Sony FX30 + Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens Minimal Vlogging Setup #sonyfx30

Are you a vlogger looking for a lightweight and compact camera setup that doesn’t compromise on quality? Look no further! In this blog, we will introduce you to the perfect solution – the Sony FX30 paired with the Sony 11mm F/1.8 lens. This minimal setup is designed for vloggers on the go who need a versatile camera that delivers stunning visual results without the bulkiness of traditional vlogging setups. We will explore the key features of the Sony FX30, discuss the advantages of the Sony 11mm F/1.8 lens, and delve into why this combination is a game-changer for vloggers. Join us as we explore the world of minimal vlogging with the Sony FX30 + Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens!

Sony FX30 + Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens Minimal Vlogging Setup #sonyfx30


What’s up everyone Vu of envo films back with another D-Back video for you to watch and today I’m going to share with you the mostwow sounds like I’ve been deep throating all morning today. I’ll be talking about the most D baggish thing on the planet – vlogging. I’m gonna be talking about my Vlog setup, the setup I’m using right now while I’m driving my vehicle. I should be paying attention to the road, instead I’m talking to myself while looking at the camera and making sure I’m exposed properly. It is very ridiculous, very irresponsible, it is very tube douchey and all two producers wouldn’t know anything about responsibility because they decided to make random videos, pretty much basically advertising brands on YouTube to make money instead of staying at a cube cool and pushing papers and doing that like everyone else. But yes, let’s talk about this Vlog set up before some impatient d-bag viewer clicks away and watches some other stupid YouTube video talking about how these Luts are the best and they should buy them.

Sony FX30 and Falcon F-38 Cage

So some of you may, some of you who subscribe to my channel already know this, but I’m using my Sony fx30 as a tube doucher Vlog setup. I have a falcon F-38 cage on it from my good friends over at ulanzi.

Sennheiser MKE 200

I have a Sennheiser MKE 200 Asian penis I guess is a mini shotgun mic or something like that attached to the fx3 for this borderline the slightly above subpar audio.

Camera Settings

I have the camera setup in s-log 3 because if you have a camera with 10 bit and you’re shooting anything but log for any type of delivery you are agreed a piece of trash and you need to go back with filming 8-bit and using Zoom boost transitions to mask your shitty colors. So normally when I’m filming behind the camera most of the time I’ll be using cine EI because I’m a professional, I’m not an immature piece of trash. Actually, let me correct that, I’m borderline professional and I’m borderline amateur piece of trash, let’s get that scrape.

Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens

But with that said, it’s tough to be a d-bag vlogger or using senior AI because you’re kind of stuck on 800 ISO or 12 800 100 ISO and it’s kind of a pain in the ass. So what I have right now is oh forgot to mention the lens I have mounted on my fx30 is a Sony 11 millimeter F 1.8 wide angle lens. Why do I pick that? Obviously, because it’s wide angle and is light and small. I’m not going to carry around a massive ass lens for vlogging. I don’t know why, I don’t know who thinks that is a good idea, but apparently a lot of YouTubers do and hey, they’re stronger than me. You know, I lift weights and all that stuff and I don’t even feel like lugging around that stuff. But again, I’m Asian, so I’m used to carrying around small objects, especially below the belt.

Flexible ISO and Aperture Priority

Now I use flexible ISO s-log 3 for my vlogging and I just put the exposure compensation to plus two and then I put the camera capture three. Again, I am a piece of so I like as much bokeh as possible, even when I’m trying to show an object on camera. I want everything to be blurry because that’s a beauty. You just want to show people a little bit about everything, you want to show people just a little bit of the details of this product to force them to click on your affiliate links and then they could buy stuff there and make me commission. But yes, and I want to prioritize after I put it in aperture priority, so the camera and I also put it on auto ISO, and the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed and the ISO. And yes, I crankshutter, it’s a stupid Vlog, I don’t care if the motion is not blurry and smooth like Cinema for the most part, no one can tell when I’m just sitting here and I’m a cranking shutter. With that said, I could just slap an ND on here if you want to be a filmmaker trash, go ahead slap an ND on it, do whatever you want. I don’t have any ND on right now and so the camera is automatically adjusting shutter and adjusting ISO to maintain good exposure with the exposure composition to plus two, camera is always making sure that it is exposing plus two. I also have like custom blood loaded into the camera so I could see exactly what it’s looking like and to me it looks okay right now.

