Sony FS5- BEST Affordable CINEMA Camera with 4k and 960p slow mo??

Are you a budding filmmaker looking for an affordable yet powerful cinema camera that can deliver stunning visuals in 4k resolution and capture breathtaking slow-motion footage at 960 frames per second? Look no further than the Sony FS5. Renowned for its versatility and exceptional image quality, the FS5 has become a go-to choice for both indie filmmakers and professionals alike. With its compact and lightweight design, it offers a perfect balance of portability and functionality, making it ideal for on-the-go shoots. Join us as we delve deeper into the features and capabilities of the Sony FS5, and discover why it is hailed as the best affordable cinema camera on the market.

Sony FS5- The Best Affordable Cinema Camera with 4K and 960p Slow Motion


Jason Mars, a filmmaker and film school student, reviews the Sony FS5, a compact and powerful cinema camera. In this article, we will explore the various features of the Sony FS5 and its suitability for different filming styles.

Compact Size and Form Factor

The Sony FS5 is the smaller sibling of the FS7, released in 2014. While offering similar features, the FS5 stands out with its compact size and lightweight design. Perfect for documentary-style and interview filming, the FS5 provides convenience without compromising on quality.

Notable Changes and Features

The FS5 introduces a different codec and offers 4K shooting with the X AVC format. However, it only supports UHD and not DCI 4K. One of the standout features of this camera is the built-in ND filter, which allows for seamless filming with any lens. This is particularly useful when working with large camera lenses that cannot accommodate adjustable ND filters.

Impressive Specifications

Equipped with a super 35 Exmoor CMOS image sensor, the FS5 delivers 14 stops of dynamic range. It also boasts a remarkable 960 frames per second slow-motion capability, which enables shooting at 40 times slow motion. The camera offers two modes: N mode and S&Q mode. The former buffers and records 20 seconds before pressing the button to ensure no action is missed. The two memory card slots make it suitable for long conferences or interview documentaries, allowing for continuous recording. Additionally, users can record proxy files for easier editing, especially when working with 4K footage and slower computers.

Audio Input and Downsides

The FS5 comes with two XLR inputs, allowing for external microphones to be connected. However, there are a few downsides to consider. Firstly, the price may be a deterrent for some individuals, as it sits around the $4,000 mark. Additionally, the lack of in-body image stabilization can be challenging for running and gunning situations, requiring users to rely on lens stabilization. The autofocus feature is not as advanced as some other models, such as the Sony a7 III. Finally, the FS5 performs poorly in low-light conditions compared to other Sony cameras.


While the Sony FS5 has its drawbacks, it remains an outstanding cinema camera. Its compact size, excellent image sensor, and 960p slow-motion capabilities make it a versatile tool for filmmakers. Despite the price and limitations in low-light conditions and user-friendliness, the FS5 is a powerful camera that delivers exceptional results in the right filming situations. Choose the FS5 if it aligns with your needs and budget, and elevate your filmmaking game with this impressive cinema camera.

About the Author

Jason Mars is a filmmaker and film school student with a passion for exploring the best equipment in the industry. Through his YouTube channel, he shares valuable insights, reviews, and tutorials to help aspiring filmmakers create top-notch content. Subscribe to Jason’s channel for more informative content in the world of filmmaking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony FS5

What is the Sony FS5 camera?

The Sony FS5 is a professional cinema camera that is known for its affordability while offering impressive features such as 4K recording and 960p slow motion capabilities.

Does the Sony FS5 shoot in 4K resolution?

Yes, the Sony FS5 is capable of shooting in stunning 4K resolution, allowing for incredibly detailed and high-quality footage.

Can the Sony FS5 capture slow motion videos?

Indeed, the Sony FS5 excels at slow motion capabilities. It can shoot at 960p slow motion, providing smooth and captivating footage with remarkable clarity.

How affordable is the Sony FS5 compared to other cinema cameras?

The Sony FS5 is considered one of the most affordable options among professional cinema cameras. It offers exceptional value for its price point, making it an attractive choice for filmmakers on a budget.

What are some additional standout features of the Sony FS5?

Besides 4K and slow motion capabilities, the Sony FS5 boasts advanced autofocus technology, high dynamic range recording, built-in ND filters, and a compact and lightweight design, allowing for easy portability and versatile shooting.

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