Sony A7IV vs Canon R6 – Which Should You Buy?

Are you in the market for a new camera and can’t decide between the Sony A7IV and the Canon R6? Look no further, as we’re here to help you make an informed decision. Both of these cameras are top contenders in the mirrorless camera market, offering high-quality features and impressive performance. In this blog, we will compare the Sony A7IV and the Canon R6 to help you determine which one is the better choice for your photography needs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast, we’ll break down the key differences and similarities between these two cameras to help you make the best purchase decision. Let’s dive in and see which camera comes out on top!


Sony A7IV vs Canon R6 – Which Should You Buy?

Finally had an opportunity to hang some photos up on the wall what do you guys think in today’s video we’re going to be comparing the canon r6 with the sony a74 so let’s jump into it So i really want to know what are the differences what are the similarities and overall just wrap my head around these two camera bodies and i also want to help you guys that are on the fence between the r6 and the a74 if that is you hopefully this video should shed a Little bit of light on which one to get so obviously i have not had a ton of time with the a74 i’ve only had it for about two months now whereas the r6 has been my main camera for the last 18 months so i’m still learning the a74 but So far i think it’s a really great camera i shot the two cameras side by side i was switching between them on a shoot with miele so i’ll be rolling some behind the scenes from that shoot as we talk through the comparison between these cameras In terms of usability i didn’t prefer one over the other they both were really easy to shoot with i feel like the cameras were customizable enough where i could set them up in a way that made sense to me and that i was comfortable shooting with them and overall like my Confidence as a photographer during the shoot didn’t really waver between one body or the other i really wanted to use a native glass between the two bodies so on the r6 i used the 35 millimeter 1.8 rf and then on the sony i used the g master 35 millimeter 1.4 but to keep it even i shot at 1.8 on the g master by the end of the shoot i feel like i could have done a really great job on either camera didn’t really matter r6 a74 for the most part a very similar experience these two Cameras are very similar in the way that they’ve both got face and eye tracking they both have dual card slots really great battery life snappy autofocus and really professional features overall but they do differ in some subtle ways the first thing that’s very similar to me is The dynamic range of these two cameras i shot some intentionally underexposed photos and I was able to recover shadows really well with the r6 and the a74 and they’re pretty much neck and neck if i had to choose one i would say that the a74 is slightly better in terms of Dynamic range overall but you’re definitely not going to notice the difference between these two cameras unless you really pixel peep Yeah okay these are my favorite shots so far perfect A lot of people have been saying to me that there’s a definite difference between the colors of the r6 and the a74 and yes I understand looking at the raw files they both look quite different but after you have edited your photos here i used a preset from my preset pack these Two photos look identical to one another if i was to put these up in front of you and say hey pick the sony and the canon I doubt you’d be able to tell the difference so unless you shoot straight out of camera jpegs the whole difference In color i think is a bit of a non-issue Oh that’s great Taking way too many photos but oh well pretty standard for me [Applause] so i’ve got a list of things here that I don’t like about the a74 compared to the r6 and the first one is the a74 has a much lower resolution viewfinder than the r6 so looking through the viewfinder i noticed that it just doesn’t look as nice and i think there is a definite resolution difference between the two it doesn’t really have a practical effect on your photo taking ability but it definitely is noticeable the second thing is that the a74 has a cropped 4k mode when you’re shooting 50 or 60 frames per second now that’s not Something that I do a lot but i do really like having uncropped 4k slow motion on my r6 now they have updated the menus of the a74 from the a7 3 but i still found that the menu system of the a74 while i did get Used to it it just took me a little bit longer to get used to and to be able to find things when i’m out and shoot but luckily the a74 it’s saving grace is really the amount of custom buttons and custom options that you have you are Somewhat limited on the r6 with the amount of custom buttons that you can have whereas on the a74 i feel like you can pretty much assign any button to any feature which is really great now the last thing and probably the biggest difference that i noticed between the A74 and the r6 is the autofocus the a74 is just not as good as the r6 and this is on the launch firmware so i haven’t updated the firmware since it came from the factory but when you’re shooting on the screen it’s very confidence inspiring you feel like wow I’m getting All these photos in focus it looks great the box is tracking the eye perfectly but when you get it back to the computer it’s a bit of a different story now this is not because i’m biased to canon i genuinely wanted the a74 focus system to Be as good as the canon autofocus system because i really want to like the a74 but the front focusing and the back focusing and the fact that it didn’t do as good of a job picking the eye that was closest to the camera really separated it from the r6 so i did Briefly touch on this in a previous video it was actually a behind the scenes of my first shoot with the a74 and this g master lens a lot of people were saying that they were running into some early focus issues with the a74 and i noticed that when there was like a Strand of hair or something in the way of the frame the accuracy of the a74’s eye detection dramatically decreased and they were comparing it to the a7 3 and saying that it just wasn’t as good so that’s definitely really interesting something that i will be testing a lot More and now that i’ve got more lenses than just the g master 35 i can actually test it and see if it’s an issue that’s related to that one lens so now it’s time to talk about the things that the a74 does better than the r6 first and foremost 33 megapixels versus 20 Megapixels now you get a lot more room to crop with the sony given that it does have that extra megapixel capability in terms of sharpness and detail how the image looks uncropped if you put these files side by side you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference at all i really Think that the megapixel difference really makes an impact more so when you’re doing any heavy cropping i love that you can do an instant crop mode on the a74 so i have a custom button set up when i press that button it goes into crop mode which means it’ll be shooting 14 megapixel images and that just helps me to get a little bit of extra reach out of my lenses if i’m okay with dropping down the megapixels when i just don’t have time to change lenses you can do this on the r6 although it is a much Lower resolution file and also you need to go into the menu in order to enable the crop mode you can’t set a custom button for that feature i also love that the a74 has no recording


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the key differences between the Sony A7IV and Canon R6?

    The Sony A7IV features a 33MP sensor, while the Canon R6 has a 20MP sensor. The A7IV also boasts 4k video recording at 60fps, compared to the R6’s 4k at 30fps. Additionally, the A7IV has a higher resolution EVF and longer battery life compared to the R6.

  2. Which camera is better for photography?

    Both cameras perform very well for still photography, but the Sony A7IV’s higher resolution sensor and better low light performance may give it an edge for professional photographers.

  3. Which camera is better for videography?

    The Sony A7IV offers better video recording capabilities with higher frame rates and higher resolution, making it a better choice for videographers.

  4. Can I use my existing lenses with these cameras?

    Both the Sony A7IV and Canon R6 are compatible with a wide range of lenses, but the specific lens mount of each camera is different, so you may need to use an adapter to use existing lenses with the new camera.

  5. Which camera should I buy?

    The decision between the Sony A7IV and Canon R6 ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize video recording and high resolution, the A7IV may be the better choice. If you prefer a more well-rounded camera with excellent autofocus and low-light performance, the Canon R6 could be the better option.

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