TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z Review: BEST Nikon ZOOM Lens EVER?!

Are you in search of the ultimate zoom lens for your Nikon camera? Look no further than the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z lens. Renowned for their exceptional optics and innovative designs, TAMRON has once again raised the bar with this versatile zoom lens. With a focal length range of 35-150mm and a fast constant aperture of f/2-2.8, this lens is ideal for capturing a wide range of subjects, from breathtaking landscapes to detailed portraits. In this blog, we will dive deep into the features and performance of the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z lens, exploring why it may just be the best zoom lens ever produced for Nikon cameras.

TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z Review: BEST Nikon ZOOM Lens EVER?!

Right before we jump into this video, if you’d like me to send you a free guide to capturing Motion in low light situations, just look for this Orange Box over on fronosphoto.com. Put your name and email address in it, hit send, and I’m going to send you that guide for free. Jared poen from fronosphoto.com, and this is a review of the Tamron 35-150 F2 to 2.8 for the Nikon Z mount.

Testing the Lens

Photographing a Birthday Party

I took this lens down to Margate to photograph a four-year-old’s birthday party. I captured some great shots of Richie’s kid on the beach and in the park, where another friend’s kid was running around and playing.

Comparison with Sony Version

This lens is very similar to the Sony version, which I reviewed before. The only difference is the mount. The Nikon version is slightly taller, but otherwise, they are exactly the same.

Lens Design and Features

Build Quality and Weight

The Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 Z lens has a substantial and sturdy feel to it. It weighs 2.62 pounds (1190 grams), slightly heavier than the Sony version. It feels like it’s built really well.

Zoom Range and Ease of Use

This lens has a zoom range of 35-150mm, allowing for quick adjustments with a twist of your fingers. The zoom action feels a little tight, but it might loosen over time. It also has a lock feature to prevent accidental extension.

Customizable Buttons and Lack of Ibis

The lens features programmable buttons, including an AF to MF switch and custom settings. However, it does not have image stabilization built-in. This might be due to price or weight considerations, as most cameras already have built-in stabilization.

Other Features

The lens has a USBC port for firmware updates, an 82mm filter thread, and a bayonet-style lens hood. Using the lens hood is recommended to protect the lens and reduce additional light. The lens has a nine-blade aperture, allowing for beautiful background separation. It covers a wide range of focal lengths from 35mm to 150mm and maintains a constant aperture of f2 to 2.8.

Performance and Final Thoughts

Light Gathering Capability

The Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 Z lens performs well in terms of light gathering. It maintains f2 aperture from 35mm up to 40mm, and then gradually transitions to f2.8 at longer focal lengths. This slight change in aperture might require adjusting the shutter speed to maintain proper exposure.

Image Quality and Editing

The lens produces excellent image quality, especially when paired with editing software like Fro Pack 4. The various color profiles available allow for quick and easy editing to enhance the overall look of the images.

If you’re looking for a versatile zoom lens for your Nikon Z camera, the Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 Z is definitely worth considering. It offers a wide focal range, solid build quality, and excellent image quality. Despite the lack of image stabilization, it remains a top choice for many photographers. Make sure to use the lens hood and adjust the settings accordingly to get the best results from this lens.

Frequently Asked Questions: TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z Review

Q: Is the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z compatible with Nikon cameras?

A: Yes, the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z is specifically designed for Nikon Z series cameras.

Q: What is the maximum aperture of this lens?

A: The TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z features a maximum aperture range of f/2 to f/2.8, allowing for excellent low-light performance and creative depth of field control.

Q: Does this lens have image stabilization?

A: No, the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z does not have built-in optical image stabilization. However, it is compatible with Nikon’s in-camera image stabilization system found in certain models.

Q: What is the zoom range of this lens?

A: The TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z offers a versatile zoom range from 35mm to 150mm, providing a wide-angle to telephoto focal length coverage, making it ideal for a variety of photography genres including portraits, landscapes, and more.

Q: Is this lens weather-sealed?

A: Yes, the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z is built with weather-resistant construction, featuring seals to protect against dust and moisture, ensuring you can confidently use it in various environmental conditions.

Q: Can I use filters with this lens?

A: Yes, the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z has a 77mm filter thread, allowing you to attach various filters such as UV filters, polarizers, and neutral density filters to enhance your photography.

Q: Is the lens suitable for video recording?

A: Absolutely, the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z excels in video shooting as well, thanks to its smooth and quiet autofocus motor, minimal focus breathing, and beautiful bokeh rendering.

Q: What accessories are included with this lens?

A: Along with the lens itself, you will find a lens hood and a lens cap in the package. Additionally, a lens pouch is provided for safe storage and transportation.

Q: Is the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z a good investment?

A: Yes, many photographers consider the TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8 Z as one of the best zoom lenses available for Nikon cameras. It offers excellent image quality, versatile zoom range, and impressive build quality, making it a valuable addition to any photographer’s kit.

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