Sony a7R IV Launch, Live Stream in New York City,

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for the latest and greatest equipment to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than the Sony a7R IV! Join us in celebrating the launch of this cutting-edge camera at our live stream event in New York City. With unmatched resolution, speed, and versatility, the a7R IV is sure to impress even the most discerning photographers. Tune in to our live stream to see the camera in action and learn more about its groundbreaking features. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to witness the future of photography unfold before your eyes!

Sony a7R IV Launch in New York City

Sony a7R IV Launch Event in New York City

For four months cameras and Alexis the Imam is a platform for Kriegers a possible through the email way of further external world we leaders are able to you know as new and extraordinary levels of inspiration wait a minute – you know babies okay now oh yeah Oh exciting introduction what do You think pretty cool I will tell you some more about it but a7r Mark or is what we consider to be another milestone and it’s quite a milestone it is so I want to tell you a little bit more about it I’m going to focus on the highlights But we have plenty of time to go into great detail later on but we just wanted to touch upon what makes this such an amazing evolution in our our series it sets new standards of image quality but not just image quality also operability and again it’s to give creators new Opportunities that’s what we’re all about with hearty products so it’s the evolution of our with an all new image sensor 61 effectiveness megapixels it’s our first update in the our series since from an image sensor standpoint since 2015 you may remember when we launched teamaster in 2016 we told you about how We knew what the future of image sensor and camera performance was all about and this is a perfect example of that it reaches new heights in terms of performance and image quality with this new image sensor but it’s more than just a higher resolution of course it’s an R Series camera our resolution but it’s more than just that the imagers low noise construction remember it’s a new generation of image sensor for us every time we had introduced into one reach new heights in performance but this low noise construction it’s backside illuminated together with our latest beyond X processor improvements reaches stops This is an excellent example of what alpha seminar mark 4 and do a beautiful image obviously we’re constrained with what we can put on the television screen even though it’s okay but take a look at this with this kind of resolution even the finest details of the models eyelashes are faithfully recorded so Resolution is spared what alpha7 are our core provides here’s another example but in this case not just resolving power but let us show you the kind of dynamic range this sensor is capable so to take a look at this take a look at the extraordinary range from the Shadow to highlight all captured with unprecedented this but for even more incredible pixel shifting how about more resolution our pixel shift multi shooting mode first introduced in alpha 7 our mark 3 has been involved to create images of up to 240 million Jesus Christ so this image here that you see here was Created from 16 captures 16 sequential captures each one which has been shifted by pixel increments to create and that’s assembled in our imaging edge application state file this kind of detail this kind of color accuracy is simply not possible from other tables so in kenji sign that says talks about Medium format in a full-frame camera this is which another level of performance in with 61 million pixels to work with and offering mode just imagine what you can do well one for those who use aps-c crop for extra reach of the seminars mark Ward’s a newsstand and it’s not just the Resolution imagine what you can do when you have a full-frame sensor that you’re cropping for aps-c take a look at what happens to the focusing system so in the next slide we’re going to show you up a seminar mark for has 567 phase AF points coupling 74% in full frame mode but in This image we’re showing you what it can do in aps-c 325 of those sensors cover the aps-c area essentially providing proofed across the entire more than 100 percent of vertical almost 100% horizontal imagine a focusing system that can focus on any point and that’s what we can do with this image sensor So there’s five hundred and sixty-seven points in full brain but three hundred and twenty-five an aps-c and now probably for the very first time you can cover every element of the brain this new imager is the world’s first 61-megapixel full-frame image sensor and it provides this counter with image quality Rival in medium format but in the convenient sizes from alpha 7 series besides we that everybody is come moon joy in our alpha 7 series this kind of performance but alpha7 our mark 4 is more than another milestone in image quality it’s also an evolution in speed and we wanted To be able to create that unique combination of image quality and responsiveness that’s really available in no other function and that’s really for the very first time the decisive moment can be captured with image quality because but capturing the decisive moment is now at a whole different level from speed yes Image quality yes the powerful combination of the two creators and a7r Mark includes some of our very latest AI enhance real-time tracking AF and real-time I have to effortlessly maintain focus on rapidly moving subjects some of our very very latest technologies first seen in alpha 9 are Now in a 74 and as we’ll see in this next short clip you’ll see its tracking capability on graphic listening subjects so this is the same type of real-time It’s not just real-time iaf for humans it’s also real time I have animals not just as you would expect while the seminar art board is not just about still photography it’s also about video capture as well and we imbued it with some of our very latest technology Take a look just a quick rundown of many of the things that we’ve evolved recently we have old width of the sensor captured as well as the est prop 6k over sampled 6k frames to make 4k we have so we have real-time tracking AF for video With touch tracking on the LCD of course s log 2 and s log 3 for 14 stop dynamic range capture and all of this and you’ll see a very short clip unfortunately we only have about a 5-second clip [Applause] Thanks So conventional microphones are analog devices and they send an analog signal into the camera and then the camera has a burger in it to record audio digital video format we have a new we’ll show you in just a moment that transfers a digital audio signal alpha7 our mark boards newly Designed multi-interface shoe for high-quality sound recording that’s right a digital signal all the way into the recording stage so that’s there are so many other things to tell you about a completely improved sealing and recording just some of the improvements as for productivity this Will be our first camera with 24 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi or wireless a USB 3.0 connector edge application for the desktop so a lot of work has gone productivity greater for the problem and here’s a brief summary of the camera everybody take notes test all of this Looks like a frame rates all of this will be introduced so very much but we also have this so again and all the controls as far as I know this is one of the very few if any exists in the world to deliver premium with digital audio to so This microphone changes the game with our digital audio technology something that we have and Sony that few if any camera manufacturers so we have a short video to show you to tell you about the technology because it’s so different so in this video you’re gonna see not only The digital audio interface but a newly designed the microphone that uses eight pickups to realize why recent directionality like it’s typical shotgun like this is almost 12 inches long built-in DSP sorry to allow a compact system use…

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