Street Photography and your Mental Health (feat. Pete Wands)

Street photography is an intriguing art form that captures the essence of everyday life in urban environments. While it may seem like a simple hobby, it has the potential to transform your mental health and well-being. One photographer who knows the power of street photography is Pete Wands. He has been capturing life on the streets for years, and his work has been recognized for its depth and insight. In this blog, we’ll explore how street photography can help improve your mental health, and we’ll hear from Pete about his experience with this fascinating discipline.

Street photography has become an increasingly popular genre over the years, with photographers exploring their cities and capturing the moments and stories that unfold on the streets. Pete Wands is one such photographer, who has been capturing the city of Edinburgh for the past six years.

What makes Pete’s work stand out is his dedication to capturing the essence of his city, going out daily and weekly to create a cohesive body of work showcasing what it’s like to live in Edinburgh today. But his photography serves another purpose, one that is just as important – protecting his mental health.

As someone who works full-time as a doctor and has a young family to take care of, Pete finds that photography serves as a creative outlet that allows him to decompress from life’s stresses. He describes it as a kind of meditation, something that can calm the mind and help release the pressure when life starts to get too hectic.

Many other photographers share this sentiment, describing photography as a form of mental decompression that helps them stay grounded and focused. But what’s unique about Pete’s story is how photography has become intertwined with his daily life, going out to shoot at night when his family is asleep, exploring the city and capturing the moments that many others might miss.

For Pete, the city of Edinburgh holds a special place in his heart. He describes it as a compact city filled with winding Old Town architecture, green space, and great views. Despite the Scottish weather – which he jokes can make it difficult to leave the couch – his love of photography keeps him going, even in the rain and cold.

What he finds most inspiring is the different mood and character that the city takes on at night, with the rain and fog adding to the atmosphere. It’s almost like walking through a movie set, he says, and he finds himself creating some of his most interesting photos in these conditions, capturing the light that many others might not see.

But Pete’s photography isn’t just about capturing stunning visuals or interesting compositions. What sets his work apart is his ability to capture the human element of the city, the moments and stories that unfold on the streets. One of his favorite photos, “Girl in the Window,” was taken after a long day of walking and disappointment, but he noticed a girl wiping condensation off a café window and captured a fleeting moment of connection between them.

What’s most striking about Pete’s story is how photography has become an essential part of his life, helping to balance out the demands of work and family and giving him a sense of purpose and fulfillment. His work serves as a testament to the power of photography to not only capture the world around us but also to protect our mental health and well-being.

If you’re looking for a creative outlet or a way to decompress, consider taking up street photography and exploring your own city. You never know what moments and stories you might discover, and it might just lead to a healthier and more balanced life.

FAQ about Street Photography and Your Mental Health (feat. Pete Wands)

What is street photography?

Street photography is a form of photography that involves capturing everyday life and people in public spaces, often in urban environments. It’s about capturing candid moments and telling a story through the images.

How can street photography benefit your mental health?

Street photography can be a therapeutic activity that helps improve your mental health. It allows you to focus on the present moment, be in the moment and forget about your daily worries. It can also boost your creativity, reduce stress and anxiety and increase your self-esteem.

What are some tips for starting street photography?

Start by observing your surroundings and looking for interesting scenes or people that catch your eye. Find a comfortable and discreet location, and always be respectful of people’s privacy. Use your camera or smartphone to capture the moment. Practice patience and persistence, and learn how to compose your shots.

What equipment do I need for street photography?

You don’t need expensive equipment to start street photography. The most important thing is to have a camera or smartphone that you feel comfortable using. If you’re using a camera, a basic DSLR or mirrorless camera with a wide-angle lens can be a good option. If you’re using a smartphone, look for one with a good camera and manual controls.

How can street photography build connections with others?

Street photography can be a great way to connect with other people. It can help break down barriers and allow you to interact with strangers in a meaningful way. You can use street photography to learn about different cultures and perspectives, and to bring people together.

Who is Pete Wands?

Pete Wands is a street photographer and mental health advocate who uses his photography to raise awareness about mental health. He believes that street photography can be a powerful tool to reduce stigma and help people express their emotions.

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