Sony A9 III: Announcement Confirmed November 7?

Are you eager to hear about the latest advancements in Sony’s acclaimed A9 series? Well, the wait is almost over! Rumors are stirring within the photography community about the highly anticipated Sony A9 III, and it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer for an official announcement. With its predecessor, the Sony A9 II, already setting a high standard for mirrorless cameras, the potential for the A9 III is generating a lot of excitement. The upcoming announcement on November 7 is sure to bring about a wave of speculation and anticipation. If you’re an avid Sony user or simply a photography enthusiast, you won’t want to miss out on the latest updates regarding this groundbreaking camera. Stay tuned for more information on the Sony A9 III!

Sony A9 III: Announcement Confirmed November 7

Sony A9 III: Announcement Confirmed November 7

The Sony a93 the 300 mm GM will we get an announcement at Sony creative space 2023 tomorrow Wednesday or will we have to wait until 2024 stick around for all the details after this short message but first subscribe to stay up to date on the latest camera news and for all the minor News stories all those news stories not quite big enough to have their own separate video follow me on X formerly known as Twitter I feel like I’m reporting on a soap opera in October we were told that the Sony a93 would likely get announced at the Sony creative space In 2023 that it would cost somewhere around $4,500 then last week Sony Alpha rumors said it would get announced on November the 8th and just two days ago said that a trusted Source has now confirmed it will be announced one day earlier on November the 7th with an invitation by Sony themselves for an event at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday November the 2nd that’s tomorrow and it does seem like a little bit of flip-flopping but let’s take a look at Sony Alf rumors track record when Sony Alpha rumor says that something’s coming from a trusted Source well they’ve been proven to be highly Accurate the Canon 200 to 800 MIM well they got that right what about the Nikon ZF well they got that one right too the A7 C2 the a7c a6700 and the A7 R5 I I can keep going on in the last 12 months Sony Alpha rumors has gotten well an awful lot Correct now for those of you out there detracting and saying that Sony Alpha rumors is rubbish and they don’t get anything right you got to read between the lines whenever Sony says it’s coming as a wild rumor it’s not coming from trusted sources and it could be just somebody sending something in and They’re posting it for well humor to entertain us and to really not take it seriously however with all those cameras that I mentioned not only did Sony talk about the camera when it would get announced but also LED with a whole bunch of validated specifications that came from trusted sources for each of Those cameras and yet here we are a day or two ahead of when we’re supposed to get the announcement of the a92 sorry the a93 and the 300 mm GM we don’t have anything from trusted sources we have nothing whatsoever however we do have some supposed leak specifications that Are coming from the camera Insider Sony Alpha rumors but they haven’t been validated and that leaves us scratching our heads a little bit just looking at the well sensor for example we’re seeing regard depending on who you talk to photo rumors Sony alfha rumors the camera Insider the new camera we’re Seeing a resolution somewhere between 26 and 36 megapixels with most of the rumors right now settling in on around 33 megapixels stacked full-frame sensor but no information on what the image processor is going to be and in terms of shooting continuous shooting well we’re told that it’s capable of 40 frames per Second 12bit raw and up to 30 frames per second 14bit raw and that is pretty impressive now in terms of the Stills or the video capabilities of this camera definitely at that resolution well if it comes in at 33 we’re not going to get 8K and that’s what the rumors are saying no 8K in this camera and 4K no 4K 120 4K all the way up to 60 frames per second and I know this is a well fastaction Sports camera first and foremost more akin to the Canon use R3 or the Nikon z9 but I can’t help but comparing it to the Canon R5 or the Nikon Z8 which the Nikon Z8 is very similar to the z9 and not having 8K in 2023 let alone 2024 we’ve got over six cameras now that can do 8K video and some of them costing just around $2,200 but in terms of 4K we do top out At 4K 60 and in 1080 we can do all the way up to 120 frames per second which is what we would like to see in 4k there’s no mechanical shutter and the design ergonomics is going to be very similar according to the rumors based on the Sony Alpha 1 and the price well supposed to be mid between $4,000 and $55,000 so around $4500 and that certainly makes sense from what we’ve seen from Canon and everything that they’ve released this year and Canon being a Japanese firm releasing in US Dollars like Sony Will do we’ve seen a huge decrease in the value of the Yen to the US dollar and that’s why we’re seeing a lot of Canon products that are coming out as successors with the exact same price as the predecessor the Canon EOS R6 Mark II As an example so I don’t expect the a93 to be priced that much more than the a92 and I know what you’re thinking didn’t Sony increase the price of the Sony a74 over the a73 yes they did but then again Sony’s been discounting that camera line for Some time and now they feel that they can justify charging the going market rate for that type of camera but now the announcement date at was supposed to be November the eth and well now we’re looking at November the 7th November the 7th which is just one day away and Normally at this point I’d be super excited because I’d have a whole list of validated specs from trusted sources but at this point I really don’t feel that I don’t feel excited I don’t feel excited to do a live stream but we are going to get some sort of announcement on Tuesday November the 2nd at 9:00 a.m. eastern standard time because the clock’s just changed so that Eastern Standard time instead of eastern daylight time and I don’t know what to expect the a93 the 300 mm gm2 3 the 300 mm GM or maybe some software maybe some other lenses maybe an FX Camera we just don’t know so what I’m going to do is I’m going to at least book a live stream one hour before this scheduled announcement so we can just at least get to see what it’s going to be we could be impressed it could be the Sony a93 the world’s fastest mirrorless Camera to date and that’s a bold prediction and if that’s the case I’ll be excited if that’s what happens but if we get to the announcement and it’s just some sort of software it’s just well a pre-announcement announcement um yeah I’m going to feel a little bit disappointed and we probably won’t Continue the stream that much longer so I am going to have a stream and assuming that we are getting the announcement of the a93 this week or the 300 M 300 mm GM well that’s why I have Smart pre-order links down below now these smart pre-order links the same ones that I Have in the description they’re not going to help you right now once the Embargo is lifted once you start to see a whole bunch of videos once Sony has announced the camera that’s when these smart pre-order links will work and if Sony has multiple different packages You’re going to be able to see all of them for atarama or B&H and really what these serve the purpose of doing if you copy these down put them in your browser and start refreshing them right as we do our live stream as we get Close to 9:00 a.m. well what it’s going to do is help you get a little bit further up in the queue so you can get your camera before anybody else what I suspect is if if Sony releases the a93 and it’s just a minor update to the a92 Well there’s really no rush…

What is the Sony A9 III?

The Sony A9 III is the latest professional mirrorless camera from Sony, designed for sports, action, and wildlife photography.

Is the announcement of the Sony A9 III confirmed for November 7?

Yes, Sony has confirmed that the announcement of the A9 III will take place on November 7, 2021.

What are the expected features of the Sony A9 III?

Rumors suggest that the A9 III will have improved autofocus, a higher resolution sensor, and enhanced image processing capabilities.

Will the Sony A9 III be suitable for professional photographers?

Yes, the A9 III is designed for professional photographers who require high-speed performance and exceptional image quality.

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