Sony FX3 + Sony a7SIII Worth it? | S-Cinetone Test VLOG

Are you debating between the Sony FX3 and the Sony a7SIII for your next videography purchase? Both cameras offer impressive features and capabilities, but which one is truly worth the investment? In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of both the Sony FX3 and the Sony a7SIII, and put them to the test with a comparison of their S-Cinetone color profiles in a vlog format. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of whether the Sony FX3 or the Sony a7SIII is the right choice for your videography needs. Let’s dive in and find out which camera comes out on top!

Sony FX3 + Sony a7SIII Worth it? | S-Cinetone Test VLOG

Sony FX3 + Sony a7SIII Worth it?

What’s up everyone vue of anvoo films and i am back with another idiotic video for you to watch and today’s idiotic video is brought to you by s cinetone the picture profile that all sony a7s iii uh buyers users wishers to havers have been having s cinna bone nurse over For the past few months and finally look sony gave it to all of us they gave us a cinetone aka a sony lut that enables you to get cinematic pleasing tones with nice soft highlight roll off it’s fantastic trying it out right now see what it looks like um Point of this video i don’t know fx3 has been recently released and i talked about it yesterday on a little vlog and sony a7s iii now has s sine tones so the differences between the fx3 and the sony a7s3 is not quite there i mean pick your poison You know whatever camera you want you cannot go wrong with either a7s3 or fx3 it’s really dependent on what you’re going to be doing and thankfully sony has provided us with these amazing choices now with those choices comes with money that you have to spend and as of late i’ve kind of Rubbed people the wrong way pissed them off a little bit about the fact that i said people who can’t afford sony a7s 3 or fx3 or think the sony a7s 3 or fx3 is too expensive i called them talentless or i said they don’t have any talent or they’re trash Or whatever and maybe that’s a bit extreme and i’m kind of like half joking uh just half being dumb and stupid about how i present things but it is what it is right and to be quite honest it comes from uh my own experience you know when i first started filmmaking Or when i first started getting into cameras it was back in like 2013 2014 i was looking for a camera to buy and it was you know everyone was kind of using canon um 5d mark ii mark iii and i was looking into those and i was like dang those Cameras are kind of expensive they’re like two or three grand at the time uh doing like 1080 um 24p uh 720 60p and then when i’m looking at the sony uh neck six at the time which is a good they’re one of their first aps-c mirrorless cameras that sony released uh Back in the day and hey you know it had 1080 60 and i’m like yo i’m about to buy this camera for like five six hundred dollars i’m not gonna buy this overpriced canon trash uh 5d mark ii mark iii that can’t even do 1080 60 but of course A lot of other things goes into how much a camera cost and it’s not just you know just specs such as 1080 60 but at the time that’s what i saw and i you know thankfully i went with sony and now i’ve you know been shooting with sony for those Past seven years and obviously the canon 5d mark ii mark mark 3 is worth the 3 000 now that i’ve grown and i completely understand what camera you know why cameras cost the way they do what have you and clearly i was a noob didn’t understand and now with sony’s releasing all these Plethora of cameras the sony a7s iii the fx6 the sony alpha 1 fx3 these are all amazing cameras and in my opinion they’re all priced reasonably are they cheap no are they expensive yes of course they’re expensive but are they not worth the money they are definitely worth the money Especially if you’re comparing it to other cameras with similar specs and by means similar there’s a lot of cameras out there that don’t even have uh the specs that these cameras have that are a lot more expensive um and i’m not going to go through all of them you know you’re talking about Like 4k 4k 120 60 10 bit 422 raw in turn externally um you know 8k in the case of alpha 1 at like 6 500 a bunch of stuff that i could mention and i could tell you this worth the price but there’s a bunch of dudes That you know the reason why i seem harsh and i talk a lot of trash is because it’s annoying um you know when i when i saw the sony a7s ii back in the day that’s the camera i wanted you know full frame goodness but it was like two three grand And i couldn’t afford it i mean i never said it was too expensive i never thought it was too expensive in my mind hey i’m gonna just buy what i can and buy what i feel like is right for me which is 500 600 for sony and x6 sony office 6000 And i’m going to work and i’m going to just try to build my craft learn with these cameras that are cheaper and as i get better i’ll get i’ll charge more money for the work that i do and when i charge more money for the Work to do then i can afford these more expensive cameras and upgrade my gear as i go and you know same thing goes with gimbals my one of my first gimbals like a ds1 beholder some of you old schoolers may know what that is that was like a 7 800 gimbal now you Could buy like three four 500 gimbals that could do way better stabilization and have way better features in that gimbal but that’s just the cost back in the day so now you’re looking at these new cameras and you’re like complaining to you know that it’s too expensive and i tell you that You know hey if you want to you know the cameras aren’t too expensive you’ve got to step up your game i don’t necessarily mean talent as in like the ability to create art like i’m sure you know a lot of these people if you give them the right camera they could Probably create stuff art but talent is could be just the talent of your ability to like do stuff go out and work go out there and push yourself to get better put in the extra work to make more money so when you could afford these cameras that you know could up your production Value um you know best example of someone with talent tom brady he doesn’t have all of those physical skills like god-given speed and crazy um just agility and just physicality but the man worked you know he worked to the point where he had seven physical rings for those of you familiar with football American nfl football so with that context in mind when i see people complaining that a camera is too expensive when clearly it is affordably priced in my opinion uh for anyone with capability to use it they’re just being lazy like you can’t sit there and you know demand Handouts like you know should sony just give you the freaking camera for free like i mean they gave you a pretty usable lut in camera for free which is a sony uh the sony s cinetone and all because you have s cineto now not doesn’t all of a sudden mean that You’re gonna create amazing content your colors are going to be amazing there’s a lot of things going on there’s white balance there’s lighting there’s composition there’s storytelling there’s so much that goes into being a good filmmaker which i am constantly learning myself and um you know this channel is pretty Much a journey of that and just me talking about gear reviewing gear and if you notice i don’t do too many like tutorials like color grading tutorials all that stuff because i don’t feel like i’m qualified to be showing you how to color

Is it worth pairing the Sony FX3 with the Sony a7SIII for video production?

Yes, pairing the Sony FX3 with the Sony a7SIII is definitely worth it for professional video production. The combination of the FX3’s cinema-grade capabilities and the a7SIII’s low light performance make for an unbeatable duo.

Should I use the S-Cinetone profile for my videos?

Yes, the S-Cinetone profile is a great option for achieving a cinematic look in your videos. It provides rich, natural colors and is optimized for skin tones, making it a popular choice among filmmakers and videographers.

Where can I see a test VLOG of the Sony FX3 and Sony a7SIII with S-Cinetone?

You can check out our test VLOG on our WordPress website to see the Sony FX3 and Sony a7SIII in action, showcasing the stunning image quality and cinematic look achieved with the S-Cinetone profile.

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