Sony Big Firmware Update

Are you a Sony user who has been eagerly anticipating the latest firmware update? Well, the wait is finally over! Sony has just released a big firmware update that brings a host of exciting new features and improvements to your devices. From enhanced performance to new capabilities, this update is sure to enhance your overall user experience. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of this exciting firmware update, highlighting the key changes and how they will benefit Sony users. So, without further ado, let’s explore all the new and exciting enhancements that the latest Sony firmware update has to offer.

Sony Big Firmware Update

Sony Big Firmware Update: What to Expect


Is Sony about to provide a big firmware update for the Sony A7 S3 and the alpha 1 giving customers much needed updates and enhancements found in more affordable cameras? Well, stick around for all the details and subscribe to the channel for a chance to win a Canon e R5.

Canon and Nikon’s Firmware Updates

Canon has provided over 10 firmware updates with major enhancements for their 5-series cameras, while Nikon has also provided many firmware updates to the Nikon zed99. Lumix has a strong sense of customer loyalty and support through continuous firmware updates for their cameras.

Sony’s Firmware Updates

Sony has been providing firmware updates for the alpha 1 and the A7 S3, but these updates have mostly been for support, maintenance, or bug fixes, rather than providing significant enhancements.

Customer Complaints

Many customers have expressed frustration with Sony’s firmware updates, as they feel that the updates from other camera manufacturers provide more in terms of enhancements and capabilities.

Sony’s Response

According to a recent interview with lensvid, Sony’s highest-ranking people are aware of the complaints and are taking them into consideration.

Comparison with Canon

Canon has listened to customer feedback and provided significant enhancements through firmware updates for their cameras, such as removing the 30-minute record limit and improving performance in hot environments.

Concerns and Expectations

While Sony is acknowledging customer feedback, there are concerns that they may not deliver on major firmware updates. Customers hope for improvements in autofocus, video, and stills capabilities for the A7 S3 and alpha 1.

Lessons from Panasonic

Panasonic has teased customers with the upcoming release of the Panasonic gh6 after a long wait, showing that it’s important for Sony to act on their promises and provide timely updates.


Sony has a loyal customer base, and by releasing significant enhancements through firmware updates, they have the opportunity to increase their market share and satisfy their customers.

FAQs about Sony Big Firmware Update

What is the Sony Big Firmware Update?

The Sony Big Firmware Update is a major software update for Sony devices that includes new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Which Sony devices are eligible for the Big Firmware Update?

The Big Firmware Update is available for select Sony cameras, camcorders, and other electronic devices. Check the Sony website or the device’s support page for more information on eligibility.

How can I update my Sony device with the Big Firmware Update?

To update your Sony device with the Big Firmware Update, you will need to download the firmware file from the Sony website and follow the instructions provided in the update documentation. Make sure to fully charge your device and back up any important data before proceeding with the update.

What are some of the new features included in the Big Firmware Update?

The Big Firmware Update may include enhancements to image quality, improved autofocus performance, new shooting modes, and compatibility with additional accessories. Check the release notes for the specific update to see what new features are included.

Is it important to regularly update the firmware on my Sony device?

Yes, regularly updating the firmware on your Sony device is important to ensure that it is running at its best performance and has the latest security patches. Keeping the firmware up to date can also help to resolve any issues or bugs that may be present in older versions of the software.

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