#STAYHOME Photography Challenge | Indoor Portrait Ideas

Are you stuck at home during these challenging times and looking for a creative outlet? Well, we have the perfect solution for you – the #STAYHOME Photography Challenge! With social distancing measures in place, outdoor shoots might not be feasible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture stunning portraits within the confines of your own home. In this blog, we will share some exciting indoor portrait ideas that will help you unleash your creativity and produce captivating photographs. From experimenting with natural light to exploring different props and backdrops, this challenge will enable you to create striking images while staying safe indoors. So, grab your camera and let’s dive into the world of indoor portraits!

#STAYHOME Photography Challenge | Indoor Portrait Ideas

What’s up guys, it’s Mitch here today and he is doing a shoot with Maddie for the at home challenge. They are exploring their apartment to find as many photo opportunities and locations as possible. Mitch will be using the EOS R camera and the tamarind 35-millimeter 1.4 lens.

Creating a Backdrop

One of the ideas Mitch has is to use the fans of light coming through the apartment. He plans to set up some light stands and create a backdrop using a plain white sheet. This will provide a unique and creative setting for their photos.

Experimental Approach

Mitch emphasizes that many of the photos taken during this shoot are experimental. He encourages others to try out different ideas and be open to the outcome, even if the photos don’t turn out perfect. Being willing to try new things can greatly enhance creativity.

If you are interested and have any thoughts on the photos, Mitch would love to hear your feedback.

Playing with Light

While exploring the apartment, Mitch notices an interesting light coming through from the balcony onto a white wall. This creates thin strips of light, providing an opportunity for a captivating shot. Maddie joins in and uses a magazine as a prop to add a chill and homely vibe to the photo.

The desired mood of a tranquil morning on the balcony is achieved by capturing direct sunlight. The use of natural lighting adds a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Different Lighting Techniques

To combat harsh lighting conditions, Mitch uses a reflector to soften the light and make it more flattering. While he admits to making a few mistakes during the shoot, the reflector helps create a softer and more even lighting effect on Maddie.

They also experiment with various setups in the apartment, moving furniture to create interesting compositions. Shooting close to a window or light source maximizes the amount of light in the scene. Creating a contrast between well-lit areas and darker backgrounds adds depth to the photos.

Shout-out to the Team

Mitch gives a big shout-out to Carla, who films all the behind-the-scenes footage for the video. Carla’s Instagram handle is linked in the video description below for those interested in following his work.

And that concludes the photo shoot! Mitch thanks everyone for watching and encourages viewers to like the video and subscribe for more content like this. Until next time!

#STAYHOME Photography Challenge | Indoor Portrait Ideas – FAQ

Q1: How do I participate in the #STAYHOME Photography Challenge?

A1: To participate, simply capture indoor portrait photographs following the given theme, and share them on your social media platforms using the hashtag #STAYHOMEPhotographyChallenge.

Q2: Can anyone participate in the challenge?

A2: Absolutely! This challenge is open to photographers of all levels, regardless of experience. We encourage anyone interested in photography to join in.

Q3: Are there any specific guidelines or rules for the challenge?

A3: Yes, there are a few guidelines. The photographs must be indoor portraits and should relate to the theme. Also, please ensure to use the specified hashtag when sharing your photos on social media.

Q4: Can I use any camera for the challenge, or does it have to be a particular type?

A4: You can use any camera you have access to. It can be a DSLR, mirrorless camera, smartphone camera, or even a film camera. The idea is to have fun and be creative!

Q5: How long does the challenge last?

A5: The challenge will run for two weeks, starting from the date of announcement. Be sure to submit your entries by the specified deadline.

Q6: Will there be any rewards or prizes for participating in the challenge?

A6: Unfortunately, as of now, there are no prizes involved. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent, gain exposure, and engage with a wider community of photographers.

Q7: Can I submit multiple entries for the challenge?

A7: Yes, you can submit as many entries as you like. Feel free to share your diverse indoor portrait ideas and experiment with different compositions.

Q8: How can I share my entries once I’ve captured and edited them?

A8: You can share your photographs on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media channel. Just remember to include the hashtag #STAYHOMEPhotographyChallenge in your post.

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Best of luck! and follow your passion.

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