Sony A7CR Real World Review – Photo and Video

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for a camera that excels in both photo and video capabilities? Look no further than the Sony A7CR. In this comprehensive real-world review, we will delve into the features and performance of this incredible camera, giving you an in-depth insight into its photo and video capabilities. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur video creator, the Sony A7CR offers a perfect combination of impressive image quality, outstanding low-light performance, and exceptional video recording capabilities. Join us as we explore the vast possibilities that this camera has to offer and discover why it is a top choice for many content creators in the industry.

Sony A7CR Real World Review – Photo and Video

Hey everyone, this is the new Sony a7cr and in today’s video we’re going to be doing a real-world review at a portrait photo shoot to test this camera out for both photo and video. So, I’m going to pop on the GM 35 millimeter F 1.4 and let’s start off with some autofocus tests.

Autofocus Tests

The Sony a7cr is a full-frame hybrid mirrorless camera body with a 60-megapixel back-illuminated sensor. These autofocus tests you’re watching right now are all taken with the GM 35 millimeter F 1.4. The a7cr features Sony’s new real-time recognition AF with their AI processing unit. Human autofocus seems the same as previous models, incredibly sticky on the subject and super reliable to use.

Next, let’s take a look at some animal AF with Evie and Olive. This camera has 693 phase detection AF points which includes human, animal, bird, insects, cars, trains, and airplane in both photo and video mode. Animal AF in video mode does a great job at keeping focus on the subject even when they turn around or are moving in the frame. In stills mode, focus on animals’ eye or fur may vary depending on their angle in the frame.

Photo Shoot

Now, moving on to our photo shoot where we can take a better look at handling and image quality. Our model today is Yasmin Lydia’s. I’m using two lenses for this portrait photo shoot, starting off with the GM 35 millimeter F 1.4. The camera’s weight and size are compact and it’s able to capture high-resolution images. However, using high-quality glass is preferable to take full advantage of its beautiful sensor. The camera has a flippy screen, a new dual-blade mode dial, custom buttons, a customizable dial, and a front dial for controlling the main settings. The camera also has the new on and off button from the a6700, which some may find harder to use but ensures accidental battery drainage is prevented. Other notable features include dust and moisture resistance, USBC port, mic jack, headphone jack, micro HDMI, fz100 battery, and a single S2 card slot.

The a7cr offers different file type options, including roll uncompressed, compressed, and lossless compression options, as well as standard Sony jpeg quality options. It also features pixel shift multi-shooting.


In terms of the photos captured during the photo shoot, the autofocus was found to be very sticky and reliable. The images straight out of the camera had great skin tones and true-to-life colors. However, the a7cr has some limitations. The fastest mechanical shutter speed is up to one over four thousandth of a second, which may require the use of ND filters in bright locations when shooting with a shallow depth of field. It’s important to keep this limitation in mind if you prefer shooting with wide-open prime lenses.

Overall, the Sony a7cr performs well in real-world situations, especially with its reliable autofocus and high-resolution sensor. It’s a great choice for photographers and videographers looking for a compact, full-frame camera.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony A7CR Real World Review – Photo and Video

1. What is the Sony A7CR?

The Sony A7CR is a full-frame mirrorless camera that offers high-resolution photo and video capabilities. It is known for its advanced features and excellent image quality.

2. What does the real-world review entail?

The real-world review provides an in-depth analysis of the Sony A7CR’s performance in various photography and videography scenarios. It covers different aspects such as image quality, low-light performance, autofocus system, video capabilities, and usability.

3. How does the image quality of the Sony A7CR compare?

The Sony A7CR delivers outstanding image quality thanks to its high-resolution sensor and advanced processing technology. It captures fine details, accurate colors, and offers impressive dynamic range, making it suitable for professional photography and enthusiasts alike.

4. Can the Sony A7CR perform well in low-light conditions?

Yes, the Sony A7CR excels in low-light situations. Its full-frame sensor, combined with high ISO capabilities, enables it to produce clean and noise-free images even in challenging lighting environments.

5. How is the autofocus system of the Sony A7CR?

The Sony A7CR features a highly advanced autofocus system that provides fast and accurate focusing. It utilizes both phase-detection and contrast-detection autofocus technologies, ensuring optimal performance in various shooting scenarios.

6. What are the video capabilities of the Sony A7CR?

The Sony A7CR offers impressive video capabilities, allowing for 4K video recording with high detail and smooth motion. It supports various video formats and features advanced video settings, including customizable picture profiles and advanced focusing options.

7. Is the Sony A7CR user-friendly?

Yes, the Sony A7CR is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features an intuitive menu system, customizable controls, and a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle and navigate. Additionally, it offers built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for seamless wireless connectivity.

8. What other notable features does the Sony A7CR have?

The Sony A7CR comes with a range of notable features, including a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, tilting touchscreen display, image stabilization, dual memory card slots, and a durable magnesium alloy body construction.

9. Is the Sony A7CR suitable for professional use?

Yes, the Sony A7CR is a popular choice among professional photographers and videographers. Its excellent image quality, advanced features, and versatility make it a reliable tool for various professional applications.

10. Where can I find the full real-world review of the Sony A7CR?

You can find the full real-world review of the Sony A7CR on our WordPress website. Visit [insert website URL] to access the comprehensive review and gain more insights into this remarkable camera.

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