Sony is teasing the launch of a new BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera!

Are you a passionate filmmaker or photographer in search of the perfect camera to capture your visions in the highest quality? Look no further, as Sony is about to unveil its latest game-changer in the world of cinematography. Brace yourselves for the highly anticipated launch of the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera! With Sony’s track record for pushing technological boundaries and delivering exceptional image quality, this new addition to their renowned CineAlta series is bound to revolutionize the industry. In this blog, we will delve into the exciting features and advancements that make the BURANO a must-have tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Get ready for a glimpse into the future of filmmaking with Sony’s groundbreaking innovation!

Sony Teases the Launch of a New BURANO CineAlta Full Frame Camera

Just yesterday, Sony announced the lr1, the most compact full-frame e-mount camera ever. Many thought that this would be the highlight for September, but Sony surprised everyone today by launching a teaser for a new CineAlta camera called Burano. While there are no specific details available, the teaser, which has been posted on, clearly indicates that this will be a full-frame e-mount camera and the successor of the Venice lineup.

A Tribute to Venice

The name itself, Burano, holds significance as it is a small island located near Venice. Known for its charming ambiance and popularity among tourists, Burano offers a unique experience that visitors to Venice often seek. Therefore, it is evident that this new camera will pay homage to Venice and its success, particularly the Venice 2 camera, which is a full-frame e-mount CineAlta camera.

The Awaited Launch

Fans and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of this new camera model on September 12th at 3 pm. As of now, there are no rumored specifications available. However, it is highly likely that Sony will incorporate AK capabilities, as it is about time the brand implements this high-end Cinema camera feature.

If there are any updates or news regarding this new camera before September 12th, an additional video will be released by Sony. To stay informed and not miss any crucial updates, it is advisable to subscribe to their channel and enable notifications.

Focus on the Burano E-mount Full Frame Camera

It must be noted that the September 12th launch is specifically aimed at introducing the Burano e-mount full-frame camera. Therefore, it is unlikely that any new lenses or additional cameras will be announced on this day. The spotlight is solely on the Burano, and enthusiasts can expect it to deliver exceptional image quality and advanced features.

For further information and updates, please stay connected. Until then, see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions – Sony BURANO CineAlta Full Frame Camera

Q: What is Sony teasing the launch of?

A: Sony is teasing the launch of a new BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera.

Q: What is the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera?

A: The BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera is a cutting-edge digital camera designed for professional filmmakers, offering superior image quality and advanced features.

Q: What are the key features of the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera?

A: The key features of the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera include a full-frame sensor, high-resolution imaging capabilities, exceptional low-light performance, advanced color science, and extensive codec options.

Q: When will Sony officially launch the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera?

A: The exact launch date has not been announced yet. Please stay tuned for further updates from Sony.

Q: Will the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera be compatible with existing Sony lenses?

A: Yes, the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera will be compatible with the wide range of existing Sony E-mount lenses, providing filmmakers with maximum flexibility in lens selection.

Q: Is the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera targeted at professionals only?

A: While the BURANO CineAlta Full Frame camera is primarily designed for professional filmmakers, enthusiasts and advanced amateurs can also benefit from its powerful capabilities and superior image quality.

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