Special Christmas Live Chat with all readers from Sony-43-LR rumors website!

Are you ready to spread some holiday cheer and connect with fellow Sony-43-LR rumors website readers this Christmas season? Look no further because we have an exciting solution for you – a special Christmas live chat event! This is your chance to interact with other tech enthusiasts, share your thoughts on the latest Sony-43-LR rumors, and maybe even make some new friends along the way. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up by the fireplace, and join us for an unforgettable chat experience filled with festive fun and lively discussions. Let’s make this Christmas one to remember together!

Special Christmas Live Chat with all readers from Sony-43-LR rumors website

Let’s see I guess I’m live now you hear me folks just give me some kind of uh thumbs up in the comment system if you can hear me I want to be sure that I’m not uh speaking without you hearing me some feedback folks let’s see there are 23 people online right Now and I’m waiting for one of the 22 to tell me if the audio is okay hi hi you hear me ah audio is good okay just wanted to be sure okay fine fine uh first of all excuse me for the low quality of the connection uh In the place where I live there is uh a bad internet cable connection which means I cannot stream in 4k I can stream only in HD but uh yeah I think that’s no problem and um so I will first make a quick introduction of three four minutes And then you can ask me really anything you want I will try to answer uh your question as best as I can um the first thing I want to say is that um this year uh year at least from rumors point of R rumors rum and so I’m getting a ton of Information about all manufacturers and probably the one thing that hasn’t really be told about this year is that this is a year very huge difficulty for companies with uh sales going collapsing dramatically um there you don’t see that on the stats of the sea for example because the Shipments uh still nearly on par to last year but this is because last year we had a huge production shortage so many pre-orders did go out this year and the ship out this year so uh this is something that this year made me think a Lot how the industry is going so I’m a bit bit worried about our Direction and not worried never uh there will be always digital camera so I’m not uh thinking in intrams but it’s going to be tough for companies to compete in that very small market and um many companies like Sony Panasonic and Canon they also trying to tapb into the vlogger market in the C Market but there there is more and more competition coming from Chinese manufacturers that think out of the box like the DGI osmo Tre it’s a perfect vlogger tool and um so even I Can predict that next year we see a lot of vlogger and CA focused cameras from Sony Nikon Canon Panasonic and so forth but it will be difficult for them to um to really succeed and make a lot of sales if they don’t start to think my opinion at least in a different Way so that’s what I saw as a guy working a rumor business talking with stores talking with managers um seeing how sales are going uh that there is quite a bit of a change in action right now and probably only in one or two years this will be Very public that is something that I wanted to tell you today uh for the rest regarding ceras we got as usual many cameras and many lenses this year and I’m happy that panas Sonic announced also a g92 for the micro thir system um but otherwise from om digital we didn’t Really get a lot and so I hope that next year there will be a bit more stuff like the gh7 or maybe the om1 X and also hopefully some lenses regarding Sony I already told you my previous videos that um this might be the year of the E7 S4 The a12 and um of course vlogger cameras and a lot of scena gear that I have been told and um while I also thinking that Lumix with the S series with the fullframe series is doing really well at least I like their cameras a lot I just wonder if they’re not too Late in the business it will be hard for them to to gain some market share in a market that is getting smaller and smaller every year um so that was just my quick introduction and uh now I will read you comments and try to answer your Questions um I will stay here online for 30 40 minutes as long as there are some interesting questions and um yeah let’s see if I can help you in some way when is Sony going to drop the Sony rx10v um I got nothing about this um the Rx10v is a compact camera with a zoom lens if I remember well it’s so uh the it’s actually latest model was announced probably seven years ago so I don’t think Sony will uh make a placement for this model um I’m I didn’t really even hear anything about it in the past three Years so the only thing I heard is about a new RX possible RX fullframe fixed lens camera I would love to know some of the rumor specs of the S1 R2 from Panasonic uh I would love to hear them too um I actually have um a source that knows a Bit about this camera but he still didn’t spill out any beans he gave me the info about the January 8th announcement from Panasonic about the 100 mm 2.8 micro lens so I hope he will share me some details as soon as he can um so stay tuned for that but I have a Good line of sources let’s say with uh about the Panasonic gear that is coming in 2024 audio is chopping and cutting off uh sorry uh that’s a bad connection here in the mountains I’m sorry for that that’s why I never nearly never make lives because I know it goes uh very bad so That’s why I usually record my videos and then put them online but uh I should get fiber Connection in 2024 in this spot so once I have fiber connection I can have a more serious live stream you know also with guest whatever do something more elaborate but as of now this is Impossible okay I’m trying you you’re telling me the audio is very bad but yeah that’s uh how it is I will try to answer more questions when will the 85 million to 1. do GM lens be announced I will have something about that from trusted sources very soon So I did post a couple of rumors in the past year but now I got something solid and I will share it probably in early January so uh expect this video to be coming soon if if I expect Sony to update some of their early primes like the 51.8 I Didn’t hear hear anything about this I did hear that they want to update some of their G zoom lenses uh I guess prime lenses will be updated from 2024 sorry 2025 2026 that’s my feeling right now so but I didn’t get anything about possible new G lenses G prime lenses When can we have information about the next Lumix es camer I will probably have first information about the Leica sl3 that is coming before the Lumix at least that’s what’s likely to happen and so expect me before so first I will share some Leica info and then after that some Lumix info The g00d from Lumix has been announced first in Japan and actually today also in Europe is probably the low-end model that has been registered back one two months ago in China so there is one more high-end Lumix model that has been registered I don’t know if this is going To be the gh7 for example or the S1 R2 that’s something I still have to figure out any rumors on other compact models from uh beside the Sony RX1 uh no um I didn’t hear anything about Canon or Nikon doing such a camera uh also not from o digital or Panasonic Maybe from Panasonic I got some weird rumor from unknown…

Special Christmas Live Chat with Sony-43-LR Rumors Website Readers

Welcome to our special Christmas live chat event! Here are some FAQs to help you navigate and make the most out of the experience:

1. When is the live chat taking place?

The live chat will be happening on December 25th, Christmas Day, from 3-5 PM EST.

2. How can I participate in the live chat?

To join the live chat, simply visit our website at the designated time and look for the chat box at the bottom of the page.

3. What can I expect from the live chat?

This is a special opportunity for you to interact with other Sony-43-LR rumors website readers in real-time. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and connect with fellow enthusiasts!

4. Will there be any special announcements during the live chat?

We can’t give away any spoilers just yet, but we do have some exciting news and updates to share with you all during the live chat!

5. How long will the live chat last?

The live chat is scheduled to run for 2 hours, but depending on the engagement and participation levels, we may extend it for an extra hour.

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