Sony Event Live Coverage

Are you eager to know about the latest Sony event? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with live coverage of the highly anticipated Sony event. Whether you’re a fan of their cutting-edge technology or simply want to stay in the loop with the latest gadgets and innovations, we’ve got all the details for you. From new product launches to exciting announcements, our live coverage will keep you updated every step of the way. So sit back, relax, and let us bring the Sony event to you in real-time.

Stay tuned for all the excitement as we cover the Sony event live!

Sony Event Live Coverage

Sony Event Live Coverage

Good morning everyone good morning or good evening or good night depending on where you are and if you’re here you’re probably going to have yourself a good day but uh let’s hope instead of a good day we have ourselves a great day uh from what I’m sensing here the Sony a93 Is definitely happening it’s definitely going to be announced at 9:00 in this in the morning as you can see well I’ll show you shortly we have uh we’re watching the Sony channel for their announcement we’re going to cover it live at 9:00 between now and then using My panel of guests we’re going to talk about the Sony A9 the a92 the a93 what we think this camera means is it really going to be the fastest mirrorless camera ever and we do have a few specs not a whole lot Sony’s really clamping down on things I’m I’ve got my phone Here in case anything else comes through I’ve got other sources here checking to see if anything else comes through between now and then but um we’re expecting a really big announce announcement uh I want to introduce my first guest uh his name is or his Channel is stop the fomo and so let me switch over to his page because I’d really I really do appreciate him he’s been a supporter of this channel for a very very long time this is his channel here and um he’s always reporting on everything TVs why is there we go Everything television so if you want to know anything about televisions he’s the guy to watch and he’s an avid Sony shooter and we just lost him there we go he’s coming back and there we go just as I introduce you but just as you introduce me I lose connection to the Internet uh how’s it going it’s going well uh keep W to U mention your actual real name but I’m you know obviously protecting your privacy but what I would love you to do is tell people a little bit about your channel and why Sony cameras are so important to you and your Business.

Importance of Sony Cameras

So I had to choose an ecosystem because it affects everything I do from the codec I use right and for me Sony cameras because I do TV reviews so all my cameras are showing the TVs and to get them to adjust them so that the Colors match and to remove some of that flickering all of that for me the Sony cameras just do it faster I’ve tried other cameras and it’s all about workflow speed because I know ultimately you can get all the cameras to look alike so that’s that’s fine but how fast Does it take for me to do all of that and so Sony ends up being the fastest for me with my divin resolve and then how I do things how I edit and so having bought into the Sony’s ever since the a6400 I’m kind of I don’t want to say Stuck because I do like Sony right however you know there’s some disappointments with the lack of firware updates you know overheating for me personally but at the end of the day they’re good enough where I can’t switch to another brand without it being so timeconsuming to relearn the entire Workflow so but I really like it I really like how Sony sets up their menu I’m very used to it I like all of their accessories I use their audio their digital audio connector with their input preamps a lot I have like two of them for my cameras I like their size the Fx30 is just phenomenal so for my use case they have the right models now I would like an A1 FX version at some point with a fan right and I’m hoping I’m hoping something comes out at this launch and as tempting as the a93 is it appears to Be such a specialized photo and not just a photography camera a high-speed photography and I’m I’m like okay I really like this I like it when a brand takes a segment and say look we’re going to make this segment like for this segment we are the best we’re going to Have to compromise here and there but if you are in this segment you know Sports Photography highspeed Wildlife right like wow that’s a thing I didn’t know that so I’m waiting for someone to say all right if you are in this segment of the Creator community and which they did With fx3 so yeah I appreciate that a lot I’m hoping to be surprised maybe the a93 is a little bit more for more people but we’ll see well at 9:00 is when we do get an announcement now I I want to say a I want to call out Sony Alpha rumors and To be particular Andrea bazani because he has done a terrific job of um while reporting on all the forecasts and the rumors for Sony cameras in the past year and his track record has been excellent with the a93 though um he hasn’t given us a whole lot because there has Sony’s Been really holding on to stuff but the a93 um is supposed to be coming out announced this morning at Sony creative space 2023 there you can see right on the screen here we’re going to follow it live at 9:00 and they say in 54 minutes something is going to start.

Announcement Expectations

I’m Wondering what’s going to happen the pre-show their pre-announcement pre-announcement we’ll just have to wait and see I do have some more information but before I do that I just want to say a special thanks to Sennheiser because um I don’t know if it was last year or this year early this Year but they sent me this microphone here that I’m using for all my live streams it’s a saniser profiler I’m using the $199 one and I’ve been using it for all my live streams they also for $129 you can get it without the boom arm but that’s with the boom Arm you’re going to hear some noises in the background um and if you’re married and have children then you know what’s going on it’s a school day my wife is getting up my son is getting up they’re going to go out and walk the dog do breakfast get everything together and go Out and you’re probably going to think oh my God this is going to be a terrible channel to watch the noise is going to be horrendous but just wait and see um I am not um I don’t get any commissions off the sale of these guys unless of Course you use my affiliate links for B&H and Amazon or Adama uh but they’re not paying me to say any of this stuff um you will get to hear how good it is yourselves but there’s no software it’s not like this sh the em7 which I have uh It provides you with software gives you a few more capabilities but this thing is well Plug and Play you just plug it in it lights up and it’s ready to go so but we’re not here to talk about mics we’re here to talk about Sony the a93 and in Particular let’s take a look um stop the fomo at what we know and we got some more information coming in so here’s what we know about that’s you again so let’s change slides here let’s see what we know about the a93 the latest information coming in So what we know is that that’s Canon here we go oh here we are the a93 and the 300 mm GM are supposed to be announced today at 9:00 at this event that’s scheduled and so that’s really awesome but also the sensor it’s not going to be a Stack sensor Sony puts a lot of Stack sensors or BSI sensors if Sony’s releasing a…

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony Event Live Coverage

What is the Sony Event?

The Sony Event is a live coverage of the latest product announcements, showcases, and updates from Sony.

How can I watch the Sony Event live?

You can watch the Sony Event live on the official Sony website or on their official social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

What can I expect to see at the Sony Event?

At the Sony Event, you can expect to see the unveiling of new products such as smartphones, cameras, TVs, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices. There may also be demonstrations and presentations from Sony executives and product experts.

Is there a schedule for the Sony Event?

Yes, the schedule for the Sony Event will be announced by Sony in advance, and you can find the details on their official website or social media channels.

Can I ask questions or interact during the Sony Event live coverage?

Many Sony Events include a live chat or Q&A session where viewers can interact, ask questions, and engage with the presenters and other viewers. Check the event details for more information on this interactive feature.

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