Compact and Lightweight

With the setup I have currently, right now I’m just having sitting on my Dash with active stabilization on, so hopefully it masks some of the bumps from the vehicle. But overall, this is my go-to, quote unquote, walk around put everywhere Vlog setup because it’s small, it’s lightweight, the fx30 is cheap and it’s aps-c and because APC it allows me to use these small lightweight lenses. And you know if I beat it up vlogging it whatever, it’s not a big deal. No, it’s not a thirty-five hundred dollar FX a7s3 or fx3 or something like that that if I break I cry. You know I mean 1800 is a lot of money but it’s a lot less than like 35 3600, yeah and that is the Vlog setup.

Multiple Lens Options

And hey, people might say, well boo like what if you want to like have a tighter lens you want to zoom in if you want to like film something else, well that’s what I carry around a 15 millimeter F 1.4 with me for those 24 millimeter full-frame equivalent b-rolls if I ever do it. And then if I feel like it, I could also carry around a small 24 millimeter lens with me, a 24 millimeter like f 1.8 or something with me so that I could get those 35 mil type shots. Yeah, I’d rather do that than I’d rather have like some extra smallish lenses around with me than carrying out a big ass lens just so I could maybe zoom it and I know myself most of the time on a Vlog, I Vlog, and then when I’m gonna film, I’ll film, you know I’m not going to flip-flop and do both at the same time, it’s too difficult, I don’t have the brain power for that.


So yep, that is what I do and you know this helps me create more content. I don’t always have to be in my office, I don’t always have to sit in my office, set up my lights and all that stuff to create content. A lot of times when I’m driving to client work or this is what I’m doing today, two video shoots for two separate clients. The drive is like a solid hour, so within the hour, I could do some Top hamhead. That’s how I try to stay efficient and minimal with my content creation, AKA influencer status because if you watch this far, I know you’re probably thinking about it, maybe I should get an fx30 and a Sony 11 millimeter. Tell me, I do not influence you to think about it, that’s what I thought. I hope this video was helpful and insightful or poorly persuaded you to click on my affiliate links below to buy these items so that I could make 20 cents. Till next time, lighten up.

Hey man, what camera is that?

That’s just my Sony fx30 with the Sony 11 millimeter F 1.8 lens. I usually use it for vlogging.

Oh my God, that’s so small and unprofessional. When has vlogging become professional?

Yep, you want to be the best, you want to be professional. You want to show you a little lot…

FAQ – Sony FX30 + Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens Minimal Vlogging Setup

1. What is the Sony FX30?

The Sony FX30 is a compact and powerful mirrorless camera specially designed for vlogging and content creation. It features a high-resolution sensor, advanced autofocus capabilities, and various video recording options.

2. What is the Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens?

The Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens is a wide-angle lens designed for Sony E-mount cameras. It offers an ultra-wide perspective, making it perfect for capturing expansive landscapes and immersive vlogs.

3. How does the Sony FX30 + Sony 11mm F/1.8 Lens setup benefit vloggers?

This setup provides vloggers with a portable and versatile solution for creating high-quality vlogs. The Sony FX30 delivers excellent image and video quality, while the 11mm F/1.8 lens widens the field of view, resulting in more captivating and dynamic shots.

4. Does the Sony FX30 have built-in stabilization?

Yes, the Sony FX30 is equipped with in-body image stabilization, which helps reduce camera shake and ensures smoother footage, especially when shooting handheld or on-the-go.

5. Can I use the Sony FX30 with other lenses?

Absolutely! The Sony FX30 is compatible with a wide range of E-mount lenses, giving you the flexibility to choose the best lens for different shooting scenarios and creative preferences.

6. Are there any accessories recommended for this setup?

To enhance your vlogging experience, consider adding a compact external microphone for better audio quality, a versatile tripod for stable shots, and extra batteries for extended shooting sessions. Additionally, investing in a camera carrying case would ensure the safe transport of your gear.

7. Is the Sony FX30 suitable for beginner vloggers?

Yes, the Sony FX30 is an excellent option for beginner vloggers due to its user-friendly interface, compact size, and overall performance. Its autofocus capabilities and intuitive controls make it easy to use, allowing aspiring vloggers to focus on their content creation.

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