SONY USER tries the FUJI XT3 for the first time!

Are you a SONY user looking to try out a new camera system? Look no further than the FUJI XT3! As a long-time SONY user myself, I recently had the opportunity to test out the FUJI XT3 for the first time, and I was blown away by its features and performance. In this blog, I will share my experience with the FUJI XT3 as a SONY user, and provide insights into how it compares to my beloved SONY gear. Whether you’re a SONY user or just looking to explore new camera options, this blog will give you valuable insights into the FUJI XT3 and its capabilities.

SONY USER tries the FUJI XT3 for the first time!

SONY USER tries the FUJI XT3 for the first time!


I want to send a quick thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video using a Fuji cameras almost like driving a stick shift car and using a Sony is almost like driving an automatic I think that’s a good comparison I’ll explain to you later on the video 1 what I mean by That but my name is Manny Ortiz I’ve been shooting Sony for four years two of those years I bet I was an ambassador for Sony but I recently left the program so I could diversify my youtube channel and not everybody should Sony guys I wanna be able to create content that Caters to many different users and that’s pretty much the reason why I got a Fuji xt3 in my hand right now this camera is an absolute beast on the spec sheet but we all know specs often lie and I want to see if this camera is As good as its touted to be on a spec sheet this video is all about the experience using this camera from a Sony users perspective some of the pros and cons I’m gonna show you a little portrait shoot that I did with this camera and just excuse the quality I Shot on a GoPro 7 it was raining out what can I do hey why must he do this to me it was supposed to snow today supposed to snow I got a model coming she’s on her way we always kill it every photo should we do We kill it but I don’t know about today it’s conditions are not looking favorable I’m shooting with a Fuji xt3 the first time I’m shooting with this camera with a 56 1.2 with no lens hood damn I should have brought a lens hood damn I don’t have a microfiber cloth It’s gonna get wet yo it’s gonna get really wet out here so you know models be late sometimes and I was here like waiting 30 I was here waiting like 30 minutes I’m about to pee my pants I got a Sony hat and everything shooting the Fuji ain’t that something What do you have to say for yourself right there BAM I already see my first come first come get me adjust something really quick how do I check my histogram on here no no histogram it’s a full body one thing I noticed right away about the Fuji was its responsiveness now I Understand the 56 1.2 is it the fastest focusing lens but I found it to be pretty good pretty much all the same background right here alright did you see how I was walking with my eye in the viewfinder that’s actually one of the ways that I find compositions so when I See something that I like inside my camera that’s when I go ahead and place the model in that frame that’s quick tip Well I mean it’s a snowshoe we’re coming to forces or it’s a snow shoot about to be some flats so far I mean I really really like the camera I autofocus is really responsive I don’t think that it’s as responsive as the Sony in my opinion so far but it’s really accurate Really nice so far I don’t know if I like the aperture ring on the lens just like any other even Sonya I’m not I’m not a fan of the aperture ring on the lens cuz I’m always bumping it but it is what it is my idea is to see cuz we’re At it more elevated we’re more elevated she’s gonna be right here and I’m gonna shoot from a little bit lower angle it’s gonna be like you know kind of a surreal shot where she’s a little bit higher closer to the trees that you know closer To the top of the trees that’s the idea damn island is yeah you’re not supposed to do this Oh No okay lesson number one don’t try this at home are you gonna do as much of the water and possibly scratch by your lens but I was a little desperate also I Never looked into the weather ceiling of this camera but man that it was completely soaked and it held up pretty well so that was pretty impressive good love it hey good show came our commercial had a she busted out the because my lens was completely covered in water I got a Really easy image there on the left it took some processing but I think I got a decent result on the right doing here what I’m gonna do here is use those Brown leads to add a little color and kind of composure in the middle there there’s like a little gap so move a Little bit to your left right there yeah a little bit to your right right there take that one I’ll braid off the top of your right there yeah you’re good there you go Nice I’m here dying many fear in his hitchhiker boots no man you got supposed to record me he came ready today so that’s the comp I try to see ya I might shoot it good okay so how about for this one we could lose a Jackie for A couple shot just for a couple You know when I said that when using a Fuji camera it’s like driving a stick shift car what I meant by that was the process of creating a photo with this camera it’s a lot more engaging right and that’s very important because this camera makes you want to go out and take Pictures I can see why Fuji shooters love their camera so much I mean it’s a sexy little camera I love the ergonomics and it makes you want to go out and take pictures that’s so important think about it like having gear that makes you actually want to go out to use it and It’s fun that’s that that plays a pretty big part in you know in the gear that you choose and I can see why people love this camera so much now not everything’s all good though I’ll be honest let me give you guys some pros and cons of some Of the things that I noticed when shooting this camera in the real world now number one I love the eye out of focus IATA for I’m a big fan that’s why I shot she started shooting Sony and that’s why I stuck with Sony because the eye out of Focus is a portrait photographer it’s so important I don’t got to worry about anything he’s got to hold down up I got to hold down a button and there’s a little box over I mean it’s almost like a like a Grand Theft Auto cheat code so I was really happy to see that in this camera now when it comes to the aps-c sensor people will tout the colors and image quality coming out of this camera I’m used to the a sixty five hundred of Sony birth of Sony crop sensor version the colors are not great on that camera The color science is a lot better in the full-frame cameras and I can say 100% the color science in the Fuji is better than the ace 5500 the crop sensor variant on the Sony the colorscience is beautiful the images are beautiful this 56 1.2 if I own this camera if I ever Bought this camera this is the lens I’m buying I mean it it’s a magical combo and it’s nice and light I really like that a lot of people choose to Fuji for the manual dials up top and the ergonomics and I have a love and hate kind of relationship with these dials I Like using them like I said I feel more engaged in the process the thing is I can’t even imagine shooting a wedding and having to make quick adjustments with these dials it’s just something that I see I feel would be…

FAQ: SONY USER tries the FUJI XT3 for the first time!

1. Is the FUJI XT3 suitable for SONY users?

Yes, the FUJI XT3 is a great option for SONY users as it offers similar features and functionalities that SONY users are accustomed to.

2. How does the image quality of the FUJI XT3 compare to SONY cameras?

The image quality of the FUJI XT3 is comparable to SONY cameras, with excellent color reproduction and sharpness.

3. What are the main differences between SONY and FUJI cameras?

One of the main differences is the user interface and menu layout. SONY users may need some time to adjust to the FUJI system, but the overall shooting experience is quite similar.

4. Is the FUJI XT3 user-friendly for beginners?

Yes, the FUJI XT3 is relatively user-friendly for beginners, with intuitive controls and a helpful on-screen guide for setting up the camera.

5. Can SONY lenses be used on the FUJI XT3?

Although it is possible to use SONY lenses on the FUJI XT3 with an adapter, it is recommended to use native FUJI lenses for optimal performance.

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