Sony a7R IV, RX100 VII One Week Later: A Bigger Picture

Are you considering investing in a new Sony camera but unsure if it’s worth the price tag? Look no further than the Sony a7R IV and RX100 VII. These two cameras have been making waves in the photography community for their advanced features and stunning image quality. If you’re still on the fence about these models, join us as we dive into the world of Sony cameras and explore the benefits of owning the a7R IV and RX100 VII. After just one week of using these cameras, you’ll see why they are a game-changer for photographers looking to capture a bigger picture.

Sony a7R IV, RX100 VII One Week Later: A Bigger Picture

Last week Sony announced the a7r Mark 4 but at the same time in a separate briefing under embargo until this morning Sony briefed a handful of us on the rx100 7 now embargo notwithstanding it has actually taken me until now to fully process what I think it is we actually Saw anyway and that is a big game Mike drop accept hey everybody I’m Hugh brownstone for three blind men and an elephant and today I want to share with you our first hands-on impressions of the $3500 Sony a7r for from product and strategy perspectives as well as place This morning’s announcement of the rx 107 in context but before I do a few quick announcements from our friendly neighborhood Department of Commerce beginning with this you only have a few more days to enter our zeiss batis lens giveaway so hop to because if you are our randomly selected winner you get to Pick the brand-new factory-sealed baddest of your choice you can find how to enter in the show notes down below please show some love to our sponsors Zeiss and Adorama thank you guys second our next streets of New York street photography workshop is coming up October 20th through 23rd sponsored by Our friends at Hasselblad and B&H thank you guys please visit our website to learn more and if you’re interested best to make arrangements now before we fill up and hotel room prices get crazy in anticipation of photo plus later that week we’d really love to have you there Link down below as well last if you really love what you see here please give a thumbs up subscribe join the conversation below which is always amazing or check us out at patreon in all instances we thank you okay first the a7r for [Laughter] Capable of sublime imagery in detail gorgeous colors straight out of camera groundbreaking resolution functionality and flexibility at a breakthrough price about to be recognized rightly so as the best general-purpose hybrid camera on the market it will win awards yes it’s an incremental upgrade to the a7 r3 which interestingly enough I named our 2017 air quotes medium format camera of the year but incremental upgrade really doesn’t do justice to what sony has accomplished however one there were issues during the press event mostly around focus and buffer mostly – for most people even those who want high megapixel count cameras the a7 R4 offers limited though real marginal utility over its predecessor primarily around EVF ceiling autofocus and no recording limit three to get the most out of it you’ll need to put a lot into it because if you don’t you simply won’t see 61 megapixels worth of image quality We will get into it for depending on what you need there for what you want and how you do it there are better options out there and with all of that said we’re on the verge of buying one anyway again I’ll get into all of this But I want to start with the strategy that has given us this camera because personally I find it most fascinating and guys I guess that’s really why this channel exists to share my enthusiasm musings and learnings with you it is my joy and privilege and this camera this Launch at this time is classic business school case study kind of stuff and a Rorschach test really for each of us I think it incites us to ask what is truly important in our gear what isn’t and why so yeah let’s do it half a year more after the big boys announced their Entries into the mirrorless full-frame market and icons $3,400 45.7 megapixel z7 Panasonic’s $3,700 forty-seven point three megapixel s-1 are also their lower priced 24 megapixel versions of the same canons $2,400 30 megapixel eos are and subsequently released $1300 twenty six point two megapixel eos rfp neither of Which really are in this league but still helped make the point because all were in response to sony’s blue ocean creation of a full-frame mirrorless market in the first place just about the same time by the way that fuji film introduced there what do you want to call it entry-level Affordable $4,500 medium format 50 megapixel GFX 50 are two months after Fuji film then announced and began shipping their $10,000 100 megapixel medium format GFX 100 just weeks after Hasselblad introduced their $5,800 50 megapixel radically less expensive than the original and now by far the lowest priced camera in their lineup the medium Format x1 D 2 and after going dark for the better part of a year except for lenses hold that thought allowing those same companies to extol the virtues of more megapixels and larger sensors and mirrorless bodies without a response from Sony at all though what would Nick respond this was An extraordinary validation of Sony’s big bet and leveraged their marketing spend with earned media coverage yeah that’s when Sony surprised pretty much everybody last week with the a7 r4 boom but what is it beyond the headline spec and call it market jarring price and why Is it why not for instance an a7 s3 or a 7000 the a7 r4 headline spec you already knows 61 megapixels and you know the price but you may have missed or not that they threw in what must be the same highest spec in the industry 5.7 million Dot uxg a resolution EVF uxga is the important point in the Panasonic s ones real-time tracking and IAF from the a9 which now works in video as well which is huge better weather sealing which clearly needed some refinement and has become important to us revised grip and controls are reported 15 stops of dynamic range while retaining low-light performance as good or better than the a7 3 hold that thought although I’ll mention right now because I think many of you may not know this that dynamic range and ISO are inversely correlated that is as ISO goes Up dynamic range goes down a lot and this is a much bigger deal than most people realize and I cannot imagine this is a coincidence an aps-c super 35 crop mode which delivers 26 megapixels 2 megapixels more than the already excellent dedicated aps-c sensor in our For example a 6400 making it a doddle to use with existing aps-c originally Sony mount glass without giving up anything though if you’re ready to spend 461 megapixels one has to ask why would you be happy with 24 or 26 megapixels ever again well let’s tackle that right now and we Can start with this I guess what we might call full resolution super 35 crop mode lets you keep your investment in your existing crop glass more interesting I think is that you can take say V full frame Fe two hundred six hundred you’ve either bought or been Eyeing for your a7 series or a nine and with a flip of a software saying have an uncompromised stonking amazing 300 to 900 millimeter field of view let me repeat at 26 megapixels sure other a7 series cameras have a crop mode but if my math is right doing this on an A7 3 would give you just under 10 megapixels of resolution actually this is just fine by the way more than fine because it can yield perfectly gorgeous results up to eight by tens anyway at lower ISOs based on my experience with my Leica m8 the a7 r3 Would up the crop resolution to about 16 megapixels and that would be fine to a three no problem based on my experience with canon 5d mark ii and the lovely little panasonic lumix GX 85 which by the way for those of you who can’t afford these kind of prices is now Selling for 500 bucks with a pair of consumer grade zooms but in any case this is from our perspective as image makers from sony’s perspective the crop mode on the a7 r4 might…

Sony a7R IV, RX100 VII One Week Later: A Bigger Picture FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main features of the Sony a7R IV?

A: The Sony a7R IV is a full-frame mirrorless camera with a 61MP sensor, 567 phase-detection AF points, 10fps continuous shooting, and 4K video recording capabilities.

Q: What improvements does the RX100 VII have over its predecessor?

A: The RX100 VII features a new 20.1MP 1-inch stacked CMOS sensor, Real-Time Tracking and Real-Time Eye AF, 90fps burst shooting, and a mic input for improved audio recording.

Q: How has the a7R IV performed after one week of use?

A: Users have reported excellent image quality, fast and accurate autofocus, and improved ergonomics compared to previous models.

Q: Is the RX100 VII a good option for vlogging?

A: Yes, the RX100 VII’s compact size, flip-up screen, and mic input make it a great choice for vloggers looking for high-quality video recording in a portable package.

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