Sony A7IV rainy shoot at Singapore Zoo #sonyalpha #sony #sonya7iv

Are you a photography enthusiast looking to capture stunning wildlife shots during a rainy day? Look no further! In this blog, we will delve into the world of Sony A7IV and its incredible capabilities to transform your rainy shoot at the enchanting Singapore Zoo. Known for its lush greenery and diverse range of animals, the Singapore Zoo offers a captivating backdrop for any photography adventure. With Sony A7IV’s weather-sealed body and advanced image stabilization technology, you can confidently brave the rain and capture awe-inspiring moments with unparalleled clarity. Join us as we explore the Sony A7IV’s features and techniques to make the most out of your rainy shoot at the Singapore Zoo.

Rainy Shoot at Singapore Zoo – Sony A7IV

Rainy Shoot at Singapore Zoo – Sony A7IV


Singapore Zoo is a popular destination for photographers to capture stunning wildlife photographs. Recently, a photographer took on the challenge of shooting in heavy rain using the Sony Alpha 7 Mark IV with the Tamron 28-75 lens. Let’s explore their rainy shoot experience in this article.

Exploring the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is known for its wide variety of animals and beautiful scenery. With lush greenery and natural habitats, it provides the perfect backdrop for photographers to capture incredible shots. Our photographer decided to test the weather resistance of the Sony A7IV and took it for a rainy shoot at the zoo.

Preparing for the Rain

Prior to the shoot, the photographer made sure to protect the camera and lens from water damage. They used a rain cover specifically designed for the Sony A7IV to ensure the gear remains dry throughout the shoot. Additionally, they packed a microfiber cloth to wipe off any water droplets that may have landed on the lens.

Shooting in the Rain

Despite the heavy rain, the Sony A7IV performed exceptionally well. Its weather sealing feature provided peace of mind to the photographer, allowing them to focus on capturing stunning shots without worrying about water damage. The autofocus was fast and accurate, even in challenging conditions, ensuring sharp images of the animals.

Benefits of Sony A7IV for Rainy Shoots

The Sony A7IV offers several features that make it an excellent choice for rainy shoots:

1. Weather Sealing

The weather-sealed body of the Sony A7IV protects it from moisture and dust, making it suitable for shooting in challenging environments like heavy rain or dusty conditions.

2. Excellent Low Light Performance

The Sony A7IV’s high ISO capabilities allow for great low light performance, which comes in handy during rainy days when lighting conditions may not be optimal. The photographer was able to capture detailed and well-exposed shots even in the gloomy weather.

3. Versatile Lens Options

The Tamron 28-75 lens used in this shoot provided the flexibility to capture both wide-angle views of the zoo’s expansive landscapes and close-up shots of the animals. Its focal range allowed the photographer to adapt to various shooting scenarios effortlessly.


Shooting in heavy rain at the Singapore Zoo with the Sony A7IV and Tamron 28-75 lens was a successful and enjoyable experience for the photographer. The camera’s weather-sealed body and excellent performance in low light conditions proved to be beneficial for capturing stunning wildlife photographs. If you’re planning a rainy shoot or looking for a camera that can withstand challenging weather conditions, the Sony A7IV is definitely worth considering.

Sony A7IV Rainy Shoot at Singapore Zoo – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – Sony A7IV Rainy Shoot at Singapore Zoo

#sonyalpha #sony #sonya7iv

Q1: Can I use the Sony A7IV in rainy weather conditions?

A1: Yes, the Sony A7IV is weather-sealed, which means it is designed to withstand light rain and moisture. However, it is always recommended to use additional protection such as a rain cover or umbrella to ensure maximum safety for your camera.

Q2: Is the Sony A7IV suitable for shooting at the Singapore Zoo?

A2: Absolutely! The Sony A7IV’s high-resolution sensor and advanced autofocus capabilities make it an excellent choice for capturing stunning images at the Singapore Zoo. Its low-light performance ensures that you can still get sharp and detailed shots even in dimly lit areas.

Q3: What lens would you recommend for shooting at the Singapore Zoo with the Sony A7IV?

A3: For shooting at the Singapore Zoo, a versatile zoom lens like the Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS would be a great choice. This lens covers a wide focal range, allowing you to capture both wide-angle shots of animal habitats and close-up portraits of the wildlife.

Q4: Can I shoot videos with the Sony A7IV?

A4: Yes, the Sony A7IV supports high-quality video recording. It can shoot videos in 4K resolution with various frame rate options. The camera’s advanced autofocus system ensures smooth and accurate focus tracking even in fast-paced wildlife scenarios.

Q5: Are there any recommended camera settings for shooting in rainy conditions?

A5: It is advisable to increase the camera’s ISO setting to ensure faster shutter speeds, reducing the risk of blurry images due to raindrops. Additionally, using a lens hood can help protect the front element of the lens from being splashed by rainwater.

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