Techart Pro LM EA9: What If Your Sony Could Autofocus Leica M Glass?

What If Your Sony Could Autofocus Leica M Glass? Introducing the Techart Pro LM EA9, a groundbreaking adapter that brings autofocus capabilities to Leica M lenses on Sony cameras. For years, many photographers have been drawn to the iconic design and exceptional image quality of Leica M lenses, but have been limited by the lack of autofocus functionality. However, with the Techart Pro LM EA9, this issue is finally resolved. Now, Sony users can experience the best of both worlds – the timeless beauty of Leica M glass combined with the convenience and precision of autofocus technology. In this blog, we will delve into the features, benefits, and usage of the Techart Pro LM EA9, transforming the photography experience for Sony users.

Techart Pro LM EA9: What If Your Sony Could Autofocus Leica M Glass?


In 2022, the concept of attaching a manual focus M mount lens to an autofocus full-frame mirrorless camera may seem strange to some. However, Techart Pro has developed a solution that allows Sony users to autofocus Leica M glass with their cameras. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Techart Pro LM EA9 adapter and discuss its features and potential benefits.

Refined Design and Improved Autofocus

The LM EA9 is the successor to the LM EA7 adapter, and it comes with several improvements. One notable improvement is the refined design, with a more compact and simplified doughnut shape. Instead of extending past the bottom of the camera body, the LM EA9 now sits flush with the camera. This design is made possible by smaller and quieter autofocus motors.

Functionally Superior Auto-Focusing IBIS Equipped EVF

One of the key advantages of the LM EA9 is its ability to create a functionally superior auto-focusing In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) equipped Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) system. By pairing the adapter with Sony’s 24-megapixel IBIS equipped A7C camera, users can have access to the Leica M lens ecosystem with auto-focus capabilities. This offers a more affordable alternative to Leica’s M10 or Cl cameras.

Interchangeable Lens Version of Leica’s Q Series

The LM EA9 also allows users to create an interchangeable lens version of Leica’s Q series cameras. By pairing the adapter with either the 24-megapixel A7C or the 33-megapixel A7 III, users can experience the functionality and character of Leica’s Q cameras at a fraction of the cost. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for photographers who want the best of both worlds.

Who Is This For?

The LM EA9 is designed for photographers who want to use manual M glass on their Sony cameras. It is particularly appealing to those who appreciate the joy of manually focusing unique and characterful lenses but may also need the convenience of autofocus. This adapter offers a wider range of affordable bodies compared to Leica’s offerings, making it appealing to photographers of all ages and skill levels.

Performance and Compatibility

The LM EA9 performs surprisingly well, considering it is adapting manual focus lenses to an autofocus system. While autofocus speed and silence may not reach the levels of Sony’s native autofocus lenses, the adapter delivers satisfactory results. It provides a relatively slow and audible focus with distinct steps, reminiscent of older film cameras. Overall, the adapter is a compact and convenient solution for using Leica M glass with autofocus capabilities.

Potential Limitations and Considerations

While the LM EA9 offers significant benefits, it does have a few limitations and considerations. Firstly, it cannot provide precise aperture values for manual M glass due to the lack of communication between the lens and the adapter. Additionally, the adapter is not weatherproof, although this is not a concern unique to the LM EA9. Lastly, the battery drain of the adapter is yet to be determined, but it should not be excessive, especially when the camera is turned off.


The Techart Pro LM EA9 adapter provides Sony users with the ability to autofocus Leica M glass, opening up new creative possibilities and offering a more affordable alternative to Leica’s offerings. While it may not offer the same level of performance as native autofocus lenses, it delivers satisfactory results and allows photographers to enjoy the experience of manually focusing unique and characterful lenses while having the option of autofocus when needed. The LM EA9 is a valuable tool for photographers looking to expand their lens choices and enhance their photography experience.

Frequently Asked Questions – Techart Pro LM EA9: What If Your Sony Could Autofocus Leica M Glass?

  1. What is Techart Pro LM EA9?

    Techart Pro LM EA9 is an innovative adapter designed for Sony cameras, allowing them to autofocus with Leica M mount lenses. It provides the convenience of autofocus while utilizing the high-quality Leica M glass on Sony cameras.

  2. Which Sony cameras are compatible with Techart Pro LM EA9?

    The Techart Pro LM EA9 adapter is compatible with Sony E-mount cameras, including the latest models such as Sony Alpha series, Sony a7, a9, a6000, etc.

  3. How does Techart Pro LM EA9 enable autofocus with Leica M mount lenses?

    Techart Pro LM EA9 incorporates a built-in motor that drives the focus ring of the Leica M lens, allowing the lens to autofocus. The adapter utilizes phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) technology to achieve fast and accurate autofocus performance.

  4. Does Techart Pro LM EA9 support other lens mounts?

    No, Techart Pro LM EA9 is specifically designed for Leica M mount lenses and Sony E-mount cameras. It does not support autofocus functionality with other lens mounts.

  5. Is there any loss in image quality when using Techart Pro LM EA9?

    Techart Pro LM EA9 is engineered to maintain the optical performance of the Leica M lenses. It does not introduce any significant degradation in image quality. However, slight differences may be observed due to the electronic communication between the lens, adapter, and camera.

  6. Does Techart Pro LM EA9 support other autofocus features like continuous autofocus and eye autofocus?

    Yes, Techart Pro LM EA9 supports a wide range of autofocus features available on Sony E-mount cameras, including continuous autofocus (AF-C) and eye autofocus (AF-S).

  7. Is there any limitation or compatibility issues to be aware of?

    While Techart Pro LM EA9 is compatible with most Leica M lenses, certain lenses may have restrictions or limitations in autofocus performance. It is recommended to check the compatibility list provided by Techart to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, firmware updates may be required for the adapter depending on your camera model.

  8. Where can I purchase Techart Pro LM EA9?

    You can purchase Techart Pro LM EA9 from authorized camera equipment retailers or directly from the Techart website. Make sure to verify the authenticity of the product and purchase from reliable sources.

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