Streets of New York 2022 Workshops Are “GO!”

Are you a budding filmmaker, actor, or screenwriter craving an opportunity to immerse yourself in the bustling world of New York’s streets? If so, we have great news for you: the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops are officially a “GO!” This highly immersive and hands-on experience offers aspiring artists a chance to hone their skills and gain invaluable knowledge from industry professionals. Whether you’re keen on capturing the essence of the city through your lens, perfecting your craft through acting techniques, or penning compelling scripts that mirror the urban life, these workshops provide an unparalleled platform. Join us as we explore the exciting and enriching opportunities that await you in the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops.

Streets of New York 2022 Workshops Are “GO!”

Get ready for an exciting opportunity to explore the vibrant streets of New York City in the upcoming year! The Streets of New York 2022 workshops, organized by Three Blind Men and an Elephant, are now up and running. Led by the talented Hugh Brownstone and Claudia, these workshops offer you a chance to experience the true essence of the Big Apple through the lens of a photographer.


Spaces for these popular workshops fill up quickly, so it is highly recommended to make your reservations as soon as possible. The demand is high, and the available spots are limited, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

To reserve your spot, simply visit our official website at and check out the detailed workshop schedule for January 2022. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

Exploring Coney Island and Beyond

One of the first workshop locations is the iconic Coney Island, located in Brooklyn. Coney Island represents the captivating essence of the city with its thrilling rides, bustling boardwalk, and unique charm. Hugh Brownstone and Claudia will guide you through this colorful neighborhood, showing you hidden gems and enticing scenery, perfect for capturing truly remarkable shots.

Manhattan Island serves as a breathtaking backdrop to Coney Island, displaying the juxtaposition between the bustling urban life and the serene beachfront. Immersed in the heart of the city, the workshops will provide you with the opportunity to witness and capture the iconic cityscape that New York is famous for.

Why Attend Streets of New York Workshops?

Attending the Streets of New York workshops offers countless benefits for both aspiring and experienced photographers. Here are a few reasons why you should join:

  1. Learn from Professionals: Led by renowned photographers Hugh Brownstone and Claudia, these workshops offer invaluable insights and techniques to improve your photography skills.
  2. Discover Hidden Gems: As you explore the streets of New York, you will discover picturesque locations and unique perspectives that are often overlooked by tourists.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow photography enthusiasts and expand your professional network as you share experiences and insights during the workshops.
  4. Capture Unforgettable Moments: With the guidance of experienced mentors, you will have the chance to capture breathtaking images that will become lifelong memories.
  5. Enhance Your Creativity: Immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of New York City will ignite your creativity and inspire you to experiment with new photography techniques.

So, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to explore the Streets of New York in 2022. Reserve your spot today and get ready for an unforgettable photography adventure in the heart of the city that never sleeps!

Streets of New York 2022 Workshops – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Streets of New York 2022 Workshops

Q: Are the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops happening?

A: Yes, the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops are “GO!” and will be taking place as scheduled.

Q: When and where will the workshops be held?

A: The Streets of New York 2022 Workshops will be held from [insert date] to [insert date] in various locations throughout New York City. Specific workshop venues will be announced closer to the event.

Q: How can I register for the workshops?

A: To register for the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops, please visit our website at [insert website link] and fill out the registration form. Make sure to provide all the required information accurately.

Q: Is there a registration fee for the workshops?

A: Yes, there is a registration fee for attending the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops. The exact fee amount can be found on our website and will vary based on the number of workshops you wish to attend.

Q: Can I choose which workshops to attend?

A: Yes, you can choose which workshops to attend based on your interests and availability. The workshop schedule will be provided on our website, allowing you to plan your participation accordingly.

Q: Are these workshops suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! The Streets of New York 2022 Workshops cater to participants of all skill levels, including beginners. Our experienced instructors will provide guidance and support to ensure a valuable learning experience for everyone.

Q: What do I need to bring to the workshops?

A: We recommend bringing your camera or any other photography equipment you plan to use during the workshops. Additionally, please carry any personal items, such as water, snacks, and comfortable clothing, to ensure a pleasant and productive workshop experience.

Q: Will there be opportunities for hands-on photography during the workshops?

A: Yes, the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops are designed to provide hands-on photography opportunities. You will have the chance to explore and capture iconic street scenes in New York City, guided by our instructors.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend after registering?

A: Refund policies will be specified during the registration process. Please review the terms and conditions carefully before registering. Contact our support team at [insert contact information] for any refund-related queries.

Q: How can I contact the workshop organizers for further assistance?

A: For any further assistance or queries regarding the Streets of New York 2022 Workshops, please reach out to our support team via email at [insert email address] or call us at [insert phone number]. We are here to help!

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