Sony a9 III MAJOR FEATURES Review: Does it Live Up to the HYPE?!

Are you on the hunt for a new camera that delivers professional quality photos and exceptional performance? Look no further than the highly anticipated Sony a9 III. With a plethora of advanced features and improvements, this powerhouse of a camera has been generating a lot of buzz in the photography world. But does it live up to the hype? In this review, we will explore the major features of the Sony a9 III and find out if it truly delivers on its promises. From its impressive speed and autofocus capabilities to its enhanced connectivity and versatility, we’ll dive deep into what makes this camera stand out from the rest. Join us as we uncover what the Sony a9 III has to offer for photographers of all levels.

Sony a9 III MAJOR FEATURES Review: Does it Live Up to the HYPE?!

Jared Polin from recently did a review of the brand new Sony a9 III. In his video, he takes viewers inside the electronic viewfinder of the camera, giving them a firsthand look at what it’s like to shoot with this highly anticipated model. While the camera was still in the pre-production phase with pre-production firmware at the time of the review, Jared highlights some of the major features that make the Sony a9 III stand out from its predecessors and competitors.

Pre-Shoot Buffer

One of the standout features of the Sony a9 III is the pre-shoot buffer, indicated by a new icon that looks like a top hat. Jared explains that this feature pre-buffers for a predetermined amount of time, allowing photographers to capture moments that they may have missed otherwise. He shares a personal experience of how the pre-shoot buffer came in handy while photographing a fast-paced basketball game, enabling him to capture the entire shot even though he was late to react initially.

Playback and Image Selection

When it comes to reviewing and selecting images, the Sony a9 III offers a convenient playback feature that allows photographers shooting at high frame rates to easily navigate through their sequences. Jared demonstrates how the camera allows users to play back a video sequence of their shots, making it easier to stop and start the images they want to keep. He also points out how the camera intuitively indicates which images were captured with the pre-capture feature, streamlining the image selection process.

Image Quality and Burst Shooting

While Jared couldn’t comment extensively on image quality due to the pre-production nature of the camera, he showcases the ability of the Sony a9 III to capture bursts of high-speed images. Shooting at 120 frames per second, he highlights the precision and detail in the images, even under challenging conditions. With an extensive sequence of nearly 3,000 images, he demonstrates how the camera’s intuitive management of starred images simplifies the post-shooting workflow.

Fro Pack 4 Integration

Jared incorporates the use of fro Pack 4, a set of custom Lightroom presets, to edit some of the JPEG images captured with the Sony a9 III. While acknowledging the limitations of editing JPEG files and the need to wait for the raw files, he showcases the versatility and impact of the presets in enhancing the images. Demonstrating the potential for a streamlined raw workflow, Jared emphasizes the need for comprehensive editing capabilities geared towards the power and performance of the Sony a9 III.

Global Shutter and Continuous Autofocus

The review also draws attention to the Sony a9 III’s global shutter sensor, emphasizing its ability to eliminate distortion and rolling shutter effects, especially evident during rapid motion capture, such as in sports photography. Jared showcases the camera’s capability to capture high-speed sequences with continuous autofocus and metering, highlighting the precision and speed it offers in dynamic shooting scenarios.


FAQ: Sony a9 III Major Features Review

Q: What are the major features of the Sony a9 III?

A: The Sony a9 III boasts impressive features such as a 35mm full-frame stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor, 8K video recording capability, improved autofocus with Real-time Eye AF for humans and animals, and a high-speed continuous shooting of up to 30fps.


Q: Does the Sony a9 III live up to the hype?

A: Many reviewers and photographers have praised the Sony a9 III for delivering on its promises and exceeding expectations. Its cutting-edge technology and performance make it a highly desirable camera for professional photographers and videographers.


Q: What sets the Sony a9 III apart from its competitors?

A: The Sony a9 III stands out due to its exceptional speed, high-resolution imaging, and advanced autofocus capabilities, making it a top choice for capturing fast-paced action and sports photography.

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