Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR) Review: Big Resolution (61MP!) in a Small Camera

Are you searching for a high-resolution camera that also offers portability and convenience? Look no further than the Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR), which boasts an impressive 61MP resolution in a compact and lightweight package. This mirrorless camera is perfect for photographers who need exceptional image quality without the added burden of lugging around a heavy DSLR. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of the Sony a7CR, and explore how it can meet the needs of professional and enthusiast photographers alike. Join us as we dive into the world of high-resolution photography in a small and powerful package.

Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR) Review: Big Resolution (61MP!) in a Small Camera

Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR) Review: Big Resolution (61MP!) in a Small Camera


Sony has bifurcated their compact full-frame a7c lineup into two models in the second generation we have the A7 C2 which I reviewed a few months ago with the 33 megapixel sensor coming from the a74 and then we have the A7 CR with the high resolution 61 megapixel sensor of The a7r mark 5 now the A7 CR cost about $800 more than the A7 C2 but $900 less than the a7r mark 5 at about $3,000 so the question is is is it worth the money that’s what we’re here to explore in today’s review and we’ll dive Deeply into it right after a word from our sponsor today’s episode is brought to you by Phantom wallet the minimalist modern wallet that is now even better better with the new Phantom X that is crafted from aluminum right here in Canada it is 22% smaller and 35% lighter While still making it easy to access your cards and money when you need them thanks to their unique Fanning mechanism you could even customize your wallet due to its modular design with accessories like a money clip cash holder ID display and even chipolo and air tag tracking integration visit store. fanom to check out their unique sizes Styles and finishes that span from aluminum to Wood to carbon fiber and use code Dustin 15 for 15% off when you’re ready to check out

The Body

This camera is the identical body to the a7c mark 2 like that camera it Comes in either the all black which I reviewed the A7 C2 in or the silver edition as seen here and I really kind of like the silver edition just adds a little bit of a touch of style one of the things that I really like about what Sony has done in this second generation is that essentially almost all of my ergonomic complaints of the original a7c I love the camera I didn’t love the handling but they have resolved almost all of that here in the a7c and after just getting back from several weeks of Traveling using this as my soul camera I can tell you that it’s a camera that really is quite a joy to use it is compact that’s what this whole series is about and I think that for a fair market of people that’s really what they envisioned mirrorless being all about is The ability to get high performance in a compact body and if that is your definition of what a mirrorless camera should be I don’t know that there is any better example than the A7 CR this is a camera that is only 4.9 in wide by 2.8 in tall by 2.5 in deep or 124x 71 by 63.4 millimet and really the only change from the original a7c is a good one in my opinion and that is it’s a little bit deeper because they’ve got a little bit better grip on here the camera weighs in at 55 G that’s with a with a memory card And the battery inserted making it only 1 G heavier than the a7c mark 2 and it weighs that’s 1.1 lbs now interestingly here my kind of main complaint still with this is because it’s not a very tall camera my pinky finger ends up getting kind of loosely orphaned under There there’s no real place for it to go but unlike the a7c too they have included a grip extender as a part of this kit and so you just use the wheel to mount that onto the bottom into the uh the tripod mount at the bottom which By the way that is replicated that quarter inch is replicated at the bottom of this and now all of a sudden I’ve got a grip large enough for my full hand to fit on now when I traveled I traveled without this and so I could go as Compact as possible but around home as I’ve been using it shooting out in the field I’ve been using it with this G strip extender because it just frankly it gives me a better overall experience and it also means that if you put a little bit more robust lens on there You’ve got a little bit more camera to hang on to which is kind of nice now I talked about there being some ergonomic improvements and those are really focused on the ability to have more control points the first a7c did not have a front mounted wheel right near The shutter button the second generation does and so that makes a significant Improvement there there’s now a total of four different control Wheels which means that I can operate this basically the same as any of my other Sony cameras once I get it set up and So that Obviously is is really great because you get accustomed to a certain workflow I can fully replicate this even on this compact camera there also is an additional custom button which is very nice to have and as it also has a new uh dial here underneath the main control Dial that allows you to switch modes and the great thing about that is that you can have a full custom setup for either Stills or video that includes your buttons your menu functions you can just really go from a hybrid from one to the other with just switching that mode dial Switch there which is a really nice addition another thing that we have have on more recent Sony cameras is in improved touch you can navigate all the menus Now by touch and that just makes for a better ergonomic experience and it does help to make up for the one thing That is still missing and that is any kind of joystick and that’s the one thing I would still like to see them improve is to add a bit of uh even if it’s a small joystick like on some of the Fuji cameras just gives you that extra navigation option which is Certainly worth having we do have a slight Improvement to the LCD resolution it is now 1.04 million dots compared to the 921,000 um dot display that was on the a7c it’s still a 3-in very angle screen and so you can operate it at you know different modes I know that some People still prefer the tilting screen I personally prefer this articulating screen it just gives me more flexibility in my mind and you can go ahead and debate that ad ndum in the comments down below it has a slight reorganization of the ports compared to the a7c but all of The same bits are here and unfortunately that includes having only a single SD card it is UHS 2 compatible but we are missing the ability to have you know type or CF Express type A which would give us a faster flow rate for information and we’re going to see that That does cause a few issues that we’ll get to in just a moment unfortunately the other limitation here is there still is just a micro HDMI port and so you know for these cameras being so good at doing video micro HDMI is far from optimal it’s just kind of a flimy Connection point and I do miss having a larger HDMI port out of that now the viewfinder is more range fire finder style over to the left side of the camera I don’t love that position ergonomically I know there are a few of you out there that prefer it what is Kind of indisputable is that at a $3,000 price point this is an unders spect viewfinder here it has a resolution of just 2.36 million dots you know the a7r mark 5 which is kind of the kind of competing camera in terms of the same sensor it’s got an over 9 million dot um You know viewfinder and so that’s a pretty radical difference it does have a slightly faster refresh rate than…


Overall, the Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR) is a top-notch compact full-frame camera with a high resolution 61MP sensor. While it comes at a higher price tag than its sibling A7C, and a lower price tag than the A7R Mark 5, the A7CR offers a balance of resolution, functionality, and portability. The ergonomic improvements, additional control wheels, and customizable setup make it a joy to use for both stills and video. However, the lack of a joystick and the single SD card slot are notable drawbacks. Despite these limitations, the A7CR remains a compelling option for photographers and videographers who prioritize high resolution and compactness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR) Review: Big Resolution (61MP!) in a Small Camera

What is the resolution of the Sony a7CR (ILCE-7CR) camera?
The Sony a7CR has a resolution of 61 megapixels, providing incredibly detailed images.
Is the Sony a7CR a compact camera?
Yes, the Sony a7CR is a small and compact camera, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go photography.
What are some key features of the Sony a7CR?
The Sony a7CR features a high-resolution sensor, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, 4K video recording, and a lightweight and durable design.
What type of photographers is the Sony a7CR best suited for?
The Sony a7CR is well-suited for professional photographers who require high-resolution images, as well as enthusiasts who want the best image quality in a compact camera.
What lenses are compatible with the Sony a7CR?
The Sony a7CR is compatible with Sony E-mount lenses, as well as a wide range of third-party lenses with the use of adapters.

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