Struggles of Creators New to YouTube

Question: Are you a new creator struggling to grow your YouTube channel?

Solution: In this blog, we’ll discuss the common struggles that new creators face on YouTube and provide some tips and advice on how to overcome them and kickstart your channel’s growth.

Are you a new creator trying to make a name for yourself on YouTube? The platform can be a tough nut to crack, and many creators face a variety of struggles as they try to grow their channels and reach a wider audience. Whether it’s dealing with the ever-changing algorithm, finding your niche, or simply getting noticed in a sea of content, the challenges can seem endless. But fear not, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most common struggles that new creators face on YouTube and provide some practical tips and advice on how to overcome them. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive in!

Struggles of Creators New to YouTube

Struggles of Creators New to YouTube

Breaking out on YouTube is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination and if you’re a photographer just like me you might be feeling a bit lost in the sea of competition the battle against oversaturation the pressure to feel like you have to create Gear reviews or certain type Of videos just in order to get some views the struggle to Define your unique Niche within your Niche and how do you even you know make money doing this and not to mention the fact that you might also be thinking to yourself after months of creating with little to no res is this Even worth it believe me my friend when I say it I know that feeling all too well I’ve been there however the thing is there might still be a chance and in this video we’re diving deep into these Challenges faced by photography lovers wanting to break out on YouTube I’ll also be sharing with you some practical strategies that I’ve learned around my journey that will help you rise above the crowd staytrue to your passion and most importantly build a thriving channel so my friend make sure To stick around to the end because we’re about to unlock some secrets to YouTube success no matter how saturated your field might seem all right so first thing first why should you even listen to me well over the last 5 years I’ve built a successful personal brand and a thriving business Within the photography Niche with over I think like 1.3 million followers across all the like major social medias now I don’t claim to know it all and I definitely can’t tell you exactly what you should do however what I can do is to share with you the steps that I’ve taken on my Journey and hopefully it can shed some light on all of this and maybe you get some inspiration for you to do the same all right so before we dive into like the specific struggles as photographers Face then let’s first dive a little bit into like uh just YouTube struggles in general that all of us will feel you know no matter what niche you are in.

Struggle 1: Patience, Time, and Consistency

7 years ago I decided that I want to create A YouTube channel, however like thinking back I clearly had no idea what I was doing like not in the slightest. Coming from a background of powerlifting and strength training, I really understand the importance of repetition and the fact that building strength takes time Patience and you need to show up every single week no matter if you feel like it or not you know what they say in Iceland nobody gets strong on doing this only once you know now applying This to YouTube I decided to post Weekly right off the bat and stick to it for as long as I had to you know and I can’t stress and of how important this is because if we break it down just simply The difference between people who succeed and people who don’t succeed is basically that like the successful people are okay with doing like mundane boring things over and over again and you know I think you it’s good to be like mentally prepared for not getting any views for a serious Amount of time at least in my case I didn’t really get any views for years like very few views just my mom and me probably on my all my different fake account it’s tough I know I’ve been there But for me I personally just enjoy creating so much and talking about photography and you know taking photos brings me so much joy that I would honestly do this regardless you know maybe I Wouldn’t be able to put this much time into it but I would still be here uploading even if it’s just still me and my mom and my fake accounts that are watching and I think this sums up good the first Struggle and lesson is that patience time and consistency is the key remember that continuous effort it always pays off you know.

Struggle 2: Comfortability and Failure

The second struggle is a bit similar but still a little bit Different and I’m sure that a lot of you guys can relate to it and for me to fully explain this then I think it’s good that we go a little bit back and uh take a look at my journey what I’ve been Through creating all this and the thing is that for me creating videos on a consistent basis it wasn’t really easy at all I had zero idea what I was doing I didn’t know how to light videos Like I’m have right here, I was had no Studio or anything, I was filming in my Grandma’s Kitchen a lot or wherever I could you know I just rigged up anything with no idea about lighting or whatnot I had really limited knowledge on editing I had also limited time cuz I had to like make ends meets we talk a little bit about that later and then my videos basically just sucked and this is a big Thing that speaking to a camera when you’re not used to it this what we are doing right now this is strange like this is really weird uh speaking to a camera like I’m talking to you I am talking To you right now you can feel it but when you start doing this it feels really uncomfortable and especially at least I don’t know about you but for me I’m not native English speaking and that was extra uncomfortable for me and I remember just countless of times where I’m telling my girlfriend To not be in the same room we live in a tiny apartment and I’m like go to the toilet or go you can’t be here I’m going to film a video and I just felt it was so uncomfortable you know and this is 100% a struggle that all of us that are starting YouTube will face and the best thing at least what I did was just to film a whole lot I’ve filmed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos and I I feel pretty comfortable right now and I think like the key for me is that I’m okay with sucking I I don’t mind failures I actually relish failures cuz from failures and mistakes I can learn and I Personally just try to make my videos just a little bit better every time and I know that I’m going to look at this video in the future and be like boy that’s so I can’t watch that so bad But I do that to all of my videos I just cringe from my old videos cuz I was so bad at it and now the light there uh that supposed to look like those light it it turned down one second now I’ve Wrote down in my notes some really inspirational words that like I was looking at some some I want to say something epic to you guys and as you work towards achieving any of your goals know that failure is inevitable as a matter of fact it should be desired because in those moments Of failures you’ll have the choice to either continue on your current path give up or change course like all together and it’s those decisions time and time again that will build a character and will separate the winners from losers that’s a pretty tough one he will separate the winners From losers so yeah big struggle for all of us that are starting out the YouTube journey is that we Su and we should be okay with suing just don’t overthink it just push out the best content that You possibly can at the time at least that’s what I’ve been doing and then get better with every video boom that’s it’s a tip that has worked for me now for us.

FAQ: Struggles of Creators New to YouTube

1. What are some common struggles that new creators face when starting on YouTube?

New creators often struggle with finding their niche, building an audience, and understanding the platform’s algorithms and best practices for video content.

2. How can new creators overcome the struggle of finding their niche on YouTube?

New creators can overcome this struggle by experimenting with various types of content, analyzing audience engagement, and seeking feedback from their viewers to identify their unique strengths and interests.

3. What are some challenges in building an audience as a new YouTuber?

New YouTubers may face challenges in attracting viewers due to competition, lack of visibility, and the need to consistently produce high-quality, engaging content to retain viewers and attract new ones.

4. How can new creators navigate the complex algorithms and best practices on YouTube?

To navigate these challenges, new creators should stay updated on platform updates and trends, engage with the YouTube community, and use analytics to understand what works best for their specific audience.

5. What support and resources are available for new creators on YouTube?

YouTube offers a Creator Academy with tutorials, tips, and resources for new creators, as well as a supportive community of fellow YouTubers who can provide advice and guidance.

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