with testing out Nikon’s new EYE Autofocus feature and why it’s a game-changer for photographers.

Testing out Nikon’s NEW EYE Autofocus feature

Testing out Nikon’s NEW EYE Autofocus feature

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Nikon just released a new firmware update which includes eye autofocus for the c6 and z7. In this video, the user is gonna be putting it through its paces during golden hour and sharing thoughts from a Sony user’s perspective.

Initial Testing

The photographer starts by testing the eye autofocus feature with a subject at different distances. They note that it works well with still subjects, almost hitting 100% accuracy when the subject is not moving. They also highlight the ability to switch eyes in focus, a feature that Nikon has and Sony doesn’t.


As the subject starts moving, the user notices inconsistencies with the eye autofocus. They report getting about 4 out of 10 shots during a sequence, indicating room for improvement. Additionally, they mention that the autofocus overall is still very glitchy, focusing on the background instead of the subject in some instances.

Comparison with Sony

The user compares the Nikon eye autofocus with Sony, highlighting Sony’s more predictable and reliable autofocus system. They note that while Sony’s IAF can also be glitchy at times, it generally works well, even in backlit situations.

Final Thoughts and Future Use

Despite the drawbacks, the user expresses a desire to continue using the Nikon camera for future videos. They appreciate the ability to record the EVF, a feature not available with Sony. The user also mentions plans for future Nikon videos, indicating a willingness to explore the camera further.


Before ending the video, the user thanks the sponsor, Skillshare, and recommends it as a resource for learning and inspiration. They provide a link for viewers to sign up for two months free. They express gratitude to Skillshare for sponsoring the video and sign off, mentioning a future video.

Testing out Nikon’s NEW EYE Autofocus feature!

What is Nikon’s new Eye Autofocus feature?

Nikon’s new Eye Autofocus feature is a technology that allows the camera to automatically detect and focus on the subject’s eyes, ensuring that they are always in sharp focus.

How does Nikon’s Eye Autofocus feature work?

Nikon’s Eye Autofocus feature works by using advanced facial recognition and tracking algorithms to identify and prioritize the eyes of the subject in the frame. The camera then adjusts the focus to ensure that the eyes are always in focus, even as the subject moves or the camera shifts.

Is the Eye Autofocus feature easy to use?

Yes, the Eye Autofocus feature is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Simply enable the feature in the camera settings, and the camera will take care of the rest, automatically detecting and focusing on the subject’s eyes.

What are the benefits of using Nikon’s Eye Autofocus feature?

Using Nikon’s Eye Autofocus feature can help improve the accuracy and precision of portrait and event photography, ensuring that the subject’s eyes are always the focal point of the image. This can result in sharper, more professional-looking photos.

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