Stuck between the Old and New (Liminal Space)

Have you ever felt like you’re caught between two worlds, not quite fitting in with either? This feeling of being stuck between the old and the new is known as a liminal space. It can be a confusing and challenging place to navigate, but it’s also a fertile ground for growth and transformation. In this blog, we’ll explore what it means to be in a liminal space and offer some tools and strategies for embracing this state of transition and uncertainty. Let’s dive in and discover how we can thrive in the in-between.

Stuck between the Old and New (Liminal Space)

Stuck between the Old and New (Liminal Space)

This video is going to be another personal one just like the video i made towards the beginning of the year where i explained what was going on in my life but i just feel like i’m learning a lot through this tough patch i’m going through and it Just seems a shame not to pass it on to you i know ostensibly this channel is a photography channel but as i say in my channel trailer i want to make videos that are as much about life as the discipline of photography because i think if we learn to see life better We’ll also be able to tell better more compelling visual stories with our cameras so if you’re going through something tough at the moment i hope what i have to share with you will help you think about it better and maybe to get through it a bit smoother but if You came here for photography tips i completely understand feel free to tune out and i’ll catch you in the next one so as i said in that video earlier in the year a lot has changed in my life in a very short span of time and some of that change was planned And some wasn’t on the plan side i always knew i was moving up to yorkshire this year which i was really excited about but on the unplanned side my wife left back in january very suddenly so i suddenly found myself having to make that move on my own so Since january i spent a lot of time grieving the loss of that long-term partnership and for most of it i was stuck in my london flat which was filled with the ghosts of our past relationships and i was trying to get myself to the point where i was feeling hopeful about starting again But on a very real level i felt like i was holding my breath waiting for those changes to come so i could exhale and start again at the beginning of april that moving date had finally arrived and i’d packed all my stuff into boxes i loaded all those boxes into this van My whole life in there and i’d hired a car which i threw my cameras into and some of my lights and my computers to keep them safe and i started driving that car i went round the m25 ring road for those of you know london and i just hit the m1 Thinking to myself this is going to be a fresh start i’m going to start a new home and hopefully start a new life moving forwards and i almost allow myself to exhale like finally i’ve made it it’s been tough it’s still going to be up but at least i can start again But the phone rang and on the other end of the phone was the man who’s organizing the house that i’m going to be moving into and he said to me i’m afraid there have been even more delays and you won’t be able to move to your new home until the end of may And in the meantime you’re going to have to find some other accommodation sitting in that car surrounded by stuff knowing that there was a van following me with all my stuff in boxes it was just so disheartening to hear that the goal posts have been moved yet again it was like I was coming up for breath being underwater and there was only a little distance between me and the surface and i felt like okay i’ve got enough breath to make it there only for someone to take that surface and move it a lot further and to suddenly realize like oh my gosh I’ve got this tiny bit of oxygen left and a lot further to go before i can start again than i thought my immediate response to that phone call was anger and anger is always just a sign of fear and i think i was afraid that i’ve been holding it Together this much and i didn’t have enough just to keep going in the tank but i also knew that i had no control over this situation i couldn’t make it any different and i was going to have to recalibrate my thinking and look at this situation differently To make it through then there’s this book which i’ve been writing for you all through lockdown which hopefully by now lots of you have seen the trailer for and i couldn’t be more proud of it and i can’t wait for you all to read it i will make a video soon giving you Loads more info on it and i’ll even give you a little taste i’ll read some of it for you but in the meantime if you want to go check it out i’ll leave a link down below where you can go and click read up the information watch the Trailer and make your pre-order if you think you’re interested i finished writing that book back in january and handed it over to the publishers and since then we’ve been going through things like copy editing and proof reading and layouts and designs and it’s been sent off to the printer so I haven’t really had my hands on this book for a little while now and i was excited for it to come out and as i was getting into this airbnb where i’m staying at the moment i was stacking the boxes against the wall of all my stuff knowing that i Wasn’t going to open them for a few months and i’d be living out of suitcases thinking that at least that was something to look forward to is that book coming out but the phone rang again initially the book was meant to be released in early july but it was the publisher on the Phone telling me that listen i’m afraid because of supply chain issues and delays because of covert which everyone is experiencing at the moment that’s not anybody’s fault the book now has to be pushed back to early august and that phone call was yet another blow yet another delay To my life that i had no control over so i was stuck in between homes i’d left my london flat which i knew well but i couldn’t yet move into my new home i was stuck between friendships i left behind lots of friendships in london I moved to a part of the world where i’ve yet to make decent friendships because i’ve only just arrived i’m being stuck in between having spent all this time over the last year writing you this book but being a way of actually getting it into your hands so That you can read it and respond i’m even stuck in between photography projects because i’ve left behind the streets of london which i know relatively well and move to a part of the world where i don’t really know what i’m doing and i have to start from scratch And even though i have some really exciting photography projects i can’t wait to get going on i can’t do that until i moved and settled because everything sits in boxes so in so many ways my life right now is in liminal space liminal space might be a new concept to Some of you but it just describes a transitional space where we’re in between things like when you stand under a door lintel in a house you’re neither in the lounge nor in the kitchen you’re leaving one thing but you haven’t yet arrived in the next I would imagine that there are a lot of you out there stuck in liminal space especially after this last year that we’ve had i know so many people for example who’ve lost jobs which means that you’ve lost something you’ve lost the old thing but you haven’t yet found the new job The thing that’s going to sustain you off in…


What is liminal space?

Liminal space is the transitional period between the old and the new, where individuals may feel stuck or in a state of uncertainty.

How can I navigate through liminal space?

It is important to acknowledge and accept that liminal space is a natural part of life. Reflect on your values, set goals, seek support from others, and be open to new opportunities for growth.

How can I cope with the discomfort of liminal space?

Practice self-care, engage in activities that bring you joy, and cultivate mindfulness to stay grounded during this period of uncertainty.

Is it normal to feel lost in liminal space?

Yes, feeling lost or confused is a common experience in liminal space. It is a time of transition and growth, so it is normal to feel uncertain about the future.

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