Are you a wedding filmmaker looking for the perfect camera to capture those magical moments on the big day? Look no further than the Sony FX30! With its exceptional low-light capabilities, this camera has been making waves in the industry. However, there has been some debate about the camera’s base ISO of 2,500. Is it really trash as some critics claim? In this blog post, we will delve into the real-world experiences of wedding filmmakers using the Sony FX30 and explore whether the base 2,500 ISO is a deal-breaker or a game-changer. Get ready to uncover the truth about this groundbreaking camera and its extraordinary low-light performance! #sonyfx30


What’s up everyone Vu of envo films back with another video and about a month ago when the Sony fx30 was announced I said on one of my videos that you can use the fx30 as a main cam for wedding filmmaking for corporate for whatever videography project you have. You can certainly use the fx30 as your main camera. You could even buy three of them and have an ABC camera setup, and on a relatively low budget. Then I thought if I’m going to say that I better do it myself. So I put my money where my mouth is and filmed an entire wedding using the fx30 as the main camera, and I use my a7s3 and fx3 as ABC cameras.

Performance of the FX 30

Here’s a 24-hour sneak peek trailer. There you have it, the FX 30 performed as expected of a camera in 2022. Just a couple things to note when you use the fx30 as your main camera compared to the fx3 or Sony a7s3 is that, oh my God, you look like trash. I don’t got time for this today. If you want to look too bad, if you want to look professional, you need to wear hot clothing.

Clothing for Filmmaking

Let me show you a war winning bro. This bit’s nice, man, comfortable, nice quality stitching, versatile fabric. It no bad, it making Vietnam. My cousin backed my bit so it. But to be honest, it’s a bit cold out here. My nips are tack sharp. Can you hook me up with a jacket or something?

No man, it’s expensive. You not Peter McCannon. Can you at least give me a discount or something?

Let me show you. Here’s the coupon code for 15% off. Go to and you let me show you.

Hey, I appreciate it, man. Look good, feel good, film good. You look pro-freshing now, but you still track because you shoot Sony. You need to shoot Canon because Canon has the red color shine. Well, that was near the here nor there. I feel like a true douche now after all that, but let’s get back to the fx30 and me using it for a run and gun wedding filmmaking.

Low Light Capabilities

Yeah, so one thing you have to know about the fx30 is that it is not going to be as good as low light as the a7s III or fx3 or fx6, and that’s given because there’s no other camera that even comes close to that. This fx30 is actually above average in terms of low light capabilities, you know compared to other cameras.

The notion that you cannot run and gun the fx30 in low light situations, uh, weddings, things of that nature is complete because there’s dudes filming amazing wedding films using the Fujifilm system. There’s dudes using Blackmagic. There’s dudes using GH5, GH6 with wedding films. Those films are fantastic. Not all professional filmmakers exist on YouTube, if you didn’t know that already. The best ones, the ones you should really be getting advice from, probably aren’t even on YouTube.

Unfortunately, on YouTube, there’s just a lot of BS information. There are dudes who just did like an ad read like I did a minute ago. It is full of dudes trying to make some money. I’m not saying two douchers are like dishonest. I’m not saying two producers aren’t talented. I’m not saying two douchers don’t know what they’re doing. Just sometimes they might not understand things fully and then say things that aren’t necessarily accurate.

Such as the fx30 2500 ISO is not a dual-based ISO from Sony. Some people, when we say that Sony lied about it, which is a complete as well. The fact of the matter is the fx30 does have a dual sensitivity ISO. It’s 800 on the low base and 2500 on the high base. Yes, the 2500 is noisier than the 800. Matter of fact, the 2500 ISO is actually noisier than ISO 2000.

What I don’t think a lot of people realize is when you’re in Flex ISO or pretty much that regular S-log 3 mode in your A7 S3 where you could just go through all the ISO values as needed and the camera does all of the necessary electronic sensitivity adjustments for you, pull the file out of the camera, the footage is exposed perfectly. Everything looks the way you saw it when you filmed it on your display.

