Sony FX9 Sensor Destined for a7s III? New Autofocusing Cine Lens Line??

Are you a videographer or filmmaker looking for the latest technology in camera sensors and lenses? Sony has announced that the FX9 sensor technology may be destined for their highly anticipated a7s III camera, promising incredible low-light performance and dynamic range. In addition, there are rumors circulating about a new autofocusing cine lens line that could revolutionize the way we capture cinematic footage. With these advancements on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be in the world of videography. Let’s delve into the details of these potential game-changing developments from Sony.

Sony FX9 Sensor Destined for a7s III? New Autofocusing Cine Lens Line??

Sony FX9 Sensor Destined for a7s III?

New Autofocusing Cine Lens Line??

Hey everybody I’m Hugh brown for three blind men and an elephant and today I want to talk about sony’s just announced FX 9 dedicated interchangeable lens video camera and the fec 16 to 35 t 3.1 auto focusing manual focus cinemas yeah you heard that right and their Venice scenic camera the Near-mythical almost a unicorn like a7 s3 the Panasonic s h1b Canon c500 mark – maybe the Sony a 92 but before I do some quick announcements first we only have one spot left for our streets of New York – street photography workshop sponsored by Hasselblad and bnh beginning October 20th if you’re interested please hop over to 3b MEP calm streets – while you can – check it out and sign up really it’s going to be great next our photo walk in New York City October 5th is already sold out well filled because it’s free yay But if you’d really like to join us and Claudia I would love to have you please go over to Scott Kelly’s worldwide photowalk comm and sign on to the waiting list anyway a few spots usually open up at the last minute speaking of which guys a non gender-specific term of Endearment if any of you are already signed up but can’t make it please do remove your name ASAP so someone else can go thank you finally Fuji love live I’ll be giving a talk there it’s also in New York the weekend of October 12th the subject is trolls tribes, and transformation it’s All about social media as I said before this is definitely a fuji film fan event and my friend – hamas has put together a lovely group of presenters at a fabulous venue I’m excited to meet them and you too check it out at Fuji slash Fuji love live – 2019 okay back to the fx9 which we saw in the middle last week at Sony HQ in New York simply put the fx9 is an operationally refined full-frame version of Sony’s workhorse interchangeable lens dedicated video camera the fs7 2 with the auto focusing chops of Sony’s Alfa hybrid Cameras including iaf the colorscience of and with the addition of an extension unit the ability to record 16-bit raw like Sony’s top-end Venice cine camera but in 4k recording internally up to DCI 10-bit 40 to 60 P hold that thought not 6k using in any case a new 19 megapixel Dual native ISO backside illuminated sensor which is fascinating on the one hand even with a $2,000 pump over the FS 7 to bringing the FX 9 body only priced to 11,000 bucks 13.5 with their proven 28 to 135 f/4 auto focusing call it cine style power zoom lens and then another $2,500 on top of that for the extension unit Sony has just dramatically lowered the price of their entry point to Netflix standard shooting and undercut cannons just announced thousand dollars see 500 mark – in theory at least in terms of raw recording perhaps autofocus – probably not ergonomics though they have been grouped On the FX 9 we will see soon enough on the other hand sony has also may be just as dramatically raised the price of their answer to Panasonic’s seem eccentric s1h which could be really really smart because while the s1h records up to 6k 60p internally though At 60 P for now it’s in super 35 mode like the FX 9 will be both promising full-frame 60 P in future firmware updates and will record 12 bit raw also enabled in firmware at a later date it seems unlikely that Sony will allow what 3000 3500 4000 or even $5,000 a 7 s 3 using what is in all probability the sensor of the FX 9 to undercut the FX 9 not only on the basis of price but recording capability now if I’m right this implies that Sony would by choice or necessity surrender the full-frame Resolution hybrid battle to Panasonic while providing an incentive to move up market to a dedicated video camera or if you choose to think of it this way down to a 4k only a 7 s 3 for now which hold that thought brings us to a few other items first the other product of Particular interest to us last week Sony’s 16 to 35 millimeter T 3.1 autofocusing cine lens their first foray into alcohol uncompromised cine glass ii a contemplation of the point at which hybrid cameras surrender too much to dedicated video cameras and such things as heat management power management port configurations internal neutral density Filters audio etc and third a contemplation of the point at which even for those of us with the eyes of photographers achieving resolution parity with stills cameras is not as important as a achieving bit depth parity remember that stills from the highest spec digital medium format cameras are captured in 16 bits remember – how small the visible differences have been between 8-bit and 10-bit video here on youtube you have to ask yourself how much better will 12 bit raw likely be / 10 bit here on youtube as well and ask yourself how much better will 16-bit raw likely be over 12 be having manageable Workflow because 6k is a whole other level of hurt both in terms of storage and processing and sea availing one’s self of auto focusing that is better than the best human focus puller at least in certain circumstances without sacrificing the option of having an expert craftsman on set when nuanced Anticipation and experience trump speed though let me also put in a placeholder here to tell you that for all of the technology that is flowing between the FX 9 in the Alpha series the most important thing not being carried over to the FX 9 is Ibis yeah hold that Thought – let’s take each of these in turn now when it comes to Sony’s entry into serious Sinha glass you might raise an eyebrow and ask are you friggin kidding me there’s already more than enough scene Inglis out there cook like Zeiss Canon Sigma Atlas you name your Brand I understand I might agree with you the thing of it is the FE C is as I’ve mentioned what twice already an auto focusing manual focus lens and I think this just might be sure in a huge reordering of the cine lens market I say this for two reasons one forget about Autofocus Sony has already demonstrated extraordinary lens design manufacturing prowess and optical performance with a slew of new full Lenz’s the most relevant being the 16 to 35 2.8 G master released just over two years ago this is the same optical design rehoused in the 16 to 35 t 3.1 With an optional removable power zoom controller it also happens to be the same optical design which outperforms most equivalent field of view primes speaking of primes also think about the primes sony has released since the 16 to 35 the 24 1.4 135 1.8 even the little 35 1.8 just released all full-frame all Lightweight all extraordinary optically all built for Stills and video am i see the 16 to 35 t 3.1 is Sony testing new Warner’s we already know it will offer extraordinary technical performance probably at a bargain price compared to the most established names I expect it will meet or exceed the competition on Say MTF charts if not on the intangibles of character but I could be wrong especially about character wouldn’t that be a kick in the head to the cine lens market still how bound by tradition is the cine lens market what are the actual differences in character and technical performance what are deep ease Sensitivities to price especially in a renters market sensitivities to color rendition will the Sony autofocusing cine lens line if Sony chooses to build it out obliterate the rental market with prices aggressive enough optical and AF performance good enough that the next generation…


Is the Sony FX9 sensor destined for the a7s III?

There has been speculation that the sensor used in the Sony FX9 may be incorporated into the a7s III, but Sony has not confirmed this. The a7s III is expected to have significant upgrades over its predecessor, but details about the sensor have not been officially announced.

Is Sony releasing a new autofocusing cine lens line?

Yes, Sony has announced the release of a new autofocusing cine lens line, the Sony FE PZ 16-35mm T3.1 G and Sony FE PZ 12-24mm F2.8 G. These lenses are designed for professional filmmaking and provide high-quality optics and autofocus capabilities.

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