Tamron will launch six new lenses in 2024 !

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for new lenses to enhance your skills and capture stunning images? Well, you’re in for a treat because Tamron has announced that they will be launching six new lenses in 2024! If you’re a fan of Tamron’s high-quality and innovative lenses, then this news will surely excite you. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, having access to new and improved lenses can take your photography to the next level. In this blog, we’ll discuss the exciting news of Tamron’s upcoming lens releases and what you can expect from these new additions to their line-up. Stay tuned for all the details!

Tamron’s 2024 Lens Launch

Tamron’s 2024 Lens Forecast

Yesterday, Tamron released a full financial report for the year 2023 and provided a forecast for 2024, announcing the launch of six new lenses for the upcoming year. This is an increase from the number of lenses released in the previous year, indicating the company’s commitment to expanding its lens portfolio.

Financial Performance in 2023

Tamron reported a significant increase in sales in the photography segment, with sales rising from 45.5 billion Cen in 2022 to 53 billion Cen in 2023. The company attributed this growth to strong sales in the Chinese and Japanese markets. However, sales in Europe and the US did not show significant improvement, prompting the company to focus more on these regions in the future.

2024 Forecast and New Lens Announcement

The forecast for 2024 indicates a continued growth in sales and operative income. Tamron also pre-announced the launch of six new lenses for the year, signaling its commitment to innovation and product expansion. The company aims to increase the number of new lens announcements in the medium term, with a potential increase to seven new lenses by 2025.

Possible New Lens Options

While specific details about the new lenses are not yet available, it is clear that Tamron intends to cater to a diverse range of camera systems. The company aims to develop lenses that offer unique focal lengths and apertures, distinguishing them from standard zoom and prime lenses available in the market.

New Patents and Lens Designs

Recent patents filed by Tamron reveal potential optical designs for upcoming lenses. These designs include a variety of full-frame and APS-C lenses with unique focal lengths and apertures, indicating the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity in lens development.

Expectations for Sony E-Mount Lenses

As a Sony E-mount user, there is anticipation for the release of new E-mount lenses from Tamron. While some of the new lenses may be adapted to other mounts, it is expected that several new full-frame E-mount lenses will be announced, catering to the needs of Sony camera users.

Community Feedback and Expectations

The photography community eagerly awaits the announcement of Tamron’s new lenses for 2024. Enthusiasts are encouraged to share their preferences and expectations for the upcoming lens lineup, as Tamron aims to deliver products that resonate with photographers’ needs and preferences.

Future Updates and Announcements

As more information becomes available about Tamron’s new lens releases for 2024, updates and detailed specifications will be shared with the community. Photography enthusiasts and professionals are encouraged to stay tuned for further developments and announcements from Tamron.


1. What are the new lenses that Tamron plans to launch in 2024?

Tamron has announced that they will be launching six new lenses in 2024. These lenses are expected to cover a range of focal lengths and will be designed for various types of photography.

2. When will the new lenses be available for purchase?

The exact release dates for the new lenses have not been announced yet. However, Tamron has stated that they are aiming to release the lenses throughout the year 2024, so customers can expect to see them gradually becoming available starting from early 2024.

3. What types of photography will the new lenses be suitable for?

Tamron’s new lenses are expected to cater to a wide range of photographers, from landscape and portrait photographers to sports and wildlife enthusiasts. The specific details of the lenses’ capabilities will be revealed closer to their release dates, but it’s safe to say that there will be something for everyone.

4. Will the new lenses be compatible with different camera brands?

Yes, Tamron typically designs their lenses to be compatible with a range of popular camera brands, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others. It’s likely that the new lenses will follow this trend and offer versatility in terms of camera compatibility.

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