Tearing apart your “cinematic” interviews

Welcome to our blog where we dissect and analyze the art of cinematic interviews. From breaking down the lighting and camera angles to examining the nuances of body language and interaction, we delve deep into the world of creating compelling and engaging interview content. Join us as we tear apart these cinematic interviews and explore what makes them successful or not. Whether you are a filmmaker, interviewer, or simply a fan of movies and documentaries, our blog is the perfect place to learn more about the intricacies of capturing real stories on camera. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets behind memorable cinematic interviews.

Tearing apart your “cinematic” interviews

Tearing apart your “cinematic” interviews


Right away we have this mic just get rid of it just cut cut it out not his head the mic and also too you have the light right there let’s avoid this let the gym influencers walk around with these mics but you’re a professional filmmaker don’t Settle in today’s video I am going to be reviewing your interview setups

First Interview – Kim

When I go through your interviews here’s the first few things I’m looking for Lighting ratios color contrast ey line Framing and overall lighting quality. For lighting quality it’s soft but the contrast ratio here I just wish it’s it’s just a bit flat we don’t have anything on this side of her face no Shadow I’m not really getting any sense of depth around her all the lighting’s Flat


When I look at this waveform I’m kind of seeing it all take place in similar location we’re not getting much dynamicism on her face. Overall contrast is lacking and the background color is similar to her skin tone which doesn’t provide enough contrast. The eyeline is also crossed in one of the shots which can be confusing for viewers.

Second Interview

Look at the second shot here right away this is the shadow side and here’s what we’ve done we’ve actually crossed our ey line you can see in the wide shot here she is looking from left to right and so our second angle should continue that she should be looking from left to Right this is what’s called jumping the axis and you can see here she’s now looking right to left so what’s confusing about that is it feels like almost like a different room a different space the shots don’t cut well together imagine that there is a line through the Room and you’re going to have all your cameras on that one side this will help with the cohesion of the editing and it will also make us not confused cuz it won’t look like the person is talking to themselves

Third Interview

Overall this is probably out of everything you’re going to see one of the best interviews I love how soft this lighting is we have a nice little ratio here we do have great contrast it’s not a ton but it looks like over all the style that the cinematographer was going was a less contrasty shot but beautiful giant soft light

Positive Feedback

What I also like about the shot is even though we have this brown here which is similar to his skin tone that in that tan orange World we’ve broken it up with some green. This is a big thing I saw in a lot of these interviews is people didn’t think about color contrast and this is why you want RGB lights sometimes if your background is all orange you’re going to want to throw a blue light on it but overall this this is the top tier this is this is beautiful

Fourth Interview

Beautiful wide shot my only thing I would say is I would love to see his foot it’s kind of cut off here You’ve embraced the wide shot if there was any way to back up a bit more and just show me his foot beautiful grainy footage you know he is still one of the brighter things you’re going to be kind of fighting this window back here perhaps you could have pumped a bit more Light on him to bring down the darkness of the background depends your choice for the story ooh we got a slider here little tiny slider this is we’re getting Advance here


I’m just going to nitpick because it is such a great interview you have beautiful soft lighting again this is obviously a Really large Source because we can see the same level of softness on the face here is landing on the body just great great lighting


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FAQ About Tearing Apart Your “Cinematic” Interviews

Q: What do you mean by “tearing apart” interviews?

A: Tearing apart interviews means analyzing them thoroughly to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Q: Why is it important to tear apart interviews?

A: By tearing apart interviews, you can learn from them, refine your interviewing skills, and improve the quality of your content.

Q: How can I tear apart my interviews in a “cinematic” way?

A: You can focus on aspects such as lighting, framing, sound quality, editing techniques, and overall storytelling to make your interviews more visually appealing and engaging.

Q: What tools or resources can help me tear apart my interviews effectively?

A: Utilize video editing software, camera equipment, microphones, and resources such as online tutorials or workshops to enhance your cinematic interview skills.

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