Sony says they got the message about the “firmware rant” A1&A7sIII will get creators app support

Have you ever felt frustrated with your camera’s firmware limitations? Well, good news for Sony camera users! In response to the “firmware rant” from the photography and videography community, Sony has finally heard your pleas and is ready to address the issue. The tech giant has announced that their highly anticipated A1 and A7sIII cameras will come with enhanced support for creators’ apps. This move reflects Sony’s commitment to continually improving user experience and providing photographers and videographers with the tools they need to unleash their creativity. Let’s delve deeper into this exciting development and explore how it will revolutionize your shooting capabilities.

Sony says they got the message about the “firmware rant” A1&A7sIII will get creators app support

Sony’s Firmware Strategy Update

The head of imaging at Sony recently had a chat with Lensuite, where he revealed some important updates regarding Sony’s firmware strategy. He confirmed that Sony’s headquarters in Tokyo received a message that they need to change their approach to firmware roadmaps. Currently, Sony does not add new features to their expensive cameras, instead focusing on lower-end models. However, the company has acknowledged the need to make adjustments in response to this feedback.

Creative App Support for A1 and A7sIII

During the conversation, the head of imaging also announced that the Sony A1 and A7sIII cameras will receive creators app support by spring 2024. This means that these cameras will have enhanced compatibility with creative apps, offering more flexibility and options for creators. While details about when other camera models will receive app support were not shared, it was mentioned that Sony aims to enable app support for all their cameras within the next six months.

As mentioned in our previous report, a major firmware update for the A1 is expected between October and November. It is likely that this update will not only include the creators app support but also introduce new features to enhance the camera’s capabilities. Hopefully, similar updates will also be extended to the A7sIII.

New Lens Leaks

In other news, leaked images of the Wheel tracks 20mm 2.8 autofocus full-frame lens have surfaced. It is set to be announced on October 6 and is expected to come with an affordable price tag. The lens specifications are already known, making it an exciting option for photographers and videographers.

Sigma Lens Releases

On October 5, Sigma is set to launch two new lenses for Sony’s e-mount system. These include a 70-200mm 2.8 full-frame autofocus lens and a 10-18mm 2.8 APS-C e-mount lens. These additions to Sigma’s lens lineup offer enthusiasts and professionals more options to enhance their photography and videography experiences.

That’s all for today’s update. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sony says they got the message about the “firmware rant” A1&A7sIII will get creators app support

1. What is the “firmware rant” that Sony received a message about?

The “firmware rant” refers to complaints and feedback received by Sony regarding the firmware updates of their A1 and A7sIII cameras. Customers have expressed their concerns and requests for additional features and improvements in the camera’s firmware.

2. What is the creators app support mentioned by Sony?

Sony has acknowledged the requests from creators and announced that they will be providing creators app support for the A1 and A7sIII cameras. This means they will develop and release specific applications that cater to the needs of professional creators, enhancing the functionality and usability of the cameras.

3. How will the creators app support benefit photographers and videographers?

The creators app support will offer additional features, tools, and customization options targeted towards professional photographers and videographers. This will enable them to have more control over their creative process, enhance post-processing capabilities, and streamline their workflow.

4. When can we expect the creators app support to be available?

Sony has not yet provided a specific timeline for the release of the creators app support. However, they have expressed their commitment to addressing the customers’ feedback and implementing necessary updates through future firmware releases. Stay tuned for official announcements and firmware updates from Sony.

5. How can I provide feedback or suggestions to Sony regarding the A1 and A7sIII firmware?

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or specific requests for the A1 and A7sIII firmware updates, Sony encourages you to reach out to them through their official customer support channels. You can visit Sony’s website or contact their support team directly to ensure your message is received.

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