Sony officially teases a “SPECIAL EVENT” on November 8/9. World’s fastest Sony camera coming?

Are you ready to capture moments at lightning speed with the world’s fastest Sony camera? Sony has officially teased a “SPECIAL EVENT” scheduled for November 8/9, sparking speculation that the highly anticipated camera release may be on the horizon. With Sony known for pushing the boundaries of technology in the world of photography, enthusiasts are eager to see what new features and advancements this camera may bring. Stay tuned as we delve into the exciting world of Sony cameras and what we can expect from this upcoming special event. Get ready to level up your photography game with the latest innovation from Sony.

Sony Teases Special Event

Sony Teases a “SPECIAL EVENT” on November 8/9

Today is a great day because it’s officially confirmed by Sony that they will have a product announcement event on November the8 so it’s no more a rumor I was telling you for now over a month that my sources uh say that there would be new products on November the 8th and I’m finally happy that there’s an official confirmation and my sources were spot on so first of all thanks to all my sources and now today I want to show you first of all the teaser page and also discuss what’s likely to be announced or if there are some kind of Surprises from Sony that could be announced on November the 8th so here you see the teaser page from Sony Japan it says there’s a special event coming and if you scroll down below the text says we will be holding a special event where you can pick up and experience the Latest mirorless Alpha and lenses we look forward to hosting talk events with professionals and a special photo booth so it’s clear from that message we are getting new gear so new Alpha cameras and lenses so um while I wasn’t sure the E93 would be announced on November the 8th now I’m near certain that we are getting the a93 and scrolling down you will see the dates it’s the 8th and the 9th of November and the location is in Yokohama I told you my previous videos that in the US and North America people Are invited to an event in New York City while in Europe they’re invited in Istanbul so this um is a worldwide um announcement uh event from Sony and every Sports photographer has been invited that is something that I told you also from competition like Canon and Nikon Sports Photographer have been invited by Sony some people also were never invited before by Sony so this is quite exciting and promises that there’s something really big coming because Sonny wouldn’t invite all those kind of people if they wouldn’t have to show some something really new now let’s move down at the Bottom of the page you will see campaign information coming soon I guess there will be some teaser videos coming in next days where they will hint about the new products and so it’s going to be um an exciting time till November the 8th uh we will probably get some tidbits From Sonia about what’s coming and now let’s finally discuss what we can expect to get on November the 8th now I will start with a most likely products and go down to the most wild rumors the first product you will most definitely get is the 300 mm 2.8 GM lens I leaked the Image of the lens back in September so we know that this is coming soon and uh probably Sony will announce the final specs of the lens and also the pricing which is rumored to be around $67,000 so this is not going to be a very affordable lens but it’s a lens made for Sports photographers and Wildlife photographers and uh will be used at the Olympics in Tokyo 2024 and so this I expect this lens to be very high quality the second most likely product that will be announced I we give it a now a 90% chance that it will be announced is the A93 the a93 is a sports and Wildlife focused camera it will feature a new stacked sensor with increased resolution over the 24 mapix a92 and also have the world’s fastest aof Focus new AI features and also the world’s fastest fullframe frame rate per second with a Very large buffer I’ve been told so this is going to be a very exciting product because it has a new sensor that Sony will wants to show us it will be World in class uh in terms of performance and I think that’s also the main uh highlight of the November 8th um Announcement event that we are getting this very new camp camera the third most likely product that will be announced is probably a firmware update for the Sony A1 we know that Sony got the message about the complaints around the firmware strategy because uh lower end cameras that are newer um sometimes have Features that all the more expensive cameras don’t have and uh so I think Sony will now change change the plan and add some new features to some of the older Alpha cameras that starts with the A1 and we can see uh some firmware updates also coming for the A7 S3 and Other cameras with some uh features that for example the zv and FX models do have this is the thir third most likely announcement all the rest is more speculation than rumor um the very important thing you have to keep in mind is that Alpha fullframe cameras have Been announced exactly 10 years ago in October of 10 years ago so there might be some talk about this from Sony with special introduction to the history of the fullframe alpha Mount system I don’t know if that also means that we have some kind of Celebration model for Example to announce like a special kind of alpha camera to celebrate the 10 years a limited edition camera that’s just a speculation now let’s move on to the next possible product we know that Sony actually registered two new high-end cameras in China back on September the 4th and then on September The 20 usually takes two a half to four months until the cameras get ounc the first camera to be announced is the E93 the second we don’t second camera we don’t know what it is right now could be the E7 S4 and probably announced with an announcement in January February but There’s also chance this camera I don’t see this coming might be announced on November the 8th I think makes no sense because it would um take away the spotlight from the a93 I think you Sunny usually tends to announce one or Max two products per event so that People can really uh thoroughly um talk about this the special camera if you would announce too many products you would lose some um visibility it’s not something that son is doing but uh there is definitely a new High second highend camera com coming that’s for sure uh so I don’t expect this to be announced on November the 8th but if it’s for example a special Alpha limited edition model this could be the camera and not the A7 S4 um could be kind of a celebratory also fullframe fix lens camera special RX model but that’s all speculation and Um I see them on the forums and people also speculating on YouTube that uh the might menu lowend A5 camera there might be an a12 or whatever but nothing of those rumors uh or speculations uh is something that I got from my trusted sources so from from now just expect the 300 mm 2.8 GM the probably a93 and the A1 firware update probably also for some other cameras there might be some chance to see another lens too um there was talk from a Sony manager that there’s definitely going to be an update of the 85 mm GM could be that we are going to see this on November the 8th but again that’s just a speculation not a real uh now strong um rumor that I got and uh but anyway as you can here I’m really excited we finally have that final confirmation about November 8th announcement we Finally uh it promises from the tea page that there is something big coming and I told you what’s likely to come if I get some more information about that event and I’m sure I’m get will get it the next days I will make a new video so Please again first of all like this video to help me in…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “SPECIAL EVENT” Sony is teasing?

Sony has officially teased a “SPECIAL EVENT” scheduled for November 8/9.

Is the world’s fastest Sony camera expected to be announced at the event?

It’s rumored that the world’s fastest Sony camera may be unveiled at the event, but no official confirmation has been made.

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