Street Photography and Video in Rome: Travelling Light

How can you capture the beauty and essence of Rome while on the go? The answer lies in the art of street photography and video. When traveling, it can be a challenge to pack all your equipment and still move around freely. However, with the right approach and gear, you can capture stunning images and videos of the Eternal City without being weighed down. In this blog, we will explore the world of street photography and video in Rome, and provide tips on how to travel light while still capturing the magic of this historic city. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a beginner, there’s something for everyone in this guide to capturing Rome on the go.

Best street photography in Rome

When it comes to street photography in Rome, there are several iconic and photogenic locations that are popular among photographers. Some of the best spots for capturing the essence of Rome through street photography include:

  • Piazza Venezia
  • Piazza Navona
  • Market at Campo de Fiori
  • Piazza San Pietro / Via della Conciliazione
  • Via dei Fori Imperiali
  • Colosseum
  • Spanish Steps
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • The Jewish Ghetto
  • Trastevere

Rome’s unique blend of ancient history, stunning architecture, and vibrant street life provides a rich tapestry for street photographers to explore and capture.

The city’s cobblestone streets, neoclassical buildings, and stylish locals offer a diverse range of subjects for compelling street photography. Additionally, the city’s rich history and cultural heritage provide a unique and picturesque backdrop for street photography enthusiasts.

Several photographers and guides have shared their experiences and insights into capturing the essence of Rome through street photography, highlighting the city’s unique atmosphere and visual appeal.

Whether it’s the timeless charm of the ancient ruins, the bustling energy of the city’s squares, or the stylish flair of its residents, Rome offers a wealth of opportunities for captivating street photography.So, when exploring Rome for street photography, consider visiting these iconic locations to capture the city’s distinctive character and timeless beauty.

Travelling Light

Right now I’m on a job in Rome and if you’re like me, you’ve always got the issue of what to pack. I’m one of those guys who will sit with bags of stuff, sift through all my camera gear, and want to take it all. I’ll think, “Oh, but I might need that lens, I might need that camera body, I might need that flash, I might need that video light.” It’s very hard to consolidate it down, and by the time I get on a plane, I’m carrying three bags and have paid a lot of money to get extra bags on the plane. I’m crying because I’ve got to carry all this heavy gear around with me.

Challenging Myself

Recently, I decided to challenge myself: how little can I get away with? What’s the least amount of gear I can travel with and still get good results? This is just my travel setup for photography and video; just this little bit if I have to go somewhere and can’t take very much with me. This I found is a pretty good compromise, and I can do most things with it pretty well without it breaking my back.

The Gear

I use a little Lowepro bag, the Tahoe BP 150, and in this little bag, I can pretty much shoot most things in natural light photography and video. I take one camera and one lens with me. It’s the Canon ATD paired with the Sigma 18-35mm F 1.8. This combination allows me to have a versatile range and a wide aperture, making it great for run-and-gun photography and video.

The Canon ATD may not be the best camera in the world, but it’s set up very well for video, particularly because of its incredible autofocus. This makes it a great all-rounder for both photography and video, reducing setup times on shots.

Additional Equipment

In addition to the camera and lens, I carry a Tiffin variable ND filter, which is great for cutting out some of the light to be able to achieve a shallow depth of field for both stills and video. For audio, I use the Rode Videomic Pro, as well as a Zoom H1 for professional audio recording.

For interviews and capturing ambient sounds, I use a Rode Smartlav+ and a tabletop tripod from Manfrotto with a cold shoe mount for additional versatility.

With this setup, I have everything I need for video, stills, and audio within a small and manageable bag. It allows me to capture high-quality content while staying mobile and not being weighed down by excessive gear.


Frequently Asked Questions about Street Photography and Video in Rome: Travelling Light

What is street photography?

Street photography is a type of photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, and buildings. It often conveys a sense of spontaneity and captures everyday life.

What equipment do I need for street photography in Rome?

To travel light and capture the essence of the city, it’s recommended to use a compact and versatile camera such as a mirrorless or DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens. A tripod and external flash can also be useful for capturing nighttime scenes.

Is it allowed to take photos of people on the streets in Rome?

In general, it is permitted to take photos of people in public places in Rome. However, it’s important to be mindful and respectful of people’s privacy and ask for permission if shooting close-up portraits.

How can I capture compelling video footage of Rome’s street life?

To capture engaging video content of Rome’s street life, consider using a stabilizer for smooth and steady shots, investing in a good quality microphone for clear audio, and experimenting with different angles and perspectives to convey the bustling atmosphere of the city.

Where are the best locations for street photography in Rome?

Rome offers endless picturesque spots for street photography, including iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, charming streets in Trastevere, and vibrant outdoor markets such as Campo de’ Fiori. The city’s cobblestone alleys and lively piazzas also provide excellent opportunities for capturing authentic moments.

What are some tips for travelling light while capturing street photography in Rome?

To travel light, consider only bringing essential camera gear, dressing comfortably for long walks, and utilizing natural light to minimize the need for additional lighting equipment. Additionally, consider using a compact camera bag to carry your equipment discreetly and comfortably while exploring the city.

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