SONY A7IV VS SONY A7SIII – ISO Test – The Truth about filming in Low Light

Are you a filmmaker or photographer who frequently works in low light conditions? Have you been debating between the SONY A7IV and SONY A7SIII for their low light performance? Well, you’re in the right place! In this blog, we will be conducting an ISO test to uncover the truth about filming in low light with these two popular SONY cameras. We will compare their ISO capabilities, noise levels, and overall image quality in low light situations. By the end of this blog, you will have a clear understanding of which camera is better suited for your low light filming needs. Let’s dive in and discover the truth about filming in low light with these two powerhouse cameras.

Article: SONY A7IV VS SONY A7SIII – ISO Test – The Truth about filming in Low Light

What’s up everyone today he wants to discuss low-light capabilities between the a74 and the a7 s3. This is not one of those in-depth tests, it is more of an opinionated video after some testing based on what he feels like he would use it for. He wants to share this information with all YouTube producers out there.

Low-Light Performance Comparison

He hears a lot of people saying that the a74 in terms of usable low-light performance is better than the a7 s3 in practical low-light performance. However, in his opinion, the a7s iii is still the better practical low-light camera, especially if shooting in s-log 3.

Real-Use ISO Testing

Real-use ISO performance in crop mode is going to suffer compared to full-frame. When shooting in low-light situations at wedding receptions and other events, it’s important to consider practical low-light performance for run-and-gun shooters and wedding filmmakers.

He found that the a7 4 does not perform as well as the a7s iii in s-log 3 at 3200 ISO, which is when the dual native ISO kicks in for the a74. When overexposing by 1.7 to 2 stops on the camera, he needs to get to 12800 ISO, which the a7s3 handles better.


So, in his opinion, the low-light capability of the a74 in practical, real-world situations is still not as good as the a7s 3. He believes the a7s3 is the best performer in low-light overall, regardless of the ISO range being used.

He clarifies that this is his opinion based on his workflow and video production. He hopes this information is helpful for those considering the low-light performance of these cameras.

Until next time, he signs off.


Frequently Asked Questions about SONY A7IV and SONY A7SIII – ISO Test

What is the ISO performance of SONY A7IV and SONY A7SIII in low light?

The SONY A7SIII has a better ISO performance than the A7IV in low light conditions. It has a wider ISO range and produces cleaner images with less noise.

Which camera is better for filming in low light?

If you’re looking for a camera specifically for low light filming, the SONY A7SIII would be the better choice due to its superior ISO performance and low light capabilities.

Can the SONY A7IV still perform well in low light?

While the SONY A7IV may not match the low light performance of the A7SIII, it still performs well in low light conditions and can produce high-quality results with the right settings and techniques.

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