Noise Reduction

People don’t realize that the camera actually adds in noise reduction. There’s noise reduction built into all those different ISO values that is not the base ISOs. In this case, any ISO between 800 and 2500 on the fx30 has a lot of noise reduction in it, built into the camera, and the camera delivers it to you like that. And then, of course, once you get to 2500, it is naturally a bit noisier than 2000 ISO.

When you start adjusting the footage in post, let’s say you bump up the exposure, you bring down the highlights, you bring up the shadows, you’ll see that the 2500 ISO footage retains the information very similarly to the 800 ISO or the 2000 ISO. Footage falls apart when Sony says a low base ISO footage of 800 is similar to the high base ISO of 2500. They mean that when you adjust the footage, you can see that the noise of 2500 and 800 is actually quite similar after you do adjustments to your highlights and your shadows in post. Versus all the other ISO values cannot keep up with those two base ISOs. The low base and the high base ISOs aren’t supposed to look identical. The low base ISO and all these cameras a7s3, fx3, fx30 will always be cleaner than the high base. If you take your fx3 or your Sony a7s3, take your test to 640 or 800 ISO depending on which camera you’re using and you compare it to the 12,800 of the a7s3, fx3, you’ll see that 800 or the 640 low base ISO is cleaner. Period. It is definitely cleaner than the 12,800.


The fx30 is, in no doubt, a great camera for pretty much any type of filmmaking, in my opinion. Running gun even more so because it’s small, it’s light, it’s super 35, so you can use super 35 lenses, which is a lot smaller and lighter than full-frame lenses. The only thing is you just got to make sure that you’re always using a prime lens because, in my opinion, I don’t even like f/2.8 or f/4 that much in full-frame. So f/2.8 or f/4 on super 35 will definitely not cut it for me.

I always choose to use prime glass, at least f/1.8 or f/1.4 glass for any super 35 camera I use, and especially the fx30. And for this wedding film, for wedding films, I normally use… [end of text]

FAQ about Sony FX30 – Real World Wedding Film – Is Base 2,500 ISO Trash?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Sony FX30 – Real World Wedding Film – Is Base 2,500 ISO Trash?

Q1: What is Sony FX30?

A1: Sony FX30 is a professional camera specifically designed for filming weddings. It offers superior image quality and advanced features suitable for capturing memorable moments.

Q2: What does “Base 2,500 ISO” mean on Sony FX30?

A2: “Base 2,500 ISO” refers to the camera’s native or default ISO sensitivity setting. ISO determines the camera’s sensitivity to light. In this case, it means that the camera performs optimally at ISO 2500 for capturing wedding footage.

Q3: Is Base 2,500 ISO considered trash or low quality?

A3: No, Base 2,500 ISO on Sony FX30 is not trash or low quality. It is a carefully selected default ISO setting that balances image quality and low-light performance. This ISO setting allows for excellent image capture in various lighting conditions, including indoor venues or situations with limited lighting.

Q4: Can I adjust the ISO sensitivity on Sony FX30?

A4: Yes, Sony FX30 allows you to adjust the ISO sensitivity based on your specific needs and lighting conditions. You can either increase or decrease the ISO value to achieve the desired exposure and image quality.

Q5: Are there any drawbacks to using a higher ISO on Sony FX30?

A5: While higher ISO settings can be useful in low-light situations, it may introduce some level of image noise or grain. It is recommended to find a balance between ISO and other camera settings to maintain optimal image quality.

Q6: How can I take advantage of the Sony FX30 for wedding filmmaking?

A6: Sony FX30’s advanced features, such as its superior autofocus system, image stabilization, and customizable settings, make it an excellent choice for capturing wedding films. Experiment with different ISO settings and leverage the camera’s capabilities to create stunning wedding videos.

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