Take Your Photo Editing to the NEXT LEVEL w/ The Advanced Color and Skin Tone Tools in Capture One!

If you’re a photography enthusiast looking to elevate your photo editing skills to new heights, look no further than the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One. Take your editing to the next level with these powerful features that allow you to achieve professional-quality results with ease. Whether you’re a portrait photographer looking to enhance skin tones or a landscape photographer aiming to make colors pop, Capture One has the tools you need to bring your images to life. Join us on this blog as we explore how these advanced tools can transform your editing workflow and help you create stunning photos.

h3>Advanced Color Editor in Capture One

In a recent video, we learned the ins and outs of the HSL tool or basic color editing tool inside Capture One, and just how powerful it can be. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you can go watch that first or just keep watching, you do you. But there are actually two more tools inside this same tool tab that give you even more flexibility and even more control when you’re color grading your photos. These are called the advanced color editor And the skin tone tool. And in this video, we’re gonna take a deep dive into how they work and how you can be using them to step up the color grading on your photos. Secure the cup, and let’s get into it.

Using the Pick Color Correction Tool

First things first, let’s take a look At the advanced color editor in Capture One. If you’re not seeing this, you can right-click anywhere in your tools and hit add tool and go to color editor, and then it’ll pop up. Then click on the advanced tab. The photo that we’re looking at here Is actually the complete color spectrum. And then from top to bottom, it actually goes from saturated to desaturated as well. This will just make it a little bit easier to explain certain parts of the tool. The first thing that we need to do is select this little eyedropper, called the pick color correction tool, and then we can click on any color in our photo that we want to edit. Now we can see this selection that we made represented by this little dot here inside the color wheel. And if we want to change what that main selection is, We can just move this dot around. But surrounding our main selection, we’ve actually got more from the left to the right, as well as from the inside of the circle to the outside of the circle. And those all kind of mean different things that we’ll get to in a second.

Fine-Tuning Selections

At the bottom of our color editor tool, there’s a button that says view selected color range. And what this is going to do is isolate our selection. Everything else is gonna become black and white, so we can just see what selection we’ve made to work with. Now we can fine-tune that selection by either dragging the lines to include other colors. You can see as I expand it, it’s including more orange and yellow, or as I contract it, it is taking away more of the green. You can also move the entire selection By clicking on this little line here and moving that. So we can see the selection moving throughout the different parts of the spectrum. And then we can also choose the level of saturation that is being selected by changing how close we are to the center.

Adjusting Saturation and Smoothness

The smoothness slider is going to fade it into the colors next to it So that we’ve got a more smooth selection. When we go to actually mess around with the colors that we’ve selected, it’s not going to be harsh in the edits that we do.

Practical Example

A practical example here is selecting skin tone. If you expand saturation, it may include other colors like a jacket. Shrinking saturation will focus the selection on skin tone. Inverting the selection can highlight the chosen skin tone, enabling desaturation or color adjustments.

Masking for Precision Editing

In the advanced color editor, you can create a masked layer based on your color selection. This feature allows for precise editing beyond hue, saturation, and lightness adjustments. You can refine the mask with the eraser tool for accuracy.

FAQ about Advanced Color and Skin Tone Tools in Capture One

What are the benefits of using advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One?

By using advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One, you can achieve more precise and professional-looking edits in your photos. These tools allow you to make subtle adjustments to colors and skin tones, resulting in more natural and vibrant images.

How do I access the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One?

To access the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One, simply open the software and navigate to the color editing tab. Here, you will find a range of advanced tools that allow you to make detailed adjustments to colors and skin tones in your images.

What kind of adjustments can I make with the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One?

With the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One, you can make a variety of adjustments, including fine-tuning individual color channels, adjusting the hue and saturation of specific colors, and perfecting skin tones for a natural and flattering look.

Are the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One easy to use?

While the advanced color and skin tone tools in Capture One may seem intimidating at first, they are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With a little practice and experimentation, you can quickly master these tools and take your photo editing skills to the next level.

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