Take Better Travel Photos Like Chris Burkard

Travel photography is a way for us to capture and preserve our most cherished memories from our adventures around the world. One photographer who has mastered the art of capturing stunning travel photos is Chris Burkard. His breathtaking images of remote landscapes and adventurous travel experiences have gained him worldwide recognition. If you want to up your travel photography game and take better photos like Chris Burkard, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key techniques and tips that Chris has used to capture his iconic travel images, and how you can apply them to your own photography.

How to Take Better Travel Photos Like Chris Burkard

How to Take Better Travel Photos Like Chris Burkard

The Inspiration from Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a renowned travel and adventure photographer known for his timeless and intentional approach to creating captivating photos. Whether through his workshops, books, or films, there is much to learn from his work for aspiring travel photographers.

Avoiding Time-Stamping Your Photos

One key aspect of capturing timeless travel photos is to avoid showing brands and logos, and opt for solid colors over graphic tees in your images. This helps to prevent the photos from becoming dated and ensures a focus on the subject and the landscape.

Creating an Everyman Persona

Keeping the subject’s face hidden or distant from the camera can also lend a sense of timelessness to the image. This creates an “everyman” persona, allowing viewers to project themselves onto the subject and connect with the photograph in a universal way.

The Importance of Primary Colors

When it comes to incorporating subjects into the landscape, using primary colors to make the subject stand out from the background is essential. For instance, choosing solid colors that contrast with the natural environment can help the subject pop and create a visually compelling image.

The Psychological Impact of Colors

Chris Burkard emphasizes the psychological impact of colors on the viewer’s experience of a photograph. He strategically uses blues and yellows in his images to evoke specific emotions and draw the viewer into the scene. This intentional use of colors adds depth and meaning to his work.

Capturing Blues and Yellows in Your Photos

Utilizing blues and yellows in your travel photos can create a vibrant and eye-catching composition. Shooting during Golden Hour can naturally enhance these colors, while also incorporating a missing color into the image can create a powerful visual impact.


  1. Keep photos timeless by avoiding logos and recognizable faces
  2. Make the subject pop with primary colors
  3. Utilize blues and yellows to captivate the viewer

By following these tips inspired by Chris Burkard, aspiring travel photographers can enhance their skills and create stunning, timeless images that resonate with viewers.

FAQ: Take Better Travel Photos Like Chris Burkard

Q: Who is Chris Burkard?

A: Chris Burkard is a renowned travel photographer known for his stunning and captivating images of landscapes and adventure sports around the world.

Q: How can I take better travel photos like Chris Burkard?

A: To take better travel photos like Chris Burkard, it’s important to focus on capturing the essence of the location, using natural lighting, and using composition techniques to create visually appealing images.

Q: What kind of camera equipment does Chris Burkard use?

A: Chris Burkard often uses a variety of professional camera equipment, including DSLR cameras, wide-angle lenses, and other accessories to capture his unique and captivating travel photos.

Q: How can I improve my photography skills for travel photos?

A: To improve your photography skills for travel photos, consider studying Chris Burkard’s work, practicing different techniques, and experimenting with different lighting and composition to create unique and eye-catching images.

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