Sony Portrait Editing Workflow in Lightroom & Photoshop

Welcome to our blog where we will delve into the intricacies of Sony Portrait Editing Workflow in Lightroom & Photoshop. As photographers, we all strive to enhance our images to capture the true essence of our subjects, and Sony cameras empower us to do just that. In this blog, we will guide you through a step-by-step process, from importing your Sony portrait images to utilizing the powerful tools in Lightroom and Photoshop to achieve stunning results. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, this blog aims to provide you with valuable insights and techniques to elevate your Sony portrait editing skills to new heights. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your Sony camera and unleash your creativity!

Sony Portrait Editing Workflow in Lightroom & Photoshop

Sony Portrait Editing Workflow in Lightroom & Photoshop

Hey everyone! In today’s video, I’m going to share with you my Sony portrait editing workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ll be using the Sony A7 Mark 2 with a Metabones adapter and the Canon 50mm 1.2 lens. I’ll also be showcasing my new keyboard cam setup so you can see all the shortcuts I use while editing. Let’s get started!

Lightroom Editing

First, in Lightroom, I want to give this image a clean, simple, bright, and warm edit. The first thing I always do is sharpen the image to enhance the details. Next, I notice a dark vignette around the edges, so I use lens correction and enable profile corrections to remove it. I manually input the lens and brand information for this photo. Now, the image looks cleaner without the vignette.

Next, I work on the tones of the image using the tone curve. I add a little bit of contrast and style by tweaking the blacks and whites of the curve. For this photo, I want a brighter and airier look, so I adjust the curve accordingly.

After adjusting the tones, I move on to white balance and tint. I increase the temperature to make the image warmer and adjust the tint to eliminate the green tones in the background. I also slightly increase the overall exposure to make the model stand out. Lastly, I decrease the highlights and increase the blacks for more contrast in the image.

Now, let’s play around with colors using the tone curve. I use the blue curve to give the image a warm, honey-like tone. By adjusting the blacks and whites of the curve, I create a balanced and natural skin tone. I also work on the greens to add warmth back into the photo. I love having a hint of green in my images, so this step is important for me.

Lastly, I make some final tweaks to the HSL panel. I increase the luminance of the orange to make the skin appear brighter and the yellows to enhance the background. With these adjustments, I am happy with the final look.

Photoshop Editing

Now, let’s move into Photoshop. I switch from my mouse to my Wacom tablet for a more comfortable retouching experience. In Photoshop, I first notice a small issue in the image, so I quickly jump back to Lightroom to fix it. I use the adjustment brush to paint over the bright legs and decrease the exposure and blacks. I also slightly increase the tint for a better balance.

Back in Photoshop, my first step is skin retouching. I use the skin retouching action from Digital Film Actions to simplify the process. I work on the color layer, specifically on the texture and colors of the photo. Using the healing brush tool, I perform natural retouching on the face.

And that’s it! With my Sony portrait editing workflow, I am able to achieve a clean, bright, and warm look for my images. Feel free to try out these steps and see the difference in your own edits!

Sony Portrait Editing Workflow FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Sony Portrait Editing Workflow in Lightroom & Photoshop

Q1: What is the Sony Portrait Editing Workflow?

A1: The Sony Portrait Editing Workflow refers to the specific steps and techniques used to enhance and retouch portrait photographs taken with Sony cameras using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Q2: Why should I use Lightroom and Photoshop for Sony portrait editing?

A2: Lightroom and Photoshop offer powerful tools for adjusting colors, tones, and details, as well as retouching skin imperfections. They provide a comprehensive editing experience to bring out the full potential of your Sony portrait photographs.

Q3: What are the essential steps in the Sony Portrait Editing Workflow?

A3: The key steps of the workflow typically include importing and organizing photos in Lightroom, making basic adjustments like exposure and white balance, performing more advanced edits such as skin retouching and selective adjustments, and finally applying final touches in Photoshop if needed.

Q4: Are there any recommended settings for Sony portrait editing?

A4: While there is no one-size-fits-all setting, it is recommended to shoot in RAW file format for maximum editing flexibility. Also, adjusting the camera’s settings to achieve a good exposure, accurate white balance, and using appropriate lenses can significantly contribute to great portrait results.

Q5: Can you suggest some useful Lightroom and Photoshop tools for Sony portrait editing?

A5: Sure! In Lightroom, some essential tools include the Basic Panel for exposure and color adjustments, the Spot Removal tool for retouching, and the Adjustment Brush for localized adjustments. Photoshop offers tools like the Healing Brush, Dodge and Burn, and the Liquify filter for advanced retouching.

Q6: Are there any specific considerations for Sony portrait editing?

A6: Sony cameras are known for their excellent dynamic range, so it’s important to retain and enhance the details in highlights and shadows during editing. Additionally, understanding the color science of Sony cameras can help achieve accurate and pleasing skin tones.

Q7: Can you recommend any tutorials or resources for learning Sony portrait editing?

A7: Absolutely! There are plenty of online tutorials and resources available. Some popular ones include YouTube channels devoted to photography tutorials, respected photography blogs, and official Adobe resources. Explore these platforms to find tutorials specific to Sony portrait editing.

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