SONY Firmware FX3/FX30 & FX6. FINALLY Shutter angle and more!!!

Are you tired of not being able to adjust the shutter angle on your SONY FX3/FX30 or FX6 camera? Well, we have some exciting news for you! With the latest firmware update, SONY has finally added the ability to adjust the shutter angle on these popular camera models. This long-awaited feature will give filmmakers and videographers more control over their footage, allowing for smoother motion blur and creative expression. In addition to the shutter angle adjustment, the new firmware update also includes other improvements and bug fixes, making the FX3/FX30 and FX6 even more powerful tools for capturing stunning visuals. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this exciting update and how it will benefit SONY camera users.

able to touch the camera and you are far away from it so it just makes it so much easier just to control the app themselves you can adjust the colour settings the contrast the brightness everything you really need on that camera via the app itself and the big news last That they’re actually doing a full frame 4k 120 frames per second which is really interesting because they said all right after the firmware update some people are saying that we’re going to get a full-frame 4k 120. If this holds out to be true this is a game changer because 16 by nine 4k 120 is really great but there’s so many times you may actually want to get a full frame even if you want to crop into that so you can get um you just get a nicer look out of it that’s all I wanted to talk to you guys about the firmware update on the fx3 30 and fx6 because I think this is a massive massive leap towards making these cameras more versatile and I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to actually update my cameras and give them a go have you got any Sony cameras are you excited to get these firmware updates let me know in the comments below give me a thumbs up if you did enjoy this and I can’t wait to see you in the next video

FAQ about SONY Firmware FX3/FX30 & FX6

What are the key features of the new firmware for SONY FX3/FX30 & FX6?

The new firmware update for FX3/FX30 & FX6 includes the addition of shutter angle control, improved autofocus performance, and enhanced operability.

What is the significance of the new shutter angle control feature?

The shutter angle control feature allows for more precise and cinematic control over motion blur, giving filmmakers greater creative freedom in their projects.

How does the improved autofocus performance enhance the user experience?

The improved autofocus performance ensures more accurate and reliable focusing, especially in challenging shooting conditions, making it easier for users to capture sharp and compelling footage.

What are some of the enhancements made to the operability of the FX3/FX30 & FX6 with the new firmware?

The new firmware update improves the overall usability of the cameras by introducing customizable assignable buttons, enhanced menu functions, and improved focus control options.